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Nell’s Top Five


Nell’s Top Five

…songs that made me dance when I was 17

30 years ago, in 1989, I was 17 years old and my life consisted of books and music and friends (and school of course). I’ve always been more of the lie on my back on the floor and listen to the lyrics kind of gal than a dance kind of gal, but there were a few songs that made it impossible for me to sit still.

So here’s a list. And to help you paint a picture: I had long blond hair, huge glasses, was chubby and had absolutely no moves. so when you listen to these songs, imagine feet shuffling and lots of arm waving and you will have a pretty good picture of what it looked like πŸ˜€

And what can I say; I was a fan of British synth pop πŸ™‚

Tell me: what did you dance to when you were 17?

    1. Tainted Love by Soft Cell
    2. Smalltown Boy by Bronski Beat
    3. Situation by Yazoo
    4. Behind the Wheel by Depeche Mode
    5. True Faith by New Order