Nell Iris' Christmas

Holidays at Nell’s: Day 1

Today is December 1st and the holiday season is upon us. I’ve been in the holiday spirit since some time in September and started reading holiday books. That in turn, made me think that maybe I could read enough holiday related books this year to rec one every day.

So here it goes. But on this, the first day of December, I start by reccing one of my own books. You’ll just have to wait until tomorrow to find out what else I’ve read 🙂

Day 1 of Holidays at Nell’s: Four Christmases by yours truly


‘”Four Christmases is a wonderful story of forgiveness and making amends. It’s perfect when you’re in the mood for something tender and sweet that revolves around Christmas.”

Four Christmases is a story of star-crossed lovers, where the Whipples and the Eldins are a modern day Montague and Capulet (Romeo and Juliet’s families, if not all of you are Shakespeare fanatics like me) and have been feuding for over a decade. Caught in the middle of this are Auden and Porter, who meet for the first time in forever and fall for each other. The story follows them over four Christmases (totally unexpected, right? 😀 ) as they fall more and more deeply but struggle with how and what to tell their families.

M/M Contemporary / 23 740 words

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“Hey, honey. Am I calling at a bad time?” Poe’s concern winds itself around my heart, muting my worries like the snow in the garden.

“No. Never.” I lay my fingers against the cold glass of the window, feeling a little closer to him. He’s just over there, behind the maple tree, over the fence, and past the shrubbery Mr. Eldin planted after the fight.

Quote from Four Christmases