Long Weekend Sale @ JMS Books

BOOK SALE ALERT! 40% off all ebooks over at JMS Books thru Monday. Including all my books, of course. Clickety-click the link below and buy some cheap books!

A few suggestions for you:

Less Gardening – More Nakedness

Strike a Pose: Didrik’d do anything for his BFF Filip, including taking naked pictures for a charity calendar of his dad Johan, the stunning man responsible for Didrik’s gay awakening. Now a widower, Johan is ready to move on. As they start the project, the attraction between them grows with every pose for the camera. Their connection is easy, but not without challenges. Will they get their happily ever after?

Can a chance meeting in the rain change someone’s life?

It Rained All Night: Meeting Mikko is an eye-opener for Henrik. The man is his opposite, but the connection is immediate. The encounter lasts a few minutes, but they exchange phone numbers and soon they text and call daily. But a late-night question on the phone has Henrik re-evaluating his feelings. Is the connection Henrik and Mikko forged long distance enough to sustain them when they meet again?

Two men, a silent train car, and a scribbled conversation

Secrets on a Train: It’s the fountain pens that capture Valentin’s attention on the morning commute, not the attractive man using them. But when they start a written conversation, Valentin must admit it’s not just the pens. It’s him. Runar. They share secrets they’ve never told another soul, their connection is powerful, growing with every encounter. But can secrets shared on a train be enough to build a forever?

Sale, Unconditionally

A New Anthology and a Sale

I have two pieces of news I should have shared with you several days ago, but because of the Time-Stealing Day Job, I’ve been too busy and too tired. But today, I’m working from home, so I’m in the morning office with Ofelia Gränd and on todays to-do list is “blog about Love Wins and Smashwords’ sale.” So let’s get started.

Love Wins Anthology

My first ever published story was Unconditionally, the one that turned five last week, and I wrote it for a JMS Books submission call: Love Wins. The call was in celebration of marriage equality in the US and several authors wrote lovely stories on the topic. And at the end of last year, JMS Books contacted me and told me they were planning on publishing an anthology of the best-selling Love Wins stories, and asked if I wanted to be a part of it. I said yes. Of course I did.

And when I found out it was going to be published on March 5, it felt extra special, since it was one day after my five-year authorversary. I wrote about it over at Ofelia Gränd’s blog, here’s the link if you missed it. The anthology features stories written by me and seven other authors about men who are in love and who are finally allowed to get married. Doesn’t that sound great?

In 2016, JMS Books released a series of stories celebrating the US Supreme Court’s decision to legalize same-sex marriage. This anthology features eight of the best-selling stories in the series.

With stories by Lisa Gray, Drew Hunt, Nell Iris, A.R. Moler, K.L. Noone, Terry O’Reilly, Tinnean, and J.D. Walker, these tales of M/M romance and erotic romance feature gay couplea who finally get the chance to formally declare their love for each other!

Contains the stories:

  • I Do, I Don’t by Lisa Gray
  • Married Cowboy by Drew Hunt
  • Unconditionally by Nell Iris
  • For the Last Time by A.R. Moler
  • A Demon for Forever by K.L. Noone
  • First and Goal by Terry O’Reilly
  • Ace-High Royal Flush by Tinnean
  • Paulie and the Wedding Bell Grouch by J.D. Walker

And that Smashwords button up there, brings me to the next order of business for the day: the Smashwords’ Read an Ebook Week Sale.

Smashwords’ Sale

The yearly Read an Ebook Week Sale is in full swing over at Smashwords; it started on March 6 (hence, I should’ve told you several days ago) and ends on the 12th, so you still have today and tomorrow to do some shopping. My solo-written books and all the anthologies featuring my stories are all 50% off, so if you’re interested in the brand new Love Wins Anthology, it’s currently only $2.99! It’s a steal!

And 50% off all my solo-written ebooks means it’s an excellent opportunity for you to catch up with my backlist if there are books you’re missing. Here’s the link to my author page:

All of the books above are on sale, so click the button above to do some shopping. It’s Friday after all; you need something good to read this coming weekend, right?

Before I sign off, I’d like to show you what I’m eyeing in the sale. Books by authors I love, but I haven’t read these particular five ones yet. So now’s the perfect time, right? Oh! And they’re all 50% off as well! Go forth and shop and then have a lovely reading weekend! 🙂

The Drunken Dog :: London Calling :: Magician :: A Midwinter Night’s Magic :: The Wingman

Nell Iris' Christmas, Sale

Black Friday…eh Saturday? Sale and a Pre-Order

Who’s up for a Black Friday sale? But Nell, you say, Black Friday was yesterday! Yes, you’re right, of course, but I simply didn’t have the time to tell you about this yesterday. But lucky for us, JMS Books decided to extend the Black Friday sale into today, too, so there’s still time to buy cheap books.

And I’m not kidding when I say cheap books, because JMS Books offers 60% off all e-books, including pre-orders. So what’s better than to tell you that my Christmas story, The Santa Emergency, is now up for pre-order? 60% off means you can buy it for only $1.20. Wohooo, how cheap is that?

And a book up for pre-order means a book cover. Wanna see?

I have a Santa emergency and I desperately need your help.

Sigge isn’t exactly a grinch when it comes to Christmas, but he’s not a fan of the holiday either. So when his new neighbor Kristian shows up in a panic, begging him to help by donning a Santa suit, Sigge’s gut reaction is to say no. But Kristian is cute and funny, rendering Sigge powerless against his heartfelt plea—especially after a promise of spending more time together—so he agrees.

The instant connection deepens as they share mulled wine and conversation as easy as breathing. But is it just holiday magic swirling in the air, or is it something real? Something that will last into the new year and beyond?  

All my books are on sale, so check out the link to my author page if you have been waiting for an amazing sale to fill your e-library. Maybe some of my other holiday books since Christmas is just around the corner?


Halloween Sale @ JMS Books

My fabulous publisher JMS Books is holding a Halloween sale thru Sunday, offering 40% off all ebooks, including my books. So if there’s something you’re missing in your library, now’s the time to stock up!

May I suggest All I’ll Ever See if you’re in the mood for an out-for-you story? Flowers Under my Pillow is for everyone who misses summer. The Meet Cute Chronicles box set is three stories for the price of one ($2.99 for three stories? It’s a steal! 🙂 ) Always You if you’re in the mood for friends-to-lovers, So Far Away if you want to read about an established couple separated by a pandemic, and Wake Him with a Kiss if you want a short story about a meeting that will lead to more.


Labor Day Sale @ JMS Books

It’s book sale time again! Wohoo, we all love cheap books, right? One thing I love about JMS Books is that they offer sales frequently, so even if you have a tight book budget, there are always lots of opportunities to buy books at a lower price. And Labor Day is no exception. As always, pre-orders are included in the sale, so now’s the perfect time to buy my upcoming All I’ll Ever See, the extended (10k words added) re-write of my previously released short All I See.

The Re-Written Story :: Three-Stories-In-One Box
The Autumn Story :: The Pandemic Story

And as always, all my stories are included in the sale, so check out my JMS Books author page if you really wanna go crazy and splurge. And as always, I’d like to recommend a few books written by my fellow JMS authors that I’ve read and loved.

As you can tell from the identical covers, these are all Hot Flashes, which means they’re really short (under 5k words). And when I said above that I’ve read and loved them all, it wasn’t technically true; Bookwyrm hasn’t been released yet so I haven’t had the opportunity to read it, but I’ve read enough of K.L. Noone’s books to know it’ll be good and to feel comfortable reccing it. And I’m definitely taking advantage of the sale and buying it for myself. Stage Struck is an Elizabethan theatre story, Sea Change is a melancholy tale, The Bake Sale is a lovely story of acceptance, and Chicken Soup is 3348 words that make me sob every time I read them.