Find His Way Home, Nell's WIP, The Locked Room, Unconditionally

Monday writing update

Mondays mean I write about what I did the previous week:

The Locked Room
I rewrote and edited three chapters. It’s going really well, and I’m continuing this week. I like the new version better. It’s tighter and better when it’s not in present tense. Feels like a good decision.

I didn’t write anything on my current WIP last week. I came up with a title though: Never Before Him. I need to name MC2 before I can write more, and I thought I had a name. Then my husband threw a monkey-wrench in my plan and suggested another one. So now I can’t decide between the two.

What do you think? This guy, does he look like a Sage or a Jerome? Let me know in comments 🙂


Find His Way Home
I finished my edits, wrote a blurb, and a detailed summary and submitted it to my publisher on Monday. And they said yes! So in May, my second short story will be published, how cool is that?

If you’re curious about how the blurb turned out, go to the Coming Soon tab and read it!


I updated the blog, too, with a new section, as you can see in the image above. 

I celebrated my first ever release on Saturday, and I cried a little (happy tears) when I read my first ever review (four fabulous stars!)


But I can’t rest on my laurels, so I’d better go to work now. There’s words to be written and edited! 🙂

The Locked Room, Writing Update

I think I’ve broken my brain

Today I’ve rewritten, revised, and edited almost 5000 words. After being too busy with other stuff for the past two weeks, I haven’t had the time to work on The Locked Room, but I made up for that today.

Look here:


I’ve changed from present to past tense, but mostly I’ve tightened, tightened, and tightened. The result? Seven hundred words less than what I started out with.

That’s a whole lot of unnecessary words if you ask me!

But now my brain hurts. I need someone to get over here, put a bandaid on it, and kiss away my boo-boos 😀

Or I’ll just reward myself with a glass of wine.

Find His Way Home, Nell's WIP, The Locked Room, Unconditionally

Writing update

Mondays mean writing updates, and here’s what I did last week:

I proofread Unconditionally, or at least I tried. Proofreading something I’ve written and already read a gazillion times was really hard, and I had to really concentrate to read the actual words, not what my brain knew it was supposed to say. But I found some errors, and was kind of happy when I did. Better I find them now, than after it’s published.

I finished Find His Way Home, sent it to my betas and one of them were faster than lightning reading it, and returned it to me the next day. So I said Stop, don’t read to my other beta, edited the story like a fiend, and sent it revised to her on Friday. And on Sunday morning when I woke up she was finished. I might have to send flowers to both of them, as a thank you for being so great!

I edited almost an entire chapter of The Locked Room. I would have done more, but I had more pressing deadlines, so I’ll continue this week.

And on Friday after I sent FHWH to my second beta, I thought to myself: I’m going to give myself a couple days off now, and then promptly sat down and started a new WIP. So much for vacation! 🙂 It’s untitled so far, but it begins with one of the MCs (Leon) hiding in a stall in the men’s room, and someone—unbidden—sticks his you-know-what through a glory hole. (No, it’s not MC2 🙂 ) Sort of like a real life dick-pic. It was also very interesting researching glory-hole-etiquette (yes, there is such a thing!). After I was done I said to my husband If you love me, don’t ever check my Google search history. He promised not to 😀

All in all, I’ve had yet another productive week. And considering that we have an old friend visiting from Sweden, I’m extra happy with the fact I’ve managed to write so much. Go me! 🙂

Find His Way Home, Nell's WIP, The Locked Room, Unconditionally

A productive week

Last week was productive for me and I’m really happy about it. I thought I’d fill you in on what I did:

Unconditionally – edits
I finished two rounds of edits on my short story. My editor is very patient and we get along really well, and I’m waiting to hear from her if there’s going to be one more round. It’s been fun and now I look forward to the release even more. Iiiiih!! 🙂

The Locked Room – edits
I finally started editing TLR, real edits, not the baby-step variety I talked about back in November. I got it back from my betas in October and have done very little about it since, but the other day I opened the first chapter and got to work. It’s extensive edits, and I’ve also decided to change it from present tense to past tense, so I’ve got my work cut out for me. But I’ve done two chapters so far and it’s going really well.


Lots of useful comments from one of my fabulous betas

Find His Way Home  – writing
I wrote about 9K words in my WIP last week. Yay!! My flow seems to be back, and I couldn’t be happier. I’ve also written a brief outline for the rest of the story, and if I work hard I might be able to finish it this week. If nothing unexpected happens.

A fun side-note regarding Find His Way Home: I’ve shown you the guys who inspired my characters in this story before—here’s a reminder. Both of them are real life persons (of course), and I found the guy that inspired Elliot through an account I follow on Instagram, called Symmetrybreakfast. It’s run by a man making fabulous breakfasts for his boyfriend every morning. The boyfriend is featured in Symmetrybreakfast’s Instagram-stories almost every day, eating the wonderful breakfast and doing a cute little dance, looking so happy and content I can’t help but smile. (I sound like a creepy stalker now, but the account has 661K followers, so I’m really not 🙂 ) Anyway, the first time I saw him, I thought he was cute, and when I started writing this story I remembered him and realized he would make a perfect Elliot.

That was the backstory. Now for the fun thing: this week Mr. Symmetrybreakfast and Real-Life-Elliot got married. Look at the adorableness ❤

screenshot_20170203-043910Big congratulations to the both of them! I wish them a long and happy life together, filled with fabulous breakfasts and lots of laugher!

So I guess now I know what Elliot will look like if he and Mick gets married 😉

If you’re want to read more about Symmetrybreakfast you can do it here, here or here.

I’m jealous, I want someone to make me breakfasts like that, too! 🙂