It Rained All Night

It Rained All Night: the Countdown Continues

Only four more sleeps until the release of It Rained All Night. One of the tropes for this story is class differences, not something I write a lot about usually. But in this case, Henrik belongs to an old noble family and Mikko is just a regular guy, so I guess that constitutes as class differences. Nobility in Sweden lost their privileges in 2003, but that doesn’t take away the family history. Or the acquired wealth.

But Henrik is not your typical duke (or not a duke at all, because dukes in Sweden are almost always royal, and he’s not royal); he would gladly leave his birthright castle for a tiny cottage on the coast for the right person. He just doesn’t realize it. Yet…

It Rained All Night; Mikko is not a fan of the private plane

“I wonder why the fancy-gene skipped you. It should be coded into your DNA after hundreds of years as nobility. And you got it with your mother’s milk.”

“You assume my mother breastfed me. If it hadn’t been frowned upon in this day and age in our culture, I’m sure she would have hired a wet nurse. Breastfeeding is for plebeians.”

He chuckles. “You’re exaggerating.”

“Am I? You haven’t met my mother.”

“She can’t be that bad.”

“She’s not bad. Just not the definition of motherly,” I say.

“I bet she still cried at the wedding.” “She dabbed her monogrammed linen handkerchief in the vicinity of her eyes, but I’m not sure there were actual tears.”

Quote from It Rained All Night


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The song today is performed by British band The The, one of my favorites. And it features the voice of the very talented Sinéad O’Connor 😍

Kingdom of Rain by The The, featuring Sinéad O’Connor

There’s no more blood
And no more pain
In our kingdom of rain

Come back tomorrow for another snippet and another rain-themed song.


Can a chance meeting in the rain change someone’s life? 

Meeting someone who can make him stop going is an eye-opener for Henrik. The man, Mikko, is his complete opposite, a steady rock in the wild rainstorm that is Henrik’s life, but the connection between them is both unexpected and instantaneous. Their encounter only lasts a few minutes, but before they part, they exchange phone numbers.

They live far away from each other, but soon they text and call daily, until Mikko is Henrik’s dearest friend and most trusted person. But a late-night question on the phone has Henrik re-evaluating his feelings. It’s impossible to love someone you’ve only met in person once…right? 

Is the connection Henrik and Mikko forged long distance enough to sustain them when they meet again? And will their love be strong enough to give them the happily ever after they deserve? 

M/M contemporary / 7673 words