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Goals for 2021

I’m not the type who makes big over-reaching goals for myself; I usually just go with the flow, and seeing other people making goals for 1-2-3 years ahead makes me break out in hives because of stress. To each their own, and all that, but that’s not for me.

But since I want to take my author career more seriously, I decided to try this goals thing for 2021. Vague goals, but things that would be good for me. Even if not all of them are things I want to do. What do you mean, Nell? you ask.

I’ll tell you what I mean. It’s the last goal I’m not friends with. “Start a newsletter.”

Newsletters. I intensely dislike them. I don’t want my inbox spammed with unwelcome emails, and subsequently, I’ve resisted getting one of my own for several years now. Despite lots of my author friends telling me I need one because of lots of reasons that all sounds reasonable (duh!), but my personal dislike of the newsletter concept has made me stubbornly refuse. At one point, I even bought a book about newsletters, thinking it would help, but no. On the contrary, it scared me away for another year or so.

But I think I’ve come to the conclusion that they’re right. It is good for me for reasonable reasons (heh), so I grudgingly added it as one of my 2021 goals. And then I decided I’d start researching it right away, because if I procrastinate it, I’m going to come up with reasons why I shouldn’t do it, and suddenly it’s 2022 and Nell still has no newsletter.

So this morning, after my writing session, I googled some and found the following:

Yes, Katie Rose Guest Pryal author of the article, I completely agree. When am I supposed to write my actual books? I’ve already spent a godawful long time planning social media this year, and it’s only January 4! So I’m sorry, dear readers, but there’ll be no Nell Iris books this year (yeah, that’s a lie because one is already up for pre-order). I’ll be busy with social media and my newsletter…but at least I’ll have a newsletter! 😆

So that’s what I’ll be doing in January. Setting up a newsletter. And probably moaning and whining about it, too 😁

But if you want to help me out, you can tell me if you like newsletters? And if yes, what especially do you like with author newsletters (aside for the free book, ofc 🙂 )?

4 thoughts on “Goals for 2021”

  1. Although I receive a number of newsletters, with a couple exceptions, for me it’s mostly to skim for ideas on what to do (or what not to do) for my own newsletter. I do think quite a few readers welcome them, though, so I’ve found it worth the effort, and I get what I think might be a reasonable number of click throughs compared to opens. And consider also, that just seeing your name, even if they don’t open the email, puts you in their mind. I don’t think I’ll ever cull the list for that reason.

    It’s not as much of a time suck as you’d think, at least not if you keep it to monthly for the general newsletter (with possibly additional short mailings for sales alerts and new release alerts). Depending on what you include in it, it’ll just take a few hours to put together.

    What I keep trying to psych myself up to do is a FB group. THAT would be an ongoing major time suck that I can’t handle on my own at the mo’, but seems to be a big/popular thing.

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    1. The not-culling opinion you have is quite unique. Most of the people I talk to say they remove people that never open the emails because they don’t want to have people on their lists that don’t seem to want to be there. I think I like your approach, though 🙂

      And I hear you on the group-thing. That’s something I’m thinking about, too, but like you I fear it’s gonna suck all my time. I recently read a thread about groups in an FB author group, and how the number one thing you have to do to have a successful one is to interact, interact, and interact. Also: I fear it’ll just be me, myself, and I in my author group, so that’s not in the cards for me now. Maybe later 🙂

      First I need to focus on the stupid newsletter. Amy just reached out to me, offering to walk me through it. She’s so nice ❤️

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      1. I figure people who don’t want the newsletters can remove themselves. As long as the list wasn’t grown in a way that attracts people who aren’t your readers (or potential readers) such as a gift card giveaway that has newsletter subscription as the way to sign up for the giveaway, your list will be full of good targets.


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