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Goodbye May

O the month of May, the merry month of May,
    So frolic, so gay, and so green, so green, so green!

Quote from The Merry Month of May by Thomas Dekker

I know I’m a few days late with this post. It usually goes out on the first day of the new month, but my week has been busy and I haven’t been able to find the time to write it. Heck, my entire month of May has been busy, and I feel like I’ve been playing catch-up all month. (I still am, you should see my laundry basket 🙈) How do you even juggle a Day Job, a house, a huge garden, a family, a life, and a writing career? I have no idea. If you do, please tell me how to do it in the comments.

Is May the most beautiful month of them all? I think it is, at least up here in Scandinavia. It’s over-the-top ridiculously beautiful and everything living explodes, every single tree and bush and plant blooms, one more colorful than the other. It’s as though all plant life is trying to show each other up. Look at me, I’m even more spectacular than you are. Like this rapeseed field that we passed on a road trip. Can you see how it’s boasting about its pretty yellow color, how it says a single one of us might be plain, but all of us together are breathtaking.

Rapeseed-field-yellow is my favorite kind of yellow 😍

And when I say “everything living explodes,” that includes weeds, too, of course. And yes, I know that weeds are just plants growing in the wrong place, but there’s a lot of that going on in our garden, so I’ve spent lots and lots of time last month trying pulling up weeds. This is my hand after a gardening session. And before you ask: yes, I was wearing gloves 😁

What you need after a long gardening session is a long bath in the yacuzzi style bath tub in our new fancy bathroom. I love it so much; there’s room for both of us, it comes with colorful lights (as you can see), and lots of bubble features. And bubbles are the best when you’re tired and sore after a long day in the garden. Even better with a glass of drinkable bubbles to go with it, a great playlist, and my hubby ofc.

The best thing that happened in May, was that I finally got to see one of my absolute favorite artists, Thåström, live. He’s Sweden’s biggest rockstar, and I’ve loved him for most of my life, probably close to 40 years, but never managed to see him live. We went to the second-to-last show of the tour and I’d spent lots of time watching clips from other stops on YouTube, and even footage taken through cell phones with bad audio was so great it raised my already sky-high expectations.

But he didn’t disappoint. It was easily one of the best live gigs I’ve ever seen, and I’m not ashamed to say that I cried when he played my favorite songs.

Here’s a clip from the actual concert I attended (filmed by someone in the audience on their phone). So somewhere in the audience is yours truly, singing along to this song from the top of my lungs, living my best life.

My darling daughter and her family was here visiting for the concert (she came with us), as was my husband’s sister and her husband. And on the day after the concert, we had lunch at a local restaurant in a nearby village called Röstånga. It used to be an old station house, and now they’re a restaurant, making food from seasonal, locally grown produce. The asparagus-green pea soup I had was fabulous.

It had been raining, something my beloved grandbaby appreciated. Pölar, pölar, pölar, she said happily as she splashed all the puddles she could find. (pölar = puddles). And her mother wanted in on her fun, so they both splashed around, saying Pölar, pölar, pölar, as though it was the best thing in the world.

Did I take one gazillion photos of this spectacular show? Yes, yes, I did 😍 Did I also buy my grandbaby a second set of wellies (yellow with tiny bees) so she can splash in more puddles? Yes, yes I did 😀

But then they went back home and I had to work. But at least there were lots of pretty things to look at while waiting for the train. Boastful May.

This is the worst when you have a mountain of work to do. Did I have to wait hours and hours before I could log on to the system again? Yes. Ugh. How stressed do you think I was when I finally was able to go back to work?

I’m in the mood for a charcuterie board, a great wine, and vinyl records, I told my husband one evening, and we made it happen. Aaaah, just looking at the picture makes me hungry and in the mood for a repeat.

And the final picture from May is my mother-in-law’s cat, Luna. Luna has a fancy cat tree and a scratch post and despite this, she prefers to sleep in this beer carton. Classy. 😀

My MIL turned 75 so we went back to our old hometown to celebrate her. It was a lovely, but busy weekend, full of family, grilled food and strawberry cake, and bubbly. The perfect early summer birthday party, I’d say.

And that’s it for May. I’ll be back with more pictures from my life in a month.

Tell me about something you did in May?