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Permanently free book and pictures of the ocean

I’ve decided to make my very short story All I See permanently free, so if you haven’t read it, now’s the chance. And tell everyone you know that still haven’t read any of my books and don’t want to spend money on an unknown author: now’s their chance to try my writing without risking anything.

(If you encounter somewhere it isn’t permanently free, tell me and I’ll let my publisher know!)

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Theo and Kieran have been together for five years. They’re very happy…behind closed doors. Theo accepted from the start that Kieran isn’t out to his conservative parents and has a lot to lose if they find out about his sexuality.

But a moment of sadness at a wedding changes things. Theo is faced with a decision: live the rest of his life in secret…or break it off.

Or is there a third alternative?

M/M Contemporary / 4633 words 




Yesterday I was climbing the walls and feeling like a prisoner in my own home. Sweden isn’t on lockdown like many other countries, but most people are listening to the recommendations from the authorities and are staying home anyway. My husband has been working from home for weeks (I love having him home and told him the other day that I’ll miss him when he has to go back to working at the office again) and we don’t go anywhere that’s not necessary, like the grocery store.

But yesterday, I needed to get out of the house.

“Drive me to the ocean,” I said to my husband. “Okay,” he said, and we jumped into the car and drove the ten minutes to a nearby beach. It was windy and chilly and only a handfull other lost souls had the same thought as we; that they needed the breeze and the clear blue skies and the open water. We walked along the water and I took a lot of pictures, and when we returned home I was happy. Lighter. We followed up our walk with a Skype date with a couple of friends in Malaysia, and a glass of red wine in the sunshine on the patio after that. All in all, it ended up being a lovely Sunday afternoon, despite the state of the world.

How are you guys doing?


The lone figure in the lower right corner is my beloved husband ❤️

3 thoughts on “Permanently free book and pictures of the ocean”

    1. Yeah, I love the ocean. I’ve lived close to water before, but that was a lake. And while lakes are great, too, they can’t compare to the ocean. My dream would be an ocean beach house, but my budget doesn’t agree. I mean, on our walk, we saw an apartment building just by the water front and we were like “look at that penthouse, we’d like that,” so I googled the address and almost fainted when I saw that a 1000 square feet apartment recently sold for $1.2 million. So I’m packing away the dreams of a beach house unless I win the lottery 😂

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