Find His Way Home

Somehow I’ll find my way home

I had a hard time coming up with a title for Find His Way Home. I wrote and wrote the story and I couldn’t come up with anything that I liked. It was called “untitled” for the longest time, and I hate untitled stories. It’s as if I would give birth to a child and not name them. Just call him or her baby. 

That’s just not okay.

So I googled. I typed “home song lyrics” in a search window and sifted through the results (because I love to find inspiration from songs).

And immediately I found the perfect song. I’m born in 1972, was a kid/teenager in the eighties, and love, love, LOVE eighties music. And when this song turned up in my search result— reminding me of its existence—I thought There’s gotta be something I can use in this song.

And I was right. I listened to it (I hadn’t heard it in decades) and instantly reconnected with it. And then I thought about it, tweaked it a little, and that’s how I’ll Find My Way Home became Find His Way Home.

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2 thoughts on “Somehow I’ll find my way home”

  1. Almost, but not really. Blurbs suck the life out of me. And btw: I still haven’t come up with something for the Xmas story. Lucky I finished it so early so I have time to anguish over it. I think I need you to come and kick my ass! 😀

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