Release day!!

What if this writer was up until 4AM writing last night, and what if she was woken up super early (early considering her bedtime) by an irritated guard calling about a delivery, and you had to discuss that particular delivery with him. What if she couldn’t go back to sleep, so instead she had a little breakfast and then her husband started a huge project that she had to help with and that took all day. If that had happened, would it be so strange if she forgot about the release of her book today?

I’m not saying it did happen…but I’m also not saying it didn’t. 😂

Let’s not dwell on that little detail now. 😁 Let’s instead focus on Oren and Pete, and my new story Of Autumn Leaves and New Beginnings.

Early reviews say this about the book:

“Of Autumn Leaves and New Beginnings is full of heart, and lovely prose. Iris is so good at drawing her readers in with her relatable characters and storylines.”

The Novel Approach Reviews

“Nell Iris is able to craft a beautiful love story in novella form and it’s a real skill. This one was extra lovely because both protagonists were nearly 50, and it’s not often you get that in an MM romance.”



Sometimes love finds you even when you’re not looking for it.

At 47, Oren Walker isn’t looking for love. When he knocks on Pete Higgins’ door, all he wants is to thank him for helping his mom after she broke her femur. He never expected that one look at the man would make his knees weak and heart flutter.

Pete is happy—albeit a bit lonely—after divorcing his wife of 20 years and isn’t looking to replace her. But when Oren shows up, all grateful and handsome and in that fancy suit, the longing for the deep connection of a relationship flares up inside him.

As the leaves turn yellow, Oren and Pete spend a lot of time in honest conversations. Their attraction grows. Will the two men recognize the promise of new beginnings, and take the chance to find the happiness they both deserve?

M/M Contemporary / 17809 words


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Cover reveal: In My Arms Again

Want to see something pretty? I’m going to assume the answer is yes and post it here 🙂

The other day, I got the cover for my upcoming release In My Arms Again, and I squealed like a little girl when I saw it, because look how pretty it is!! 😍😍 I love it so, so much!!

in my arms again


Trapped in a growing sense of restlessness, Oxen the hunter is lonely. Feeling like he’s waiting for something—or someone—he’s unable to focus on getting ready for winter. But when a handsome and very ill stranger collapses on his doorstep, everything changes.

The stranger, Vinge, is from a Pegasus family but has never been able to transform. As soon as he awakens, both men feel an instant connection, and it grows deeper as Oxen nurses him back to health. Something profound within each man calls out to the other, but neither of them knows what it is.

The questions surrounding Vinge and their deepening relationship are many. Why is Vinge so familiar to Oxen when they clearly have never met? Why are they both reluctant to take the first step to a real commitment?  And what will it take for the true depth of their connection be revealed?

M/M Historical Paranormal Fantasy / 21 809 words

Release day: October 19, 2019

This story will be sold separately, but also included in a JMS Books Trio collection, but I’ll talk more about that another day. The release day for both the story and the Trio is October 19. I’ll post more information and buy links when I have them.

Reading challenge and Nell online

There’s a lot going on in my life right now (I’ll tell you more about it soon) so I’ve forgotten about something I should tell you about, if you don’t already know. I’ll also give you a couple links to other blogs where you can read about me or my books.

But first:

challenge month 2019

Joyfully Jay has a reading challenge going on in September. From Joyfully Jay’s blog:

“The month of September is going to be Reading Challenge Month. Each week will have a different challenge theme and the folks here at Joyfully Jay will be reviewing a variety of books that fit that challenge. Readers can play along by commenting on our Challenge Month review posts, and/or by reading their own challenge books and writing mini reviews. “

The readers that choose to play along can win prizes, and that’s where I come in. I’m one of the authors that have agreed to donate a book for the giveaway, but I’m not the only one. Several publishers, including my publisher JMS Books, have also generously donated prizes for the huge  Check out the prizes here if you’re curios.

Anyway, this week, the theme for the challenge is Judge a Book By It’s Cover; that sounds like fun! Next week will be Older/Younger Hero Week, which would be a perfect time to read His Steady Heart if you already haven’t!

Check out either of the links above for more information.

In August, I was a guest at the fabulous A.L. Lester‘s blog. She interviewed me a couple days after the release of Team Luker, so if you want to know more about that story or which three books I’d bring to a deserted island, check out the interview here.

Finally: I jumped up and down of joy when I logged in on Twitter earlier today and saw that my friend Addison Albright had recommended one of my stories over on her blog. I’m incredibly honored and happy, especially because Phoenix and Gabriel – Angel and Firebird –  have a very special place in my heart. Check out what Addison wrote here.

aaf w review quotes

Of Autumn Leaves and New Beginnings

Autumn. The perfect time to curl up with a nice cup of tea and a good book and listen to the rain smattering against your window. Or to take a nice walk in the brisk fall air and enjoy the glowing colors of the leaves. It’s the perfect time to start something new and exciting.

Just like my main characters in my upcoming release, Of Autumn Leaves and New Beginnings. Oren and Pete are two genuinely nice guys in their late forties who aren’t interested in games or make-believe. They both want something honest, long-lasting, and real.

Luckily they find each other when Oren’s Mom has an accident and her neighbor Pete helps her…

If you’re in the mood for something uncomplicated, low on drama but high on the feels, and two great guys, pre-order Of Autumn Leaves and New Beginnings now. It’s only six days until release day.

Cover blurb releasedate


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Monday Book Talk

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Do you re-read books you like?

I’ve come across several people over the years saying that they don’t re-read books because of too-many-books-too-little-time syndrome. I can totally understand this. If I could sleep less and read more, I would! (Or add more hours to the day would work, too).

But even so, I love re-reading books, and I do it all the time. Those days when I’m in a bad mood and need something to cheer me up. Or when I’m sick and need comfort. Every time I need to read a book I can be absolutely certain that I loved, I re-read.

It’s like meeting old friends again. And I’m not bothered that I already know what happens: I’m one of these people who actually seeks out spoilers instead of avoiding them like the plague, so I take comfort in knowing the story. By re-reading, I’m not caught off guard by a sudden angsty moment I wasn’t prepared or in the mood for. I know exactly what I get, and I love it.

I have a shelf on Goodreads called feel-good re-reads. Below are four books from that list.

Tell me which books (if any) you re-read!


The Naked Remedy | Jesse’s Diner | Shiny! | Galaxies and Oceans




Nell’s Top Five


Nell’s Top Five

…songs that made me dance when I was 17

30 years ago, in 1989, I was 17 years old and my life consisted of books and music and friends (and school of course). I’ve always been more of the lie on my back on the floor and listen to the lyrics kind of gal than a dance kind of gal, but there were a few songs that made it impossible for me to sit still.

So here’s a list. And to help you paint a picture: I had long blond hair, huge glasses, was chubby and had absolutely no moves. so when you listen to these songs, imagine feet shuffling and lots of arm waving and you will have a pretty good picture of what it looked like 😀

And what can I say; I was a fan of British synth pop 🙂

Tell me: what did you dance to when you were 17?

    1. Tainted Love by Soft Cell
    2. Smalltown Boy by Bronski Beat
    3. Situation by Yazoo
    4. Behind the Wheel by Depeche Mode
    5. True Faith by New Order