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Happy Friday everyone! It’s FlashFiction time, and also time for part 4 of Alan and Jon’s story. Addison left me a couple words two weeks ago, and I’ve incorporated them in the story. The words are insulated and imagine. (However, I took some liberties with the word imagine, but I figure it’s allowed 😊 ) Someone also wanted to see a kiss between the guys…and I may or may not have obliged! 😊

Here are parts 12, and 3 if you need to get up to speed.

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I stood in my designated spying-on-my-hot-neighbor spot, maybe a little less hidden behind the curtain this morning. Ever since Jon had pressed a chaste kiss on my cheek yesterday, said goodnight, and gone home, I’d debated with myself whether to perv on him as usual. I’d almost decided not to when my phone had vibrated with a text.

CU tmrw. No need to hide. xo

So, there I was. Bouncing on the balls of my feet. Gnawing on the knuckle of my right index finger with eyes flitting between my watch and his door.

He was late. He was never late; usually, I could set my watch after him, so what took him so long today? Yesterday, he’d said he would have to run twice the distance to make up for all the sweets he’d eaten, but that had been a joke, hadn’t it? I wouldn’t know, I wasn’t a work-out kind of person.

I peeked around the curtain, sighed, and stepped into sight. “It’s not like he doesn’t know I’m here,” I muttered and checked the time for the hundredth time. Five minutes late. What if…what if he’d changed his mind? Realized when he got home that I was kind of a geek—kind of, who was I kidding?—who didn’t know when to shut up, and decided he didn’t want to see me again? What if he’d snuck out the back-door or gone to work at the buttcrack of dawn to avoid me?

“Oh em gee, Alan!” I resisted smacking my forehead for being stupid and gripped the counter. How long should I wait for him to show up? When would it cross the line into creep-territory? Or would the only thing I’d see if I waited long enough, be a U-Haul truck, picking up all his things?

I sighed. My imagination was crazier than ever this morning. But maybe it was time to come to terms with the fact there wouldn’t be a Jon-sighting today? I’d better get ready for work. Too bad, my days always felt a little easier after I’d gotten a good look at his chest and all that glorious sk—

Jon’s door flew open and he stepped out and a happy whooping sound escaped my mouth.

But dammit, he was dressed!

He looked right at me as he kicked the door closed, jumped off the porch, and sauntered across the street. His hips swung from side to side and I couldn’t take my eyes off him. Was he trying to drive me crazy?

As he came closer he held up two insulated cups and nodded at my door. I got the message, raced through the house, and opened it. Calmly. At least that’s what I told myself.

“Good morning. I come bearing gifts,” he said.

“Why are you wearing a shirt?” As soon as the words were out of my mouth I stiffened. My eyes widened, and I wanted the earth to open up and swallow me whole. Being boiled to death in magma didn’t seem like the world’s worst idea right now. What the hell was wrong with me?

Jon stumbled but managed to keep himself on his feet. He stared at me for a second with a surprised look on his face before bursting out in a booming laughter. “You’re so cute I can’t stand it.” He shook his head, took the last few steps, and jumped up and joined me on the porch. After a moments’ hesitation, he leaned in and gave me a quick peck on the cheek.

My hand flew up and covered the spot he’d kissed. My skin buzzed, and a shiver ran down my spine. Whoa.

He held out one of the cups to me.

“Eh, I—”

“It’s tea.”

“You brought me tea?”

“Yes,” he said. “I remember that you don’t like coffee.”

I took the offered beverage, unscrewed the lid, and inhaled, happily humming as the scent of sun-ripened strawberries reached my nose. After a sip, I stepped closer to him. The back of my hand brushed against his, and he caught it and weaved our fingers together.

“I can’t stay long,” he said.

“I know.” I had his morning routine memorized after all.

“But I didn’t want to wait to see you.” The words were barely audible, and he averted his eyes.

He was such a delightful mix of cocky and shy and it made my knees week. I wanted to get to know this man. I wanted to learn everything about him and find out if this chemistry that sizzled behind us could be something more.

And I wanted to kiss him. I freed my hand from his grip, turned to him, and cupped his cheek. “Thank you for the tea. I love strawberry.”

“Yeah?” He leaned into my touch.

I nodded. I usually wasn’t this brave, but the unexpected vulnerability he displayed gave me courage. My gaze moved to his mouth. It called out to me, craved my attention. “Can I kiss you?”

Jon’s Adam’s apple bobbed. “Yes.”

I took my time. Stroked my thumb over his lower lip. Bumped his nose with mine. Rubbed my cheek against his and shivered under the scruffiness.

“Alan,” he complained.

Leaning my forehead against his, I slid my hand down to the back of his neck. He shivered under my touch and I squeezed lightly.

When his eyes fell closed, I ghosted my mouth over his. Once. Twice. The third time, I lingered. His lips tasted of coffee, but somehow I liked the flavor on him. After a few seconds, I pulled back. He groaned and hid his face in the crook of my neck.

“Was that okay?” I asked.

“More than.”


“But I have to go.”

“I know.”

He kissed my neck and I gasped. “Can I see you tonight?” he asked and straightened.

A smile bloomed on my face. It seems I didn’t have to worry about the U-Haul emptying his place. Fantastic! “I’ll cook us dinner.”

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Happy weekend everyone.

13 thoughts on “#SuperShort”

  1. Aww, I especially love the “delightful mix of cocky and shy.” 💕 I love them both, but Jon is such a sweetheart, I have to play favorites. 😍

    More words for you: bed and phone (since I’m still in bed, typing this on my phone), and waffle (because I think I’ll eat one when I get up).

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    1. It’s okay to play favorites, I do that with your characters too. I mean…Hello, Emmitt!! He’s a sweetheart! Maybe I’ll give
      you a lot of doctor-related words this week to force you to write about Emmitt 😁

      Thank you for the words! I hope you enjoyed your waffle! ❤️

      Liked by 1 person

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