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Re-release Spotlight: He Melted Us by Ofelia Gränd

Today, my lovely friend Ofelia Gränd is back on the blog with another of her re-releases. I haven’t read this one but I like the sound of it, so while you read this post, I’ll go buy it. Okay? 🙂

Hello, everyone! Thank you, Nell, for letting me swing by today. Yesterday, my story, He Melted Us, was re-released. It was first released as part of an anthology called Love Unlocked. This was waaayyy back when they removed the love locks from Pont des Art in Paris, and the call was to write a story about one of the locks.

I did. My lock was removed five years prior, though. There was an incident with an art student stealing a few locks to use in a sculptor – my lock was one of them.

This story is more than a little crazy. Delron, one of the main characters, has the idea that his and Phillipe’s relationship is tied to the padlock. As long as the padlock is in place, everything will be fine, but when it’s stolen, Delron is certain it’s a sign their relationship will end.

When I’m thinking about this story, I mostly remember laughing. Half of the things in there, my sister made up. I was on the phone with her, laughing so hard I cried, while she suggested things Delron could do to get the lock back.

Some of the ideas came from little news snippets, like when Del scrawls at one of the sculptures in École des Beaux-Arts. There was a picture of someone having written vulgar words on Aphrodite, so Delron does too LOL

So, is Delron sane? Not really. Are his actions realistic? Not very. Did I laugh while writing it? A lot 😂


Thursday, May 13th, 2010

“Hey, listen to this.” Phillipe took a sip of his creamy coffee before reading out the article in Le Monde.

“In response to speculation about the Paris mayor’s involvement in the disappearance of the locks on Pont des Arts, Town Hall yesterday firmly denied having any connection to the incident.”

“They have to say that.” A light flush spread over Delron’s fair skin, and his eyes glistened with anger. Phillipe didn’t know if he should laugh or cry. Delron was way too worked up—it was just a freaking lock, a tacky symbol that had nothing to do with them. He shook his head.

“Here, they’ve asked a woman what she thinks has happened.”

“And what does she think?” Delron’s tight voice made Phillipe glance in his direction again before he continued reading. His strawberry-blond hair was standing on end. He was clenching his jaw and fisting his hands as he waited for Phillipe to continue.

Phillipe skimmed the paragraph. “She says she thinks the mayor hired someone to remove the locks during the night. That it can’t be a coincidence that Town Hall said last week they wanted the locks removed, and now they’ve miraculously disappeared.”

Relief shone in Delron’s eyes. Phillipe double-checked the text to see what might have brought on the change in his demeanour, but he couldn’t find it.

“So they’re out there somewhere? Someone has them?”

“Erm…Del? It’s one woman, a random person, who thinks that. No one knows.”

“No, I know that, but what if she’s right? What if we could find the person who has our lock? Then everything would be fine again.”

Phillipe creased his brow. What the hell was Delron talking about? “It’s just a lock, a piece of metal—”

“It’s the symbol of our love, without it—”

“It means nothing!” Phillipe hadn’t meant to raise his voice. He didn’t want to argue, but it was just a fucking lock.

Delron stared at him. For a moment Phillipe saw hurt in his eyes, but then a perfectly neutral expression chased away every indication of feeling.

“You need to hurry if you don’t want to be late.”

Phillipe glanced at the clock—the ugly cat-shaped clock that defiled the entire room merely by being there. He hated it—he hated the colour, hated the form, and he definitely hated the ugly pink bow around the deformed head. It had been a sunny day about four years ago when Delron had come home with it. He’d presented it as if it were a treasure, and Phillipe didn’t have the heart to tell him he wanted to drop it from the balcony and watch the cars below run over it. It was an urge he fought every day—to throw the darn thing off the balcony and see it shatter into tiny pieces.

The hideous brown cat swung its tail back and forth in sync with each click of a second. The body formed the round shape of the clock, and two creepy yellow eyes followed you wherever you went in the kitchen. He guessed he should be happy it wasn’t one of those models where the eyes moved as well, they were eerie enough as they were, distracting him every time he wanted to see what time it was.

“Shit.” He gulped down his coffee, left the newspaper on the table, and hurried out the door. He was halfway down the stairs before he realised he hadn’t said a proper goodbye to Delron. Argh, I don’t have the time to run back up now.


All Delron Chastain wants is to live his life with Phillipe, but when their love lock is stolen from Pont des Art, their relationship is in jeopardy. Without the lock holding them together, Delron is convinced they’ll crash and burn. The only way he can save their relationship is to find the stolen lock, and that is what he plans to do, no matter what.

Phillipe Lebeau loves Delron, but a padlock is simply a piece of metal, and Delron not seeing that is driving him insane. The lock has nothing to do with them. Their life was great until the night the lock was stolen, and Del’s crazy behaviour makes Phillipe question if he’s ever really known him.

Delron’s search leads him through an art-filled Paris. Will recovering the symbol of their love be enough to soothe the mistrust his quest has planted in Phillipe? Phillipe believed he’d spend the rest of his life with Del. But who can live with anyone willing to break the law simply to find an old rusty padlock?

Gay Romance / 16,930 words

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About Ofelia

Ofelia Gränd is Swedish, which often shines through in her stories. She likes to write about everyday people ending up in not-so-everyday situations, and hopefully also getting out of them. She writes romance, contemporary, paranormal, Sci-Fi and whatever else catches her fancy.

Her books are written for readers who want to take a break from their everyday life for an hour or two.

When Ofelia manages to tear herself from the screen and sneak away from her husband and children, she likes to take walks in the woods…if she’s lucky she finds her way back home again.

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All I See

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Are you a subscriber to my newsletter? If you’re not, I understand, because I tend to not subscribe to newsletters since I don’t want my mailbox clogged up with too many emails fighting for my attention. But I’m signed up for a few. For the author I really, really loved. For my writer friends because I like to support them. For my favorite artist so I can see when he’ll go on tour. And for that clothing store from which I buy most of my clothes.

But I have something that might change your mind.

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The reason for the promo code is that All I’ll Ever See is an expanded version of an already released story (All I See) and if you’ve already read that very short story you might wonder why you should pay to read something you’ve already partly read. Hence discount. Also, tomorrow is my birthday, so consider this a gift for you. Isn’t that how birthdays work? 🙂

So if you’re not a newsletter subscriber, make sure you sign up today so you won’t miss it.

All I’ll Ever See is another wonderful addition to [Nell’s] body of work and I loved it.
Book Recommendations

Sunday Recommendation

Stop what you’re doing, something unusual is about to happen! Something unusual? you ask with an eyebrow raised in skepticism. What’s so unusual about Sunday recommendations? And you’re right, of course. That’s not unusual. But what I’m going to recommend is.

Are you ready? 😁

Bet you didn’t see this one coming…at least not if you’ve followed me for a while. If you have, you know I’m an I love short stories and standalone books, please and thank you kind of gal, and The Men of Halfway House is a seven book series, and the books are not short. I also started reading it back in 2014, so it’s only taken me seven years. Which is reasonable. One year per book, right? 😁

All jokes aside, though, I love this series. I’ve written about it a couple times before on the blog; A Worthy Man here and A Sweet Man here. I’ve declared A Worthy Man one of the most romantic books ever and I still stand by that statement. It’s also my favorite book of the series, followed closely by A Mended Man (ironically, since I wrote in the blogpost for A Worthy Man that the blurb didn’t speak to me) or A Hunted Man. My least favorite book is A Chosen Man, and by “least favorite” I mean 4.5 stars and the only reason I’ve deducted half a star is because it’s four hundred and seventy pages long, and could easily have been a hundred pages shorter without losing anything important.

There are many things to love about this series: the writing is really good, the characters are interesting, and they’re great for when you’re in the mood for reading about ex-cons, and there’s tons of hurt/comfort in the stories. Each book follows a new couple, but mostly I love these books because they’re relationship-focused. Yes, there are subplots and other things happening, but the main story of the books is always the relationship. And that’s the way I like my romance stories, with the romance front-and-center.

The books can be read out of order (I read them: 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 4, and 6) but I would recommend starting with the first one, A Better Man, since it sets the scene for the rest of the books. They can be read as standalones; yes, the characters from the other books will show up, especially Julian and Matt from A Better Man, because they run the halfway house of the series title, but I didn’t have any trouble following along.

So if you’re in the mood for a long series of relationship-focused, well-written thick books about ex-cons, I wholeheartedly recommend The Men of Halfway House. Jaime Reese is also writing an eighth book according to her webpage, and I look forward to seeing what that will be.

A Better Man :: A Hunted Man :: A Restored Man :: A Mended Man :: A Worthy Man :: A Chosen Man :: A Sweet Man


Labor Day Sale @ JMS Books

It’s book sale time again! Wohoo, we all love cheap books, right? One thing I love about JMS Books is that they offer sales frequently, so even if you have a tight book budget, there are always lots of opportunities to buy books at a lower price. And Labor Day is no exception. As always, pre-orders are included in the sale, so now’s the perfect time to buy my upcoming All I’ll Ever See, the extended (10k words added) re-write of my previously released short All I See.

The Re-Written Story :: Three-Stories-In-One Box
The Autumn Story :: The Pandemic Story

And as always, all my stories are included in the sale, so check out my JMS Books author page if you really wanna go crazy and splurge. And as always, I’d like to recommend a few books written by my fellow JMS authors that I’ve read and loved.

As you can tell from the identical covers, these are all Hot Flashes, which means they’re really short (under 5k words). And when I said above that I’ve read and loved them all, it wasn’t technically true; Bookwyrm hasn’t been released yet so I haven’t had the opportunity to read it, but I’ve read enough of K.L. Noone’s books to know it’ll be good and to feel comfortable reccing it. And I’m definitely taking advantage of the sale and buying it for myself. Stage Struck is an Elizabethan theatre story, Sea Change is a melancholy tale, The Bake Sale is a lovely story of acceptance, and Chicken Soup is 3348 words that make me sob every time I read them.

Release Blitz

New Release Spotlight: He Wears My Ring by Iyana Jenna

Today, I have a guest on the blog, someone who’s never been here before. Please help me welcome Iyana Jenna, who’s here with her new release He Wears My Ring. It’s a short story and you know how I feel about short stories by now, right? They rule! 🙂

Thank you so much, Nell, for the chance to be on your blog with my new release. Here is some information about my story, He Wears My Ring.

Declan Everett proposed to his boyfriend and co-actor, Killian Sawyer. They do love each other, but they each also have a best friend. Neither Declan nor Killian has special feelings toward their respective best friends, yet suspicion is always there, like an elephant in the room.

And more, there is another issue Declan keeps from Killian. Will it stay lurking in the darkness?

Gay Romance / 3489 words



“Don’t do that again.”

Lying on his side with his back to Killian, Declan frowned.

“Do what?”

“Don’t you go away like that again to William’s place or anywhere at all.”

Declan felt his spine tighten, his fists balling under the pillow. His voice turned cold when he spoke again.

“Why? What would you do if I did?” His chin was up with defiance though Killian could not see him. But he could feel the other man’s eyes bore into him.

“What would I do, Declan? What would I do? Do you really want to know?” Killian’s voice was thin and razor-sharp and cut into Declan’s heart like a flaming sword, leaving it bleeding. When Declan didn’t answer, he went on. “I would think that you truly want to stay with William, so I would keep it that way.”

Declan could not believe his ears.

“You wouldn’t want me to come back?”

“Hey, you were the one who walked away, Dec. I didn’t ask you.”

For some time there were only sounds of the two men breathing. Then Killian broke the silence.

“Will there be a next time, then?” he asked quietly, shaking Declan’s shoulder gently. “Hey.”

“I never leave people.” Declan sniffled. “People leave me.”


Reading, watching movies, and being unable to find exactly the thing she wanted to read have led Iyana to write her own stories, mostly about man-on-man romance that has fascinated her since as early as the Starsky and Hutch era. Teaching and writing English course books during the day, Iyana spends her nights mostly dreaming about love stories between two men who are protective toward each other.


Facebook: https://facebook.con/