It Rained All Night

It Rained All Night: Release Day

It’s finally here, the release day of my short, friends-to-lovers story It Rained All Night 🎉🎉🎉 I wrote it for the JMS Books “rain or shine” submission call, and a lot of my fellow authors seem to have gravitated toward the rain-theme. And if you search for “rain-themed songs” on the internet, you find lists like “154 Songs About Rain to Soothe the Soul.” I wonder what it is about rain that interests creative types so much. Do you know?

I hope it rains in your corner of the world, today, so you can read It Rained All Night and listen to the rain-themed playlist accompanied by a gentle spring rain smattering against your windows. Make a cup of tea, or other hot beverage of your choice, and cozy up with my book. It’s so short that you’ll still have time for all the items on your to-do list for the day and still have a moment to yourself.

Have a lovely Saturday, all.

It Rained All Night; the kissing starts

He opens his mouth for the third kiss, and after that, I lose count. All that exists is his hand atop my heart, his lips against mine, his tongue in my mouth. His breaths. His leg flung over my hip.

Quote from It Rained All Night

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The final song on the rain-themed playlist is the song that lent its title to my book. I wrote a rain-filled story, but couldn’t come up with a name. Until one day when I listened to this song and a lightbulb went off over my head. Because it does rain all night (and then all day) in my story…but that’s also the only thing this song and my book have in common 😀

And It Rained All Night by Thom Yorke

And it rained all night and then all day
The drops were the size of your hands and face

Check below for the complete playlist if you want to make it in your streaming service and listen to it while you read It Rained All Night…because you have bought it, haven’t you? 🙂


Can a chance meeting in the rain change someone’s life? 

Meeting someone who can make him stop going is an eye-opener for Henrik. The man, Mikko, is his complete opposite, a steady rock in the wild rainstorm that is Henrik’s life, but the connection between them is both unexpected and instantaneous. Their encounter only lasts a few minutes, but before they part, they exchange phone numbers.

They live far away from each other, but soon they text and call daily, until Mikko is Henrik’s dearest friend and most trusted person. But a late-night question on the phone has Henrik re-evaluating his feelings. It’s impossible to love someone you’ve only met in person once…right? 

Is the connection Henrik and Mikko forged long distance enough to sustain them when they meet again? And will their love be strong enough to give them the happily ever after they deserve? 

M/M contemporary / 7673 words

The complete rain-themed playlist:

Crying in the Rain – A-ha
Rain Dogs – Tom Waits
Rain – The Cult
Here Comes the Rain Again – Eurythmics
A Rainy Night in Soho – The Pogues
Over the Rainbow – Fläskkvartetten
Rain When I Die – Alice in Chains
Riders on the Storm – The Doors
Ain’t Gonna Rain Anymore – Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
Kingdom of Rain – The The feat. Sinéad O’Connor
Prayers for Rain – The Cure
The Garden – Einstürzende Neubauten
Famous Blue Raincoat – Leonard Cohen
And It Rained All Night – Thom Yorke