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Goodbye March

March is such a loooooong month, don’t you think? After the brevity of February comes the neverending month that never can decide whether to be winter or spring. The month that teases you with returning light in the mornings, only to snatch it away when Daylight Savings Time hits at the end of the month. One day you’re having lunch outside in short sleeves, and the next day you wake up to -7C and wonder what the heck happened.

March. It’s my second least favorite month, only beat by November. But now it’s over. And here are 10 pictures to show you what I’ve been up to.

The month started with us upgrading the living room open fireplace. While an open fire is very cozy, it’s not very safe, so we decided to install an inset stove.

This is the finished result. Well, not finished, of course, because as you can see it’s not painted. We have to wait 4-6 weeks before we do it, so that’s on the agenda for the end of April. Or maybe beginning of May, or whenever the fireplace season ends. But we have started using it, and it’s much more effective in warming up the house than the open fire was. It’s lovely. We love it. And we can go to bed while the fire is still going without having to worry that the house will burn down.

One day, I had a fountain pen spa. When the upstairs bathroom was being built, my temporary office was downstairs as I’m sure you remember, and my desk was too small for me to use my notebook and pens. They lay unused for months, making the ink dry up in the pens. Shame on me! So when I moved back upstairs, I decided to take care of my babies and gave them a spa day and unclogged them.

The hubby snapped a pic of them drying in the kitchen and posted to his Instagram, and I thought it was funny, so I’m sharing it with you 😁

I was sooooo happy when the light returned in the mornings. My alarm goes off at 5am when I’m going to work, and it’s much easier to get up when it’s light outside. Life, everything, is easier when the sun greets you like this when you’re waiting for the train. And it only got better and better…until DST. Stupid effing crap. Can we please get rid of it??

I haven’t forgotten the kitchen fireplace in favor of the new fancy living room one, and spending an hour or so with a lovely cup of tea and a book of poems is a wonderful way to spend a Sunday.

We’ve had lots of lovely, sunny days this month, so one weekend, I grabbed my garden gloves, poured myself a glass of lemonade ice tea, and got to work in the garden. It needs looooooots of attention and TLC.

Let’s take one more look at the sunrise, one of the last ones I photographed before we tampered with time and made everything dark in the mornings again. (Yes, I’m very grumpy about DST, can you tell? πŸ˜€ ). This lovely sunrise accompanied us one morning as my husband drove me to the train station, and it’s entirely possible I had hearts in my eyes the entire ride.

And then, the last weekend of March this piano virtuoso came for a visit. My grandbaby, the sunshine of my life, the best cuddler, and the owner of my heart. She’s an 18-month-old ball of energy who bosses the entire family around…and we let her. Gladly. She learns new words every day, and would you look at her piano playing technique?? 😍

On Saturday, my husband and son-in-law brewed beer, while me, my beloved daughter, and darling grandbaby were out in the garden, digging up a storm. Well, my daughter did most of the digging; the baby and I explored the garden, picked early spring flowers to give to her mother, and collected important rocks. But we helped a little, and one of us (guess who!) was covered from head to toe in dirt when we finally called it a day.

It was the best Saturday of the entire year. Maybe even including last year. And the best thing is that they’ll be back for Easter, so keep your fingers crossed for sunny skies so we can do some more gardening πŸ™‚

And the last picture from March is from the mayhem that is the Day Job Office; we’re moving on April 6th, and the majority of us is working from home all next week, so we’ve all been packing this week. Packing and stumbling over randomly placed boxes. I hate moving with a passion, so I told my boss she needed to give me a oh-my-gosh-I’m-so-traumatized-by-this-move bonus. She just laughed at me. Harrumph. πŸ™‚

Tell me something you did in March. Did you have the best Saturday of the entire year, too?