St. Patrick’s Day sale and author takeover, and number 1!


My fabulous publisher JMS Books has a St. Patrick’s Day sale today, all ebooks are 45% off. Clickety-click here to be magically transported to my author page so you can do some shopping.

As usual, pre-orders and new releases are included in the sale, so take this chance to buy my new super short release All I See – which by the way is number one on the Amazon charts as I write this!! – for only 54 cents. Number one, can you imagine?? 😀

all I see number one

Also, don’t forget that I’m going to be at Helena’s Book Haven over on Facebook today to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day! 11PM EDT is my time slot. I can also recommend being there for Addison Albright’s takeover. She always has the best posts in takeovers like this. She’ll be there at 2PM EDT.

(Also: Addison’s books are also 45% off today, of course. If you haven’t read Cultivating Love, now’s the time to buy it!!)

helena stpatricksday


Smashwords sale

This week is Smashwords read an ebook sale and my books are 50% off through March 9th. This includes new releases, so you can buy Snowed In: Nen and Anani for only $2 or Awakenings & French Songs for 99 cents.

If you want really great value for money, buy a box set or an anthology. Finding The One is only $3. The Top Ten Gay Romance anthologies are $3.50 each, both 2017 and 2018, which means you can buy 20 stories for 7 bucks!!

Here’s a link to my author page on Smashwords where you can check out all my books.

smashwords sale

Or if you’ve already bought all my books, maybe check out my fellow JMS authors, for example: Addison AlbrightK.L. NooneSarah Hadley BrookJ.D. WalkerRuby Moone, or Kris T. Bethke.

Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! I thought we’d celebrate with a book sale (details about the sale is at the end of the post) and a short story featuring two guys you know by now: Iggy and Ronan from Awakenings & French Songs.

I hope you all have a great day, and I hope that you enjoy this little sneak peek into Iggy and Ronan’s future. ❤️

Valentine’s Day & French Songs

“What’s all this?”

Ronan’s voice startles me out of my close inspection of our dinner table, and I squint at him. “What does it look like?” I bark, cross my arms over my chest, trying to hide the nervous flutter in my stomach.

He steps closer to the table; his eyes taking in the flickering tea lights, the fancy place settings with the huge red wine glasses he loves so much, and the bottle of Bordeaux decanting in his Grandmother’s old crystal carafe. There are no roses though, I draw the line at clichés such as roses and heart-shaped chocolate.

“It looks like a romantic dinner.” He steps closer to me, nudging my shoulder with his arm. “But that can’t be it, can it? Surely Iggy Wilker wouldn’t do something as banal as a romantic dinner for his partner on Valentine’s Day?” He clutches a strand of imaginary pearls and flutters his eyelashes.

“Shut up,” I grumble and slide my hand around his waist, burying my nose in his upper arm and inhale his scent.

“If I remember what you told me last year correctly,” he continues and flings his arm around my shoulders, “the only way Iggy Wilker, gay party-boy extraordinaire, will ever spend Valentine’s Day is with go-go boys in red skimpy underwear or giving head in a public bathroom.”

I tilt my head back and shoot him a glare. But the impish look in his eyes tell me he’s enjoying himself far too much and there’s only one way to shut him up. So I reach up, cup the back of his head, pull him down, and kiss him.

It’s hot and wet and eager and dueling tongues and clashing lips, and my knees go weak when he moans.

When I pull back, his eyes pupils are blown, his lips puffy, and his mouth stretched in a wide, sunny smile. He wraps his arms around me and crushes me against his body.

I cuddle close, resting my cheek on his chest. The beat of his heart is strong and steady in my ear. His hands wander up and down my spine and he presses a kiss on the top of my head.

“I did it for you,” I blurt.


“This. I did it for you. Because I’d do anything for you, even celebrate fucking Valentine’s Day.”

“Oh Iggy,” he says in a shaky voice and tightens his grip on me.

I look up and meet his gaze. “I wanted to do something special since Emery is with Maya.”

He meets my gaze and cradles my face in his hands. “Every day with you is special.”

“You’re a sap.” I rise to my toes and brush my lips against his before letting him go and pulling out a chair. He sits. and then knits his eyebrows together as though he just thought of something. “You didn’t cook, did you?” he asks with alarm in his voice, peering out into the kitchen.

I chuckle. “Honey, no. I’m trying to wine and dine you. Not burn our house down and poison you.”

He laughs, eyes crinkling with happiness and glittering with mirth, making my heart stutter in my chest.

“Pour us some wine and I’ll go get the food,” I say.

On the way to the kitchen, I press play on the stereo. A moment later, I rejoin the love of my life, hands laden with food, accompanied by Edith Piaf singing Je ne regrette rien.

I couldn’t agree more.

vday sale

All ebooks are 40% off at JMS Books thru Monday, even pre-orders. So if you want to buy cheap books, click here to get to my author page.

Superbowl Sunday Sale

superbowl sale

For me, books always trumps sports, any kind of sports. If I haven’t told you, I don’t watch any sports. I don’t have a favorite team. Sports bore me to tears.

Books, on the other hand, do not 🙂

Which is why I’ll slink off and take advantage of the sale. Then I’m going to spend my Sunday with a cup of tea and a good book.

How about you? Are you a sports fan? Will you watch Super Bowl?

As usual, pre-orders are on sale, too. So this is the perfect time to buy Snowed In: Nen and Anani. Or my (very) short story that’s coming out in March, All I See. It’s just shy of 5000 words, but priced at ¢50 it’s still worth it, right?

Or if you want great value for money, Finding The One is only $3 on the sale. Three bucks for four stories, that’s a steal, right? If you need convincing, just read this wonderful review from Goodreads:

“I loved all the stories here. The author has a great way of writing conversations and dates that are interesting, reveal something about the characters, and are like real people getting to know one another. Nobody is mean, no big misunderstandings, just adults finding love.”

Those words filled my heart with joy and warmth and I’m going to save them and look at them when I need a pick-me-up.

Of course, all my ebooks are on sale. Here is the link to my JMS author page.

And since I believe in spreading the love, here are a few favorites of mine I really recommend if you need something awesome to read today:

I’m sure I’ve forgotten many, many great stories, but this is a good start. Happy shopping. And for any sports fan out there: may your favorite team win!

Whatever you do today, happy Sunday! ❤️

More book sale

‘Tis the season to buy cheap books…apparently.

smashwords year end sale 2018Smashwords has their End of Year Sale and all my published books are 50% off through January 1, 2019. (Pre-orders aren’t included in this one, sorry!) All of the books in the image above is 50% off now, so if your library misses any of them, now’s the time to go shopping.

Still in a holiday mood? Under the Felt Mistletoe and Unexpected Christmas are only $1.50 each. Finding The One is only $3, if you want four books for the price of one. Or if you need something heart wrenching, Angel and Firebird is only 99 cents.

Clickety-click this link to get to my author page on Smashwords. Happy shopping!

Book sale and an announcement

jms christmas sale 2018

I’m sorry I’m a little late telling you about the big sale at JMS Books (I was busy Christmassing. Happy Holidays, everyone!) JMS Books offer 50% off all ebooks through December 26, and as usual that includes pre-orders. So you can get any of my upcoming stories in the picture above for half price, as well as my already published books of course.

And there’s something else. Something amazing! Look at this screenshot from JMS Books. See the word next to the title?

fto print

YES! Print!! My words will finally exist in print!! Isn’t that amazing? Finding The One will be released in print version on December 31 and you can buy it for only EIGHT BUCKS on the sale. That’s four stories in print for only $8!

I’m so excited I don’t know whether to cry from happiness or do the happy dance!!

This link will take you to my author page at JMS Books. Shop away!

Cover reveal and sale reminder!

black friday sale jms 2

JMS Books Black Friday super sale is still going on, you have all day today to hurry over there and go wild!

And if you click this link that will take you to my author page on JMS Books, you will notice three new books up for pre-order I haven’t shown you. So I thought I’d do that today. Ready? 🙂

I have told you before about Snowed In: Nen and Anani (click here to see some inspirational pictures), my first foray into fantasy land. It’s a part of a themed release by JMS Books where several of their published authors have written a story about main characters being snowed in together. They all have the same cover, and they’re all named Snowed In: [MC1 and MC2]. I had planned on waiting until next week to show you the cover, but since it’s part of the sale, I’m doing it now!

Look!! I love the colors, and it’s so pretty (even though the guys look nothing like Nen and Anani, but that’s okay! 🙂 )



”It is time to go to my son.”

Nen waited to hear those words from the Vasilissa for fifteen rotations, since that time the snow wouldn’t stop falling. But now that he’s about to meet Anani, the love of his life, again, he’s afraid. What if Anani doesn’t feel the same anymore?

Anani, the guardian of the water element, was only seventeen when he was banished from his mother’s court. Heartbroken that he couldn’t be with the one he loved, he lost control over his emotions and his power. No matter what he tried, the snow wouldn’t stop and as a last resort he was sent away.

When they finally meet again, Anani is hopeful but disillusioned. The law that kept them apart hasn’t changed. How will they be able to find their happily ever after?

And what happens when the snow starts falling again?

Pre-order now at JMS Books

It’s M/M fantasy, 22312 words, and release day is February 16, 2019.

hearts border

A second story I haven’t shown you, or even talked about. I wrote a super short story and signed a contract for it last week for JMS Books “Hot Flash” releases. A “Hot Flash” is no more than 5000 words and they all have the same cover (sort of, there are gender and race versions).

Even though it’s called HOT flash, mine isn’t erotic. It’s emotional and romantic, like all my stories.

The story is called All I See. It’s contemporary, 4633 words short, and you can pre-order it now and then wait and wait and wait until March 30, 2019, when till will be released into the wild. At 60% off it’s only FORTY CENTS!

All I see cover screenshot



Theo and Kieran have been together for five years. They’re very happy…behind closed doors. Theo accepted from the start that Kieran isn’t out to his conservative parents and has a lot to lose if they find out about his sexuality.

But a moment of sadness at a wedding changes things. Theo is faced with a decision: live the rest of his life in secret…or break it off.

Or is there a third alternative?

Pre-order now at JMS Books.


hearts border

Finally, one last new thing: Awakenings and French Songs. It doesn’t have a cover yet, but JMS made it available for pre-order anyway so y’all can buy it super cheap. It’s a M/M contemporary story, 11120 words, release day January 12, 2019.


An existential awakening and lots of French chansons equal a favorite neighbor seen in a new light.

Iggy Wilker never expected his 36th birthday to turn into an existential crisis. When Iggy’s friends celebrate him with his usual favorite pastime—drinking, dancing, and willing guys—he suddenly wants nothing to do with any of it. He’s fed up and ready for something else. The question is what?

Ronan Clenney has had his eye on his neighbor forever, but as a single father of a precocious eleven-year-old, he’s never believed he stands a chance. But over a late-night cup of tea, it seems that circumstances have changed. Is this the right time, finally?

Iggy has never believed in romance, but can Ronan show him he’s wrong? That love is a real thing?

Pre-order at JMS Books.


hearts border

Lots of good stuff for you! 🙂

I’ve also taken advantage of the sale. I bought Kris T. Bethke’s Snowed In story about Jonah and Cooper,  her Christmas story (Twas the Play Before Christmas) and her Hot Flash (Something New). And Addison Albright’s Christmas story (Deja Vu), her Hot Flash (Okay, then), and The Choice, book 2 in her The Faction series. Sales are also a great time to try new authors, so I bought Revelry by KL Noone and Return to Sender by Roberta Blablanski. And a couple old favorite authors: JM Snyder (Accidentally on Purpose) and Sarah Hadley Brook (Brownies Are the Way to a Man’s Heart).

All that for less than eleven bucks! Wohoo!

Happy shopping!