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Writing update

Hi everyone! I hope you had a lovely weekend. I sure did: I had some good news on Friday, I cooked a lot of yummy food, I read lots and lots of fanfic, and of course, I hung out with my husband. But now it’s Monday, and since it’s been ages since I posted a writing update, it’s definitely due now, don’t you agree?

So what have I been up to since my last update (on November 9)? First of all, I won NaNoWriMo. I wrote 52432 words in November which is crazy! And that’s not all: I also spent all of November reading ALL THE HOLIDAY BOOKS and scheduling ALL THE BLOG POSTS in preparation for Holidays at Nell’s in December. So to say that November was a busy month for me is a gross understatement.

So on December 1st, I was an exhausted mess and didn’t want to write ever again…which means I spent the entire month of December and at least two-thirds of January doing other writerly stuff than coming up with new words. Like transcribing my handwritten NaNo manuscript and cleaning it up since it was a hot mess. I also had edits to do, and blurbs to write, and blog posts to write, and social media to keep up with. I didn’t feel the urge to write again until last week or so, but now I’m back in the game again.

I’ve also started to post regularly on Instagram, so if you aren’t already following me there, why not check me out? Here’s the link. And as you’ve probably noticed, I’ve changed the blog a bit. I like it better like this 🙂

Currently I’m in the middle of trying to write a blurb for a story called So Far Away that’ll be released in May, and I’m also writing a story called Wake Him With a Kiss (release in April). Neither of them will be over 15000 words long, so if you’re a fan of my short stories, you have two to look forward to in the near future.

And of course, I have a couple upcoming releases to tell you about.

First out is #SlidingIntoMyDMs on February 17:

Pre-order link: JMS Books (20% off pre-orders)

“Hi. I heard you’ve been sick.”

Eddy Pennington is recovering from a severe bout of pneumonia when an old acquaintance, Moss, sends him a message on social media. They haven’t spoken in years, but Eddy is pleasantly surprised. He always liked Moss even if they were never close friends.

Moss Fanning has no ulterior motive with his message: all he wants is wish Eddy a speedy recovery. He got over the crush he used to have on Eddy a long time ago.

They reconnect easily and have even more in common now. And when they meet in person, the attraction is instant. Will an innocent, well-meaning message on social media lead to something more? Something deeper? Something…everlasting?

M/M Contemporary / 21998 words

On February 27, the second installment in the Meet Cute Chronicles, They Met in the Park, will be released.

Pre-order link: JMS Books (20% off pre-orders)

Can a spoiled little dog bring two strangers together?

The first time Jacke sees him, it’s a happy accident. He’s taken refuge in a quiet corner of the park, decompressing after a difficult day at work, when the man, dressed in a fancy suit, passes by him walking a spoiled little dog.

As the days pass, Jacke notices the adorable pair several times. He’s unable to take his eyes off the man whose first priority is the dog, even over his own comfort. And one day, when circumstances are right, Jacke takes a chance and speaks to the man. David.

David’s personality is as adorable as his outward appearance, and a short walk in the rain results in mutual attraction and a promise to see each other again. A second meeting in the park turns into a date, and Jacke starts longing for something he thought he’d never have; a partner. But does David feel the same? Will a chance meeting in the park turn into love?

Finally, before I go: you haven’t missed They Met in the Library, have you? Sadonna over at Love Bytes Reviews gave it 4.5 hearts:

[—]the best part of this story is watching these two men act on their attraction and try to build something real.  Brilliantly done.  Highly recommended – especially for fans of the shorter form story but really for anyone who enjoys a good love story

Quote from Love Bytes’ review

Adrian, book-lover extraordinaire, adores his job at the small community library. He gets to share his passion with other people and help them with all book-related questions and issues. When a big, hulking man walks into the library, looking terrified, Adrian’s skills are tested in a completely different way.

Manne’s relationship with books is uneasy, to say the least. He’s dyslexic and events in his past have made him fearful of books and turned libraries into his worst nightmare. But when the quirky, bowtie-wearing librarian steps in to help, the experience turns positive.

Their banter is easy and their chemistry instant. But can an accidental meeting turn into something more? Can someone who has trouble reading ever fit into the life of a man whose passion is the written word?

M/M Contemporary / 17943 words


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