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New Release Spotlight: Kisses and Cabins by Ofelia Gränd

My dear friend and morning writing buddy Ofelia Gränd (who I like even more than usual today because she comes with a Shakespeare quote, and I’m a huge Shakespeare fan 😁) is here to talk about her new release, Kisses and Cabins, today. Isn’t that a lovely title? It makes me want to rent a cabin in the woods somewhere, grab my husband’s hand and take him there for some quality kissing, preferably in front of a crackling fireplace. Hmmmm….you’re giving me ideas, now, Ofelia! 😉

Anyway, dear readers, help me make Ofelia feel welcome, please? ❤️

Thank you for allowing me to take over your blog again, Nell. As always, it’s lovely to be here. I’m here to talk about my story Kisses and Cabins, a short, contemporary, friends-to-lovers story.

“O beware, my lord, of jealousy; It is the green-eyed monster which doth mock the meat it feeds on.”

Shakespeare, Othello

In Renaissance England, it was popular to connect emotions with colours. We still do it. Green is envy or jealousy. If you’re a coward, you may be called yellow. And if someone calls you yellow, you might see red or perhaps it’ll make you blue.

Jealousy is not an emotion – or combination of emotions – I’m comfortable with. It doesn’t matter if it’s fiction or real life. I’m very rarely jealous, and I find it hard to deal with people who are. At least if they’re the don’t-trust-their-partner kind. I realize it’s, in most cases, a sign of low self-esteem, but I still can’t deal very well.

Therefore you seldom find jealous characters in my stories, unless it’s a growly werewolf who spots someone flirting with his mate, then I might have it, but growly werewolves are growly werewolves.

In Kisses and Cabins, Luke is jealous. And I was about to delete it several times because in my world grown people should be confident enough to not act on jealousy. It’s not a big part of the story, but it’s there. In the end, I kept it, since I figured that while Kace and Luke have been friends for thirty-five years, Luke doesn’t know where he stands when they’re taking their friendship to a romantic relationship.


“Oh, here he is.”

Kace looked up as Luke appeared in the doorway. Angel grinned, grabbed the tray, and sauntered off with an extra sway to his hips. Kace grinned and shook his head.

“What are you looking at?” The growly tone made Kace frown.

“Angel. We’re joking around.”

Luke huffed and sat on the barstool in the corner.


Luke scrunched his nose. “No, I think I’m in the mood for something fruity.”

Kace began mixing a Malibu Sunset. It was fruity, and Luke liked rum and coconut. It wasn’t heavy on the coconut, the pineapple juice more prominent. He topped it off with some cherries and placed it in front of Luke.

“I want one of those.” The sultry voice made Kace turn away from Luke and focus on the new guy. When he met his gaze, the man winked.

“A Malibu Sunset?”

“Whatever you can give me, honey.” The man smiled again but widened his eyes as Luke growled. Kace shot him a glare before mixing the drink. “Here you go.” He accepted the payment, noting there wasn’t much tip to speak of.

Angel was back with a new order, greeting Luke, and flirting more than usual with Kace. Kace laughed and shook his head, fixed the order, and blew Angel a kiss when he walked off.

“What are you doing?” Luke’s tone was sharp.

“Working, why?”

“Do you have to flirt to do your job?”

Kace widened his eyes. “We’re just playing. Angel and I would never…” He waved a hand and focused on a new customer. The man wanted a Daiquiri, and the lime was over at the other end of the bar.

Kayla brushed up next to him. “Who’s the Grinch?” She shielded her hands and pointed at Luke.

“Lukas. My best friend.”

That’s Luke?” She widened her eyes. “I’d always pictured you with someone more easy-going. You’re so… solid and calm, you need someone who doesn’t growl at people, someone social who spices things up a little.”

“You’re saying I’m boring?”

“No, not boring, but…safe.” She sighed. “It sounds boring, but it’s not what I mean. I mean, you’re calm and down to earth, and do what’s expected of you.”

“You’re not making me sound any more exciting, Kayla.” He grimaced, and she laughed.

“I’d marry you any day of the week.”

He grabbed the limes he needed and headed toward his end of the bar. “You’re a dyke. I fear it wouldn’t be a happy union.”

“Oh, I’d forgotten.” She winked.

“You’re flirting with the women too?” Luke spun his almost empty glass on the bar, and Kace frowned.

“What’s up with you? That’s Kayla. She has a girlfriend.” He finished mixing the Daiquiri and gave it to the man, again noting the low tip.

The evening continued much in the same way. Kace was busy, and Luke growled at the customers. When he headed to the restroom, Angel leaned in over the bar and grinned at Kace. “How’s it going?”

Kace shrugged.

“God, I’ve missed Luke. This is the most entertaining night in a long time.”

Kace had also missed Luke, but he wasn’t sure he agreed with this being an entertaining night. Luke was in a foul mood and it bled over on the customers. In the beginning, he hadn’t noticed it much, but some regulars who always ordered from Kace were going to Kayla to place their orders after having been growled at by Luke.

“Oops, here he comes. I better run before he bites my head off.” Angel winked and zig-zagged his way between the customers.

“What did he want?” Luke sat on the barstool again.


“Angel. You didn’t give him a drink, why was he by the bar?”

Kace frowned. “What’s going on, Luke? I work with Angel, you know I’ve worked with Angel for years. We talk. I consider him a friend.”

“He flirts with you!”

“It’s a game. And you flirt with me too!” Though he never used to.

“Yeah, me flirting is not a game.”


Kace Channing has been best friends with Luke Holland for thirty-five years. He can’t imagine his world without him. But over the last twelve months, they’ve hardly seen one another. And life without Luke seems empty.

When Luke shows up on Kace’s doorstep, asking for a place to stay, Kace is happy to say yes. But he isn’t prepared for the kiss that follows, or ready to admit he could kiss Luke forever. What they already have is too important.

And when Luke, the least outdoorsy person Kace knows, tells him he’s buying a cabin in the woods, Kace tries to talk him out of it. But Luke’s made up his mind. He says they need it, the two of them.

But won’t kisses and cabins ruin their friendship?

M/M Contemporary: 12,836 words

Buy links:

Kisses and Cabins in the JMS shop (20% off in new release sale)

About Ofelia:

Ofelia Gränd is Swedish, which often shines through in her stories. She likes to write about everyday people ending up in not-so-everyday situations, and hopefully also getting out of them. She writes romance, contemporary, paranormal, Sci-Fi and whatever else catches her fancy.

Her books are written for readers who want to take a break from their everyday life for an hour or two.

When Ofelia manages to tear herself from the screen and sneak away from her husband and children, she likes to take walks in the woods…if she’s lucky she finds her way back home again.

Find Ofelia on social media

Blog :: Newsletter :: Instagram :: Facebook Page :: Facebook Profile :: Goodreads :: Bookbub :: Pinterest

Meet Cute Chronicles

Release Day: They Met in the Woods

Wohoo, it’s release day for the third and final Meet Cute Chronicles story: They Met in the Woods. They Met in the Woods opens with Måns being lost in the forest. He’s spent the morning foraging for mushrooms and when we meet him, he’s got a basketful of yummy chanterelles and he’s ready to head back home and prepare a chanterelle toast for a late, decadent lunch. Unfortunately, he’s wandered wherever the mushrooms have taken him and is lost. And his phone battery is dead, so he can’t use the map app he’s downloaded just for the occasion. But then he hears the sound of someone chopping wood…🌲🍁🍄🌳🪓👨‍❤️‍👨

Måns Elemander had A Plan. A researched and well-thought-out one, devised to help him avoid getting lost while foraging for mushrooms in an unfamiliar forest. But his cell phone battery didn’t get the memo, died unexpectedly, and thwarted The Plan, leaving Måns with a basket full of mushrooms, but no idea where to go. Until the sounds of someone chopping wood reaches him.

Måns follows the sound and finds a quaint cabin…and its owner, Viggo Moberg. Viggo is kind, understanding of the situation, and willing to help. He’s also smoking hot and their connection is instant, threatening to ignite and burn down the woods. Will the sparks burn fast and fizzle out, or will the attraction grow roots, just like the trees in the forest?

M/M Contemporary / 17 388 words

Buy links:

JMS Books :: Amazon :: Universal Buy Link


The battery is dead. Completely and utterly d-e-a-d, and I glare at my phone, shaking it a little as if that would help. But no. It stays black, not a single pixel lighting up.

Scowl deepening, I shove the blasted thing into my pocket so I won’t accidentally throw it into the nearest tree. Even if it would be satisfying to see it shatter against a wide, rough tree trunk, it wouldn’t help my situation, and if a kind stranger happened to walk by with a power bank they agreed to lend me, it’d be very unfortunate if the phone was lying smashed in a million pieces.

With a big, dramatic huff, I plop my ass down where I stand, the low blueberry bushes cushioning my behind. I cross my legs at the ankles, rest my elbows on my knees and hang my head, letting out a long groooooaaaaaan that’s bound to scare off any moose set on investigating who’s being so noisy in their territory.

I had a plan. Well thought out, meticulously thought out. I filled my backpack with a vacuum flask of coffee, a tall stack of open-faced fried-egg sandwiches—the superior food to eat on outdoorsy activities—my mushroom book, brought the huge basket I bought second hand, and drove to a nearby forest I’d learned online is the prime mushroom picking spot. And since I only moved to the area a couple months ago and don’t know my way around, I made sure my phone was fully charged and marked the spot where I parked in the map app before heading out so I would be able to find my way back.

What I didn’t take into consideration was that the new app I downloaded—excellent for hikers according to the app store—apparently drains the battery faster than if it was a human taking their first drink of water after being lost in the desert for a week. It doesn’t help that my phone is getting up there in age, at least as far as cell phones go.

It also hasn’t helped that it’s been a gorgeous fall morning; rays of sun filtering through the vegetation and keeping me company, the air crisp and clear, and the mushrooms plentiful. All that took me further and further into the forest until I have no idea from where I came.

Only when my basket was overflowing with mushrooms—the internet wasn’t lying when it suggested this spot for foraging—and my stomach was starting to demand attention since I finished my egg sandwiches hours ago, I decided to go back to the car, drive home and make chanterelle toast for a late lunch.

Too bad I can’t wake up my freaking phone and find my way out of here.

What do I do now?

Until recently, I’ve been living in the city all my life and don’t have any experience finding my way out of a forest if I get lost. But yes. Lesson learned. One should not rely too heavily on technology. For my next mushroom foraging session, I’ll have to find an old-school map, printed on actual paper, to have as a back-up. Are there even paper maps these days? And if there are, are there maps for forests?

So many questions, so few answers. And no phone to use for googling.

I heave out a sigh and look around. There’s an almost-uprooted tree that would have fallen if it weren’t leaning heavily on its neighbor, and I know I walked by it on my way to my current position because I noticed its predicament. So I’ll just head in that direction, pay extra close attention to my surroundings and search for other clues I recognize. I’m not a damsel in distress; I’m a capable forty-year-old man who can find my way out of a benign forest. I can. Maybe if I tell myself enough times, it’ll come true.

“Finally a plan,” I say as I jump to my feet. “Everything is better with a plan.”

I pat my pockets to make sure I have everything. Phone, check. Mushroom book—I didn’t want to pick any dangerous ones and accidentally poison myself to death—check.

I pick up the basket and walk to the semi-fallen tree. Another tree, that I noticed earlier because its leaves are so intensely red, is familiar, and I walk toward it.

Great job, Måns. You’ve got this.

A little while later, I’m forced to admit that ‘you’ve got this’ was a bit optimistic, and that I, in fact, don’t.

They Met in the Library :: They Met in the Park

Book Talk

The Audiobook Experiment

If you’ve followed me for a while, you probably know that I don’t listen to audiobooks. Not that I have something against them, on the contrary. I have a dyslexic friend who didn’t read a single book since high school, but who discovered audiobooks and became an avid reader.

My problem is that I’m a really fast reader, and audiobooks are slooooooow, which makes my mind wander and I lose concentration and have no idea what I’ve listened to. So I’ve stayed away from audiobooks and instead read the old fashioned way: on my e-reader 😁

But we’ve bought a house, and in April I’ll move into a huge house on a huge plot of land with lots and lots of grass that will require mowing. It’s so much grass I’ll have to use one of those mower tractor thingies and that will surely bore me to death if I don’t have anything to do. So my daughter introduced me to podcasts (no, I haven’t listened to podcasts either until a few weeks ago). And when I liked that (she knows me and knew what to recommend), I thought Maybe I should give audiobooks another try?

And since I have a Swedish book subscription service that doesn’t have a lot of M/M romance ebooks, but a good selection of M/M romance audiobooks, I didn’t have to pay extra to try it. So I picked a book I’d downloaded a sample from because I was curious about it, and started listening to it instead.

The book was Tallowwood by N.R. Walker, and while I liked the narrator, Antony Ferguson, at first, he annoyed me after a while. He was fine narrating the mystery part, but not so great when it came to the emotional parts. But when I realized that, I was invested in the book so I bought it as an ebook and finished it that way.

But since it was the narrator that had bugged me and not the audio format, I decided to give it another try. I picked another N.R. Walker book, Taxes and Tardis, that I’d already read. And since it’s narrated by Nick J. Russo, who came highly recommended by my audiobook listening friend, Kris T. Bethke, I decided to give it a try. And he was great! I listened to the book while cleaning the bathroom, laughing out loud so many times my husband eventually stuck his head into the bathroom and asked if I’d taken a sudden and unexpected liking to scrubbing the toilet and if that was why I was so happy.

When I was done with Taxes and Tardis, I moved on to Bishop by A.E. Via, another sample I’d downloaded. And OHMAGAWD the narrator!! His voice!! It’s deep and rumbly and I can feel it in my stomach when I listen to him speaking. Tor Thom is one of those people who could read the phone book (remember those?) out loud and I’d listen to it. And while I ended up liking the book in the end, there was a part that bugged me so much I considered DNF:ing it, but continued listening because I wanted to hear the narrator speak 😁

And finally (for this blog post at least), I listened to Raze by Roan Parrish. It was my first dual narrated book; one of them was the aforementioned Tor Thom and the other Kirt Graves, and this was the best experience by far. I absolutely loved the book (I’ll gush more about it in a separate blog post) and the narration was excellent. I read a lot of reviews where people said they preferred Kirt Graves over Tor Thom and would have liked it better had KG narrated it alone, but I don’t agree. I loved the different voices for the two characters. Tor Thom was a perfect Dane and Kirt Graves an even better Felix. He made me cry. Several times. And I sincerely think that this reading experience was better because of the narration. I’m sure I would’ve loved the book if I’d read it, too, but the narrators added something extra. Something special. Something that made me want to clean the house and do the dishes so I could continue listening. And that was something I never expected.

The conclusion to my experiment (four books in) is that as long as I keep busy doing something else while listening, something that I can do without having to think, audiobooks are great! Which means it’ll be perfect for riding the lawn mower tractor thingy, and if I find more books like Raze, we’ll have the most frequently mowed lawn in the region.

Tell me: do you listen to audiobooks? Do you have a favorite narrator you want to recommend? 🙂

Meet Cute Chronicles

Coming Soon: They Met in the Woods

On Saturday, it’s time for the release of the third and final book in the Meet Cute Chronicles; They Met in the Woods. If you haven’t read either They Met in the Library or They Met in the Park, that’s totally fine because they’re completely standalone and only connected by the theme. But if you like meet-cutes, I strongly suggest you check out those books if you haven’t already. And that you pre-order Woods, of course 🙂

Måns Elemander had A Plan. A researched and well-thought-out one, devised to help him avoid getting lost while foraging for mushrooms in an unfamiliar forest. But his cell phone battery didn’t get the memo, died unexpectedly, and thwarted The Plan, leaving Måns with a basket full of mushrooms, but no idea where to go. Until the sounds of someone chopping wood reaches him.

Måns follows the sound and finds a quaint cabin…and its owner, Viggo Moberg. Viggo is kind, understanding of the situation, and willing to help. He’s also smoking hot and their connection is instant, threatening to ignite and burn down the woods. Will the sparks burn fast and fizzle out, or will the attraction grow roots, just like the trees in the forest?

M/M Contemporary / 17 388 words

Pre-order links:

JMS Books :: Amazon :: Universal Buy Link

They Met in the Library :: They Met in the Park