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Holidays at Nell’s: Day 20

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Day 20 of Holidays at Nell’s: Lights, Camera, Christmas! by J.D. Light
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What happens in those Christmas movies doesn’t happen in real life… right?

When Blake Sunday, an actor well known for his super fluffy roles in made-for-television movies, comes to the small but bustling town of Hidden Springs, Missouri to film a Christmas movie, he knows immediately that it’s where he wants to put down roots. His restless, energetic nature gets him sent on a coffee run where he steps inside Knick-Knack Patty-Cakes and meets its adorable owner.

Declan Alexander is chubby, clumsy, has wild curly blonde hair that can only be tamed with a stocking cap and has an unnatural obsession with made-for-TV Christmas movies.… And Blake Sunday. So, when the gorgeous actor comes waltzing into his bakery, naturally Declan becomes a force of destruction on feet.

Blake is completely smitten by the shy man, and does everything he can to get the guy’s attention, but Declan continues to treat his flirting like a joke, and he starts to think it might be Declan’s way of turning him down nicely.

Declan knows Blake is one of those guys who flirt as naturally as they breathe, but it’s getting harder and harder to laugh off the high heat on when Blake calls him Angel Eyes or brushes his cheek when he reaches out to tug on one of his curls. How could he wish the man would stop and wish he wouldn’t at the same time?

When Blake nearly mows down a little boy carrying a snow globe with two men kissing in the middle of a frozen lake, he notices some striking similarities between him and one of the men, and it doesn’t escape his notice that the other looks a lot like Declan, or that the globe has Knick-Knack Patty-Cakes’ logo on the bottom.

Maybe the gorgeous little baker with the sweet eyes and blush isn’t turning him down. Maybe Blake just needs to figure out how to prove how serious he is about taking him home and never letting him leave.

“Thank you for caring about that, for caring about my feelings, and how I might interpret all this when I wake up tomorrow. I’ve never had anyone care about those things before.”

Quote from Lights, Camera, Christmas!

A short but succinct list of all the things I loved about Lights, Camera, Christmas!

  • it was super-cute and romantic
  • …and also funny
  • Declan: chubby, clumsy, and adorable
  • Blake: bisexual, swoonworthy leading man who takes a closet devoted to him surprisingly calmly
  • Lightning-fast romance, but it was perfect for the story
  • Maximum points for how the snowglobe was incorporated
  • spectacular – and funny – ending

“If I fall on my dick and drill a hole in this ice, you’re catching our dinner,” he said.

Quote from Lights, Camera, Christmas!

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