#RiotGrams—an Instagram challenge on the blog

I came across a book related photo challenge for Instagram that seemed fun, and for I second I thought about getting an account for Nell Iris. But I don’t love Instagram like I used to because of reasons (my RL account got hacked and it’s swarming with ads) so I decided against it. For now.

But nothing’s stopping me from doing the challenge here on the blog, right? So, let’s spend June talking about books, because we love them! 🙂

And since it’s an Instagram challenge, pictures are required. I will post a picture (I’ve been crawling around with my camera the entire day in preparation for the challenge) and a text/explanation every day the entire month. I hope you think it’ll be fun.


This is the challenge (courtesy of Bookriot). And if you’ve got Instagram and want to see what people come up with, just check #riotgrams.

Ah, well. Let’s get on with it.


1 – Shelfie

This is part of my bookshelf, filled with what I love most in the world: books and records. And if you think there’s a lot of Stephen King in my shelf, you’re correct. The reason is that my husband is not a fan of the e-reader. He wants real books. So the physical books are mostly his, and he’s a horror fan.

That being said: I loved Stephen King when I was younger, but more on that on another challenge day.

Most of my books are digital. Partly because I can’t buy gay romance books here in Malaysia, but mostly because I love reading e-books. They’re very practical: I keep all my e-books in Dropbox, so wherever I go, I bring my entire library with me. Perfect! The downside is that the digital shelf isn’t nearly as pretty as the “real” one.

There’s also the fact that we’re not living the rest of our lives here in Malaysia, and when we move back to Europe, we don’t want to have thousands of books to bring with us. So we’re keeping our physical library to a minimum, but we still have to have some books. Because like the quote says: A room without books is like a body without a soul. (Incorrectly attributed to Cicero)

When I move back to Europe, I’m getting a real library, though. With shelves from floor to ceiling and a nice chair to sit in. Something like this.

What do you prefer? E-books or physical books? And how big is your library?


3 thoughts on “#RiotGrams—an Instagram challenge on the blog

  1. I’ve got a lot of Stephen King on my shelves, too. I love them. Mostly I prefer ebooks now, because of space and convenience. Most of my physical books are ones I’ve had for a while. I’ve downsized to two seven-shelf bookcases.

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    1. Yeah, they take up a lot of space. Which was okay when the only alternative was to have no books at all, but these days when we can read digitally I can’t really justify full bookshelf all over the apartment. Now I choose with care! 🙂

      Which one is your favorite Stephen King? 🙂

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