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Of New Beginnings

No, this isn’t another post promoting my newly released book. This is a post telling you about a big change in my life that’s going to happen this fall.

After eight years in Malaysia, me and my husband feel it’s time to return to Sweden, to live closer to family. So some time in November, we will pack all our bags, and move back.


We will move to Malmö, Sweden’s third largest city, situated in the south, so we’re not returning to our old home town (Karlskoga). We’re happy about it: it’s not as cold as where we used to live (between Stockholm and Oslo in the above map) since it’s further south and also next to the ocean. We already have friends there, and it’s a 20 minute train ride to Copenhagen, Denmark, which is a nice place (and there’s also a big airport there if we want to travel).


Picture taken at Little Square, Malmö, when we were there for a visit in June but didn’t yet know we were moving there 🙂 

There’s lots to do and plan, and I still have all the writing things I’ve signed up for to do, which means this will be a busy time for me. So if I’m a bit absent from social media (more than usual) starting right about now, you know why 🙂

Also, this is my home right now. Lovely, right?



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