Resolutions for an Arbitrary Holiday

Out now: Resolutions for an Arbitrary Holiday

Today is the release day for my New Year’s Eve story, Resolutions for an Arbitrary Holiday. Happy release day to me! 🎉🍾🥂

Two strangers, a twisted ankle, an ancient stone ship, and a New Year’s Eve they’ll never forget

Petter sneaks out of the New Year’s party he didn’t want to go to and treks to an old burial site he’s dying to see. Alone. Without telling anyone on a freezing December night. Without cell service…a huge problem when he twists his ankle.

Someone passes by Isak’s house on the path leading to the stone ship. When the person never returns, Isak worries and sets off to investigate. What he finds is Petter, a pack of sparklers, and an instant connection.

Under a starry sky, they learn they have a lot in common. Will the attraction burn hot and fizzle out like the fireworks going off over their heads when they return to the real world? Or will it deepen, grow, and turn into something real? Something everlasting like the stone ship?

M/M Contemporary / 20851 words

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Usually, my stories are set in a vague, undisclosed place because the location isn’t important for me. But Resolutions for an Arbitrary Holiday is different: it’s set in a real place in Sweden, Ale’s Stones, an ancient stone ship erected about 1400 years ago. Me and my husband visited this place in July (I wrote about it here) and I was in awe. I love history, so visiting that monument was fantastic.

I took some liberties with the place: not the stones themselves and the ocean below, but the village at the foot of the hill where the stones are located, so if you’ve been there and are thinking What the heck is this? you know the reason. 🙂

Anyway. To celebrate the release of the book that I wrote after my visit there, I thought you might like to see some pictures from my trip?

A glimpse of the village at the foot of the hill. The real one, not the tweaked one from my story.

The dirt path leading up to the stones, the one Petter planned on crawling down on New Year’s Eve since he sprained his ankle and couldn’t walk and support his weight.

Isak is strong and hauls me to my feet without any trouble. “Wow, that was easier than I thought,” he says. “You don’t weigh much.”

“No.” I’ve always been small, short, and lean—verging on skinny—with eyes too big for my face and pale skin. I’m also swishy and emotional and impulsive, which is why people are still treating me like a kid, I guess.

“That’s all right. That’ll make this whole thing a lot easier than if you’d been the big bodybuilder type. It was easy enough to think you were under that huge jacket. I would have had to go get one of the cows to help carry you down if that had been the case.”

The thought of being slung across the back of a cow and carried down the steep hill is ridiculous and makes me giggle again. I’m usually more self-conscious about my giggle and try to remember to chuckle like a manly-man would—yeah, right—but for some reason, I don’t care around Isak. “You have cows?”

“No, but my neighbor, old Mr. Berglund, does.”

Quote from Resolutions for an Arbitrary Holiday

Maybe these cows are old Mr. Berglund’s? 😀

The actual stones

The ocean next to the stones

And finally, Nell in front of the stones 😁

The story about the stones, written on the site itself.

If we’re ever allowed to travel again and you’re passing by the south of Sweden, I warmly recommend a visit to Ale’s Stones. Until then, you can experience it through Petter and Isak’s eyes in Resolutions for an Arbitrary Holiday.

I hope you’ll enjoy it. 🙂

Nell Iris' Christmas

Holidays at Nell’s: Day 30

We’re nearing the end of the month and the year, and today I thought I’d talk about five old favorites that I’ve been gushing about here on the blog previous years, that are definitely worth a re-read if you’ve already read them. Or if you haven’t, what are you waiting for?? 🙂

Day 30 of Holidays at Nell’s: five old favorite reads

First of all I have to say that my favorites are a diverse bunch. Christmas is of course represented (The Mistletoe Kiss and Hope is the Thing with Feathers), but we also have Shab-e Yalda (Watermelon Kisses), Saturnalia (Revelry), and Hanukkah (The Remaking of Corbin Wale).

I really love all these books which is why I want to highlight again them even though I’ve recommended them already on the blog. So here it goes:

Watermelon Kisses (click the title if you want to read what I’ve previously written about the book) – if you want to read a story about an established couple where one of the MCs fled Iran to be with his now husband, and is carrying the trauma still in his heart. If you want a story full of emotion that will touch your very soul, if you want beautiful writing, and if you want to read a holiday story full of something different than gingerbread and Santa’s.

Esmail kissed Amir’s forehead and sighed. They leaned against each other, beard against beard, heart against heart.

Quote from Watermelon Kisses

The Mistletoe Kiss (here and here) – if you want to read a historical hurt/comfort book about a slow tender romance. If you want a perfectly imperfect hero like Mr. Fenton, who stands up for whats right, and a character like Christie who’s positive and happy and creative, and brings life and joy to his beloved Mr. Fenton’s, Lawrence’s, life.

He waited for him to resist, to pull away, demand to know what his game was…but he melted into him, buried his face in Lawrence’s neck, and let out a shuddering sigh that pierced Lawrence’s parched, lonely heart.

Quote from The Mistletoe Kiss

Hope is the Thing with Feathers – if you want two older guys in your holiday romance story (56 and 67) who’ll show you that some men get even better with age. If you want to read about a favorite turkey, and the Christmas present of dreams, Samuel’s dreams.

Too much. Too much information. Too much weirdness. Too much penis. God, penis. It had been so long. “You’re still naked.”

Quote from Hope is the Thing with Feathers

Revelry – if you want an obscure Roman holiday and a glittery sequined Dolphin Princess. If you want a nerdy professor and an adorable bartender. And if you want to read a book from a fabulous writer who has a magical way with words.

This was himself making Brian happy as well, he understood; and that understanding snagged his next breath and stole it away, like the shooting star returning, like a lifeline flung out that’d unexpectedly caught the sun.

Quote from Revelry

The Remaking of Corbin Wale – if you want something to take your breath away with its brilliance and pure magic.

Panic gripped Alex as he stared at the empty space and his own outstretched hands. He didn’t know what he’d done, but it had ripped Corbin from him, turning intimacy to distance, and pleasure to fear. He’d reached for something gossamer, and he’d shredded it with rough hands. The most beautiful kiss he’d ever shared had turned to dust in his mouth.

Quote from The Remaking of Corbin Wale

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Watermelon Kisses | The Mistletoe Kiss | Hope is the Thing with Feathers | Revelry | The Remaking of Corbin Wale