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JMS Books holds a Labor Day Sale through Monday and offers 30% off all e-books. That includes pre-orders and all of my books are 30% off. 

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Once more chance wide release

One More Chance (the box set containing Cinnamon Eyes and Promise Me We’ll Be Okay) has only been available on Kindle Unlimited until now, but on Wednesday it went wide. So this is the perfect time to buy it.

I also did some shopping myself, because who doesn’t love a good bargain? I bought these books today: 


So check out the sale if you need something new to read. Why not take this opportunity to try a new-to-you author? 🙂 

Have a great weekend, all! 🙂  

New Release: “Focus, Quinny!” by Ofelia Gränd

Today, I welcome one of my favorite morning writing buddies here on the blog, to celebrate her new release, Focus, Quinny! Everyone, please give a warm welcome to Ofelia Gränd, fellow Swede and JMS Books author, a very talented writer (you haven’t missed my recommendation here, have you?), and an all around lovely person.

I wish you the happiest of release days, Ofelia! ☕️🎉🎈💐

Thank you so much for having me here today! I thought I’d drop by and tell you a little about Focus, Quinny! my latest story, but mostly about candy.

I’m Swedish, and you might not know this, but Swedes are said to have the highest candy consumption per capita in the world. I admit that I do my share to keep us at the top. My favourite candy is Djungelvrål, and I know you’ve probably never heard of it, but you can find it on Amazon, and if you want to, you can search on YouTube and see people’s reactions to eating it. I’ve done that, checking YouTube that is, so I knew that when Will in Focus, Quinny! was yearning for some sweets, Djungelvrål wasn’t what he was after.

As a writer you Google a lot of things, and when I say a lot, I mean a lot. So naturally, I Googled, and the most popular candy in the US according to USA Today, is Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. And luckily we had some at home! So, everyone in the household got one, and I told them that the characters in my story were having Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and that it’s the most popular candy in the USA—I teach my kids important stuff LOL

When I’d written the story and sent it to my beta readers, one of them got back to me and said Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups was her favourite candy, and she’s German. I guess Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups have conquered the world. But I dare you all, if you get the chance, try some Djungelvrål.

quinnyQuincy Dean is one lucky guy. After months of virtual flirting, he’s convinced the man of his dreams is living next door. True, they’ve never spoken face-to-face, and William Johnson has never posted a picture of himself, but how many William Johnson’s could there be?

Quincy is positive the two of them would be great together. But if he’s ever going to get the chance to convince Will of that fact, he’s going to need to do it before his perfect man figures out he’s too good for Quincy’s little corner of Whiteport and disappears from his real life forever.

But how do you woo someone when you have to stay six feet apart? Direct messages are great, but they aren’t very romantic. And when Quincy begins to notice that Will’s messages don’t always match up with what he’s seeing through his blinds, he worries that even online he and his dream guy are drifting apart. Six feet or not, it might be time to ask Will out on a date.

Tags: Gay Romance, M/M Romance, Dating During Social Distancing, Mistaken Identity
Length: 11.400 words
Publisher: JMS-Books
Release Date: September 5th

Universal buy link | JMS Books (20% off until September 11)

Short excerpt:
Quincy was glaring at the woman in the grocery store who cut in right in front of him to grab some cheese. Their arms practically touched. He hoped his sugar skull face mask made him look scary when he scowled. The woman, however, ignored him.

Sometimes his boyish looks didn’t work in his favor.

Annoyed, he stopped in a corner and typed a quick message to Will, complaining about the idiots in the grocery store.

As he walked over to the milk, there was a buzz in his pocket. He grabbed a milk carton and some yogurt before picking up the phone.

Will: People are idiots. Stay as safe as you can. Oh, and would you get me some Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups? I’ve been craving them all day.

Quincy: Shop on your own time!

He added a smiley to show he was kidding. He’d buy some to leave with the clues for the picnic. Ty had suggested chocolate, but now he knew Will liked Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. And he liked coffee since they had coffee together every morning and at three in the afternoon, and he liked nice clothes and fast cars. He wrote again.

Quincy: Casual clothing for tomorrow. We’re gonna be outdoors.

He hoped the weather would be warm. They hadn’t predicted any rain, but wind and gray skies could ruin the picnic.

ofeliaAbout Ofelia Gränd:

Ofelia Gränd is Swedish, which often shines through in her stories. She likes to write about everyday people ending up in not-so-everyday situations, and hopefully also getting out of them. She writes romance, contemporary, paranormal, Sci-Fi and whatever else catches her fancy.

Her books are written for readers who want to take a break from their everyday life for an hour or two.

When Ofelia manages to tear herself from the screen and sneak away from her husband and children, she likes to take walks in the woods…if she’s lucky she finds her way back home again.

Website | Newsletter | Facebook | Facebook group | Pinterest | Instagram


Regaining Trust – pre-order

Regaining Trust is now available for pre-order. And as usual, JMS Books offers 20% off all their pre-orders, so clickety-click the link below the picture for a bargain! 🙂

cover and blurb

Pre-order @ JMS Books (20% off)

Hello September

I’ve been waiting and waiting for September to arrive this year…not because I turn 48 on 9/11, but because this is the month I’m becoming a grandmother. My grandbaby is expected on September 18, and I can’t wait!! Just a few more days now.

But first I thought we’d say goodbye to August. Here are 10 pictures from my August. Tell me something you did last month that you enjoyed! 🙂

7 augAs the fountain pen addict I am, I bought a new pen. All black with crystal black ink. My precioussssssss 😍

8 aug

I wrote and re-wrote and revised and edited my poems for my final assignment for the poetry course I was taking. But the hard work paid off, and I got the highest grade possible for my work, so yay!

12 aug

I did some shopping for my granddaughter 😍

15 aug

We had a (appropriately physically distant) picnic by the side of the canal with bubbly and a couple good friends, and watched as a boat with a band playing live music drove past. Very nice.

18 sug

August was so freaking hot I thought we’d moved into a volcano. So one day, my husband said “After I get off work, we’re going on a road trip in our air-conditioned car.” So we did. We went to the ocean and enjoyed the breeze and photographed this lighthouse.

22 aug

I cooked a lot. Lasagna among other things. It was yummy.

23 aug

I bought a seven-inch single of an old favorite song, and learned what Slice Me Nice actually means. 😂

27 aug

I woke up early every morning and got up to write. I have a gazillion pictures in my phone of the sunrise; I’m obsessed sunrises and sunsets…and skies in general  😍

30 aug

I bought and read a fantastic book! It’s a book by a Swedish author; a story about two Sàmi families, written in free verse. Never in my life have I read such a thick book with so few words, saying so freaking much. I would give it ten stars if I could, and I’m suffering from a severe book hangover after reading this masterpiece.

31 aug

And on the last day of August, we went on a road trip to visit my parents.

Cover reveal: Regaining Trust

I told you about my upcoming release Regaining Trust a couple weeks back, and now I have a cover I’m dying to show you because it’s so pretty.

So without further ado, here it is. Isn’t it gorgeous? 😍


When workaholic Lawrence Weller walks in on the aftermath of his fiancé Frankie cheating on him, his world shatters. Frankie’s the love of his life, the only person he’s ever trusted, and the betrayal leaves him devastated.

Franklin Ennis makes a huge mistake that he regrets deeply before it’s even over. He pleads for a second chance, willing to do whatever it takes to save their relationship.

A love that deep doesn’t just stop, so Lawrence agrees to try. But mistakes don’t happen in a vacuum. Are they both willing to own up to their part? Will their love be enough to repair what was crushed? Can trust once broken be rebuilt?

M/M Contemporary / 31 306 words

Release day: September 30

Buy links will be posted as soon as I have them

can trust once broken be regained v2

Thanks, past me!

These days, I get up at 5:40 every morning because I start writing at 6 am. And since I’m not really a morning person, I need tea to function.


So when I woke up to this sight, a fully prepared tea station, I just wanted to go back in time and kiss my past self for being so considerate of my future self and fixed this before going to bed. All I had to do was turn on the kettle, put tea leaves in my cup, and then I was set.

Don’t forget that random acts of kindness can be aimed at yourself.

Tell me: tea or coffee in the mornings? 🙂

Sunday Book Recommendation

If you’ve followed me for a while, you know by now that I love poetry. I took a poetry writing course this summer, and then of course I wrote a book called Late Night Poetry, just to mention a couple things that might have tipped you off.  I also love reading poetry.

So when I found out that my publisher had published a few poetry books, I immediately wanted to read them. So today, my recommendation is for two poetry books written by two fellow authors published by JMS Books.

Naked Willem Schutte

“From within perfect darkness I have learned to shine.”

Heartbreak can leave even the strongest of men scarred. Like Icarus, I too flew too high and fell. That downward journey tore the fibre of my being and shredded my soul. The gauntlet of love should never be underestimated.

However, I had to get up again and rise like a phoenix from its proverbial ashes. And like a phoenix, I took to flight!

This is a poetic account of the journey I had to go through and a tribute to becoming a better man regardless. 

Buy links: JMS Books | JMS Books but print edition

Naked musings from a broken heart by Willem Schutte is exactly what it sounds like: poems about a broken heart. They are really lovely and full of emotions, and as an added bonus, there are a few pictures in the book of the author himself.

Several of the poems touched me deeply, and I’ll definitely buy the print version (because poetry is best read in print) as soon as Amazon starts delivering to Sweden again!

deciderous jt marie

Short chapbook of 36 poems which capture the ephemeral quality of nature. In these pages, autumn’s dying leaves crumple beneath winter’s shroud of snow, and the last fleeting days of the year slip away forever.

Tragic, melancholy, bittersweet … these poems embrace and revel in the changing seasons, which mirror so closely the rhythm of the human heart.

Buy link: JMS Books

Full disclosure: the author was extremely generous and gifted me this copy, but if she hadn’t I would have bought it anyway. I want to support JMS Books, my fellow authors, and I’m crazy about poetry, so it was a no-brainer really.

I love the way she writes about nature and seasons…or is it something else? Something deeper, something more human? That’s up to the reader to interpret, but I loved it.

I give both these poetry books my warmest recommendations, so if you love poetry, please buy them. We need more poetry in our lives 😍

Tell me: do you read poetry? If yes, tell me about your favorite poem.


“A wonderful short story!”

team luker excerpt review

What if this is the last time we lie like this?

Uncertainty is keeping Ellery Luker awake at night and robbing him of his appetite. It’s been five days since the love of his life and partner of twenty-five years, Jools, went to the doctor. Five days since the biopsy. Five days of going crazy with worry and what ifs?

What if Jools suffers from the same disease that stole Ellery’s mother when he was just eleven?

What if all Ellery’s worst fears come true?

What if…?



add to goodreads

M/M contemporary / 5446 words / established couple / 40+ characters


I can’t live without you, my brain screams in panic, but I bite down the words, lock them away in the back of my mind. I need to be strong for him — I can’t crumble at his feet when it’s he who has the health issues — but at the moment, I don’t know how.

Not saying the words out loud doesn’t help; he can read me even in darkness. Even when I don’t say a word and with my back turned to him.

“And if it is what we fear, Ellery, I fight. I fight like hell, because I’m not leaving you, you hear?”

I nod, uncertain that I’ll be able to keep the panic out of my voice.

He presses a kiss to my nape. “I need you. You’re my rock. My strength. I can’t do this alone.” The raspiness — the worry? — in his voice prompts me to speak.

“We’re a team,” I say, proud that my voice isn’t cracking. “We’ll always be a team.”

“Go Team Luker!” His exclamation coaxes a smile from me, like he knew it would. He peppers more kisses at my nape. Featherlight and soft, until a shiver racks my body. He hums, his chest vibrating against my back, and he rubs his leg against mine.

Being surrounded by him makes me feel safe and cherished, and it loosens my tongue. “I can’t lose you, Jools. I can’t.” It’s a trembling whisper but I’m sure he can hear me in the otherwise silent room. “Not now that I finally get to call you my husband. Not ever. We’re supposed to grow old and gray together. We’re supposed to live happily ever after. I can’t … I can’t …” I bite down on my tongue to stop the frantic blabbering. He doesn’t need this from me.

Be strong, Ellery. At least try.

“Hey.” He rolls me onto my back, climb on top of me and straddles my thighs. Leaning forward, he cups my face with warm, caring palms, and he rests his forehead against mine. “I’m not leaving you. I’m not.”

I throw my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist and cling to him like a monkey. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry …”

He cuts me off with a kiss; his full lips against mine, his hands on my face, and his groin pushing into mine curl my toes and take the edge off the piercing worry. When his tongue begs to be let into my mouth, I gasp, and he slips inside. He’s licking the roof of my mouth, curling his tongue around mine. Devouring me, loving me. Distracting me from my panicked thoughts.

I slacken under him as he rubs his chest and stomach against me, using his entire body to tell me how much I mean to him. Trying to reassure me.

Do you think I want to leave you? his movements say. You’re mine as much as I’m yours, his lips say as he brushes them against my skin. I’ll fight to my last breath to stay with you, his caressing fingers say.

Jools is eloquent and well-spoken, but we communicate best skin to skin. Body to body.

Breath to breath.

Trope Tuesday

Are there any tropes you’re not really a fan of? That you steer clear of and don’t want to read? I have a few of those, but today I thought I’d talk about a particular one. The fake boyfriend (husband/girlfriend/wife/life-partner, take your pick) trope.

I’ve mentioned it before, back when I read – and loved – Honeymoon Sweet by Allison Temple (I wrote about it here). Like I wrote in that post, I read a few short excerpts from the book over at Addison Albright’s blog and I liked them so much that I took a chance on the book even though I usually don’t like fake BF, and I’m glad I did because I loved it.

But, here’s the thing. A while back, Addison gave me a recommendation of another Allison Temple book; she said I’d love it and that it has all the elements I want in my stories. The book in question is Boyfriend with Benefits.


Addison knows what I like by now – I trust her, – I loved the other Allison Temple book I read, and the cover model on this book is so cute, so went to Amazon and downloaded the sample.

I absolutely loved it. The writing is excellent, the few pages I read made me laugh and when I reached the end of the sample I wanted to read more. And yet, I can’t make myself buy it. Because of the whole fake boyfriend thing.

That’s really stupid, isn’t it? But the thing is I don’t really like fake anything, and fake boyfriends? That’s just…too much? And I try to imagine someone doing it IRL, asking someone to be their fake partner and I just…can’t. Would you do that? Ask a friend/roommate/someone to be your fake partner to a thing if you didn’t have a real partner?

I couldn’t.

I know a big part of reading is suspending disbelief, but I guess fake boyfriends is my limit?

It still makes me feel stupid though. It would have been different if I hadn’t liked the sample, but I did. But when I go to the store thinking Don’t be an idiot, Nell, buy the damned book, my finger just hovers over the one-click button and I think Nah and back away.

Is this just me, or do you have a trope that you hesitate to read? If yes, tell me about it, make me feel less alone in the world. And feel free to tell me I’m an idiot, because I sure feel like it 😆

Friday favorite

Now that all days blend together and time doesn’t exist anymore, it’s more important than ever to celebrate Fridays as the start of the weekend. And what better way than to do that than with music? Music makes everything better.

So here’s one of my favorite songs. It always makes me want to dance and jump and be happy 💃🍾

I don’t care if Monday’s black
Tuesday, Wednesday, heart attack
Thursday, never looking back
It’s Friday, I’m in love