Nell Iris' Christmas

Holidays at Nell’s: Day 11

Ho-ho-ho, are you on the naughty list or on the nice list this year? Whichever it is, today’s book recommendation’s got you covered! Because today’s book is two short stories in one package with a naughty kinky and a nice sweet story. 😁

Day 11 of Holidays at Nell’s: Naughty or Nice by L.A. Witt/Ann Gallagher
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Sometimes you’re in the mood for something naughty, and sometimes you’re in the mood for something nice! Whatever your mood, L.A. Witt and her sweet romance alter ego, Ann Gallagher, have got you covered!

Candy Caning (Something Quick & Kinky by L.A. Witt)

Nate is dreading the annual Christmas visit with his family, during which they will ignore or insult his partner and Dominant. Stephen tries hard to take Nate’s mind off the trip with the promise—and threat—of a three-foot-long candy cane. It’s a race to see if Nate’s resolve or the candy cane will shatter first. (9,000 words)

A Little White Lie For Christmas (Something Short & Sweet by Ann Gallagher)

Steve hates Christmas, and he’s pretty sure everyone else is just faking it. After all, his family can’t be the only one who seasons their get-togethers with fighting, judgment, and guilt.

Eric—his coworker and secret crush—has tried to convince him not to go for another round of family drama this year, but to no avail. It’s Christmas. Steve can’t just not go home.

But when Eric tells a little white lie, Steve’s Christmases may never be the same again. (8,500 words)

Candy Caning (9000 words)

Things I didn’t know before I read this story:

  1. That 3 feet long candy canes even existed
  2. What sex-related things some characters want to do with said candy cane

Good Lord, the man is smiling. Not like a kid on Christmas. Not like someone who’s just gotten in touch with his inner Christmas spirit child or whatever.

Oh, no. I know that look. Yeah. That look.

And he’s holding up a candy cane that’s got to be three-feet long and easily as thick as –


Quote from Candy Caning by L.A. Witt

Luckily I’ve decided on a theme without candy canes in my tree this Christmas; I don’t think I’d be able to look at even little ones without blushing after that read 😀

This short little story is the kind of BDSM I love to read the most: very kinky and very romantic at the same time. It’s sort of like the ultimate naughty and nice: first you whack the crap out of your loved one (with consent!! Always, always, consent, something Nate gives willingly and wholeheartedly) and then you cuddle them and tell them how much you love them (Nate consents to this, too). Aaaah, that just makes my romantic holiday heart so happy 😀

Just a long, quiet embrace, sweaty skin against warm leather, and the silent reassurance that no one’s going anywhere tonight.

Quote from Candy Caning by L.A. Witt
A little white lie for christmas (8500 words)

Steve has a case of “Bah humbug that’s visible from space” (this is my second story with a Christmas grump this December, what’s up with that? 🙂 ) but once you meet his family, you can’t really blame him. Good Lord, they’re a mean bunch.

[I] shut the door with my hip, and carefully started up the snowy driveway. It wasn’t slick yet, so no chance of busting my ass and cutting the evening short with a trip to the ER. Oh well.

Quote from A Little White Lie For Christmas by Ann Gallagher

And I guess that’s why so many people don’t like the holidays; they’re supposed to get together and pretend to be merry with a family they don’t get along with. And that’s what I liked about this story: I felt Steve’s agony in my heart and my stomach when I read it. I mean, if you lament not breaking a bone so you can escape to the ER, that says something about the relationship. It was very well written, and I could have kissed Eric for getting him out of there.

I could stay here, just like this, until the sun burned out, and no one would ever hear me complain.

Quote from Candy Caning by L.A. Witt

I liked both stories a lot, but since Candy Caning was my favorite, I guess that means I’m on the naughty-list this year? 😀

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