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Holidays at Nell’s: Day 14

If quirky and sweet and funny is your thing, look no further!

Day 14 of Holidays at Nell’s: Heathcliff and the Sexy Whippet
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A Christmas feel-good tale of snowy, cobbled streets, unfulfilled desires and the sexiest whippet in Yorkshire!

When bubbly Sean Miles applies for a job with a film company, little does he realise what he’s getting into. As an experienced dog groomer, he’s great with fur and claws and loves a poochie cuddle, but has never offered human treatments. Until now.

Heath Mailer is playing the character of Heathcliff. Dark, brooding and intense, the lead actor can scowl aplenty but when he’s in trouble he doesn’t know how to ask for help. Who’s going to offer a hand to Mister Moody?

Forced to work together, Sean and Heath discover some unusual techniques that not only aid the production but also get to the heart of what ails the lead actor. Whoever said dog therapy can’t work on people?

I dislike Wuthering Heights intensely. I dislike the character Heathcliff even more. But Heath-the-actor playing Heathcliff in this story, who started out all dark and broody like the “real” Heathcliff, that worked for me. Oh, gawd, it worked for me.

Maybe I should start out by saying that this story demands you suspend your disbelief. Because really, a dog-groomer (Sean) being hired as an assistant at a movie set without any qualifications, after a disastrous interview, and then working on the set as a “Hair and Body Psychologist”…well, that’s not something that’d happen in real life, is it?

But my disbelief was thoroughly suspended, and I absolutely loved it. Sean is a quirky, whimsical character and if you’ve followed me for a while, you know that’s the kind of character I love the most. He takes the movie set by storm with the techniques he used to care for dogs adapted to humans, and it’s totally over-the-top unbelievable, and I bought it all. Hook, line, and sinker. The connection between the MCs is instant, and Sean’s unorthodox methods work like magic on Heath, who slowly comes out of his broody, dark shell.

Heath leaned back and grinned. “I hate to be looked at.”

“But you’re an actor.”

“I know, right? I just don’t feel like it, lately. I’m not sure why. Maybe I’m tired of the wrong people watching and nobody seeing the real me?”

Quote from Heathcliff and the Sexy Whippet

Let me tell you this: not even the lack of communication on an important issue between the two MCs could turn me off this book. And that, my friends, is a Christmas miracle if I ever encountered one, considering I hate the miscommunication trope! 😆

It’s a bit low on the Christmassy feels. Yes, they romp around in the snow, and yes, Christmas is mentioned, but if you want typical holiday cheer, you probably want to look somewhere else. But if you want quirky, whimsical, magical (in an un-magical world), funny, and sweet this is exactly the story for you.

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Our breath danced together in the snow and mist, and for a while I forgot about everything except the hardness of his body and the ardent craving of my body and soul.

Quote from Heathcliff and the Sexy Whippet