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authors give back smashwords 2020

Isolated and bored? (who isn’t?) In need of something to read? In the mood for something sweet that will take your mind off things for a while?

If you answered yes to all three questions above, why don’t you pop over to Smashwords and do some book shopping? All my ebooks are 30% off in their Authors give back sale that lasts through May 31. I guarantee that all my books are virus-free so if you need to take your mind off the state of things, this is the perfect way to do it.

Link to my author page at Smashwords

And links to specific books, described by tropes if you’re in the mood for something particular:

Second chances and answering machine messages
Super cute rabbit shifter
Pegasus shifter who can’t shift
Best friend’s brother and dirty horoscopes
Neighbors to lovers and a gay party-boy tired of the party
Four stories for the price of one
Bittersweet with an untraditional HEA, don’t forget the Kleenex
Established couple, oh-my-god-what-if-you-die?
Star-crossed lovers and Christmas in April
Queer wedding with a guy in a veil

Here are some of my favorite books written by my fellow JMS Books authors that I warmly recommend:


To Love and To Cherish | Leather and Tea | Hero Worship | Ghost Writer | Searching for Solid Ground | The Naked Remedy