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Holidays at Nell’s: Day 10

Today is the first day of Hanukkah, so what else could I recommend but a Hanukkah book?

Before we move on to the part where I gush about the book, here’s a little information: the book depicted in the image below is actually two stories in one, but in this post, I only talk about In Another Life. (Eight Days is also a Hanukkah story, so if you want to read two stories today, this is the perfect book for you.) The reason I’m only writing about one of the stories, is that I bought the book back before the stories was bundled together like this, but you can’t buy In Another Life by itself any longer.

Cardeno C. was one of my first M/M romance loves; I think I read my first Cardeno C. book back in 2014. I’ve read and loved many, many of their books (if you haven’t read Perfect Imperfections you really should!), even if I haven’t read anything new by them for a while now. I’ve read In Another Life several times, and I re-read it again for this month-long holiday reading party on the blog. It was as good as I remembered it.

This book is told in dual timelines: Shiloh aged 18 and Shiloh aged 36 and that’s one of the things I love so much about it. When the story starts, Shiloh is tired and tries to take his life. But instead of his previous life flashing before his eyes, he sees his life as it could have been had he continued living. It’s an interesting take on the story, and I loved the characters in both timelines.

This is a story for lovers of steamy romances: the chemistry between Shiloh and Travis is crazy hot and I thought my e-reader would catch on fire while reading it.

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“Wow,” he said as he ground his cigarette into a bowl on the porch railing and flicked his gaze up and down my body. “You’re wearing three different cartoon characters right now, which is particularly amazing seeing as how you’re barely dressed.”

Quote from In Another Life by Cardeno C.

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