Snowed In: Nen and Anani – 2 weeks until release day, and pre-order links

Today, it’s only two weeks until the released of Snowed In: Nen and Anani. It’s a part of a themed release by JMS Books where several of their published authors have written a story about main characters being snowed in together. They all have the same cover, and they’re all named Snowed In: [MC1 and MC2].

It’s my first ever fantasy story and I had so much fun writing it.

I thought I’d tempt you with an excerpt today so that if you like what you read, you can clickety-click the links and pre-order my story. (Amazon links will be added as soon as they’re up, but why not take advantage of the pre-order sale at JMS?)

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I step out, unable to see more than a meter in front of me because of the heavy snowfall. I kick the door closed and dash to the barn, but it’s empty. Not even the cat is perched on its shelf anymore. I force myself to slowly walk the path back to the cottage, squinting my eyes in hopes of catching a sign of him. Not until the third pass I discover something—a depression in the deep snow leading into the nearby forest.

Without hesitating even for a breath, I veer off the path and plod my way through the snow. After only a few meters, my breathing grows ragged and my heart races in my chest, slamming against my ribcage, making me agitated and twitchy.

Again and again, I call his name without getting a reply.

Doubt starts to creep into my mind. What if the tracks I’m following weren’t made by Anani but some wild animal? What if I’m going in the wrong direction? What if I get lost and can find neither Anani nor the way back to the cottage?

My steps falter and I glance over my shoulder. My tracks are still visible but are filling fast. I need to make a decision.


I brush snow from my face with my forearm. There’s no way I’ll find him in this darkness and with the storm howling around me. But I refuse to return to the cottage and abandon him. I hang my head, trying to stave off the dejection that creeps in.

Then something pulls at me. I jerk up my head and whirl around, but no one is there.

“Anani?” I feel the tug again, and this time I make myself stand still. I close my eyes and try to ignore the chaotic stimuli surrounding me, focusing only on what’s yanking at me.

And in the stillness, I feel it again. It’s faint, and if I move the slightest, I lose it.

I hold my breath.



When I feel the pull the next time, I trust my instinct, whoosh out my breath, and head off in that direction. I need to walk only a few more meters and make my way around a tree before I see him.

A pained cry escapes the depth of my chest and my hand flies to my throat.

Anani is stark naked, standing on bare ground, in a wide circle with not a speck of snow, as if it all vanished. The sky above it is clear—not a single snowflake makes its way down from the heavens—and shimmers with a pale light. The edge of the circle is sharp, as though someone used a knife to carve it out. A few flakes fall in slow motion at the edge, but the farther away from Anani, the faster the snow falls, and the storm is at full strength where I’m standing.

His arms reach for the sky, as though he’s diverting the frozen water from himself, commanding it to leave him alone.

He’s magnificent. And clearly in distress.

His pale skin has taken on a blue tinge, his shoulders shake, and his eyes are squeezed shut. I’m too far away to be sure, but it looks as though he has frozen tears on his cheeks.

That’s what finally gets me moving.



For the entire month of July I have my darling daughter and her boyfriend here for a visit (they live in Sweden) and I’m ecstatic. There won’t be a lot of writing, but I’m trying to do a little at least. I signed up for Camp NanoWriMo with a ridiculously low word goal, and I’m kind of happy I did because otherwise there would probably be no writing at all.

I’m still working on my fantasy story Snowed In: Nen and Anani. It’s slow going, but at least I’m moving forward. Yesterday, I researched tapestry weaving and learned a lot of words I hadn’t heard before. And OMG what an amazingly interesting art form it is. I’ve never realized before (sorry weavers!!)


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Smashwords has a sale for the entire month of July, and my books published by JMS Books are 50% off! If you’ve visited my blog before, you know by now that “book sale” is my favorite two words in combination, so clickety-click this link if you’re in the mood for cheap books and still don’t own all mine.

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Nobody Else’s has received a lot of love from readers and reviewers so far, and it’s made me so humbled and happy ❤️ If you haven’t bought it yet and want to read a few reviews before making up your mind, check out any of these lovely blogs:

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I’m especially happy that people loved my quirky, nonsensical horoscopes. I had so much fun writing them.

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Happy Monday, everyone! Are you one of those who hates Mondays, or are you happy about a new week?

Today, I thought I’d share an excerpt from my current WIP, titled Snowed In: Nen and Anani. It’s my first ever fantasy story and it’s really fun to write. Makes me wanna write more of them, so watch out for Nell Iris, the fantasy writer 🙂

I also made a mood board, because my dear friend Addison made mood boards for her stories and inspired me to do the same. So, below are eight inspirational pictures, and a (very) short unedited excerpt from Snowed In: Nen and Anani.

I hope you enjoy, and have a great week! 🙂

Snowed in moodboard 2


Before I have time to come to a decision, the door is yanked open and he appears in the opening.

The Vasilieu.

Oh, great Spirit, still my heart!

He is magnificent!

He is willowy tall and has grown so much these last fifteen rotations, reaching me to my nose, standing over a head taller than any other member of his family. He’s dressed like a commoner in a tunic and pants, even plainer than my own—where’s his kaftan? The clothes hug his body and reveal every long sinewy muscle in his legs and arms.

Hair as white as newly fallen snow is parted in the middle and hang straight to his waist. His nose, slightly upturned, gives him a mischievous look. His pale lips, imperceptibly darker than his skin color, are soft but set in a severe line.

But it’s his eyes that draw my attention. Pale blue eyes staring at me as if he can’t believe what he’s seeing. After a few heartbeats, they widen, and he lets out a gasp.

A wave of emotions hits me square in the chest. What was muted just moments before grows into an avalanche. Overwhelms me. I physically feel them, as if he pushes a blunt-tipped lance into my breast.

I stagger a few steps backward and sink to my knees without hesitation. I don’t avert my gaze. “Vasilieu.”

He narrows his eyes. “Do not call me that. You know my name. Use it.”

The barrage of his emotions intensifies, making it hard to breathe but easy for me to identify them. Disbelief. Denial. Suspicion. Uncertainty.


Most intense of all is happiness.

“Anani,” I whisper.