Labor Day Sale @ JMS Books

labordaysale 2020

JMS Books holds a Labor Day Sale through Monday and offers 30% off all e-books. That includes pre-orders and all of my books are 30% off. 

Regaining Trust | One More Chance | Always You | Author Page

Once more chance wide release

One More Chance (the box set containing Cinnamon Eyes and Promise Me We’ll Be Okay) has only been available on Kindle Unlimited until now, but on Wednesday it went wide. So this is the perfect time to buy it.

I also did some shopping myself, because who doesn’t love a good bargain? I bought these books today: 


So check out the sale if you need something new to read. Why not take this opportunity to try a new-to-you author? 🙂 

Have a great weekend, all! 🙂  

Another book sale!

smashwords summer winter sale 2020

It’s July, and that means it’s time for Smashwords annual Summer/Winter sale. That means an entire month of cheap books! And all my ebooks are 50% off and that means you can buy all the books in the picture above for under 12 bucks! Yay.

Check out my author page @Smashwords to take advantage of this fabulous sale! 



Life and writing update, and Pride sale

Hi everyone. I thought it was time to update you on what’s going on in my life again. It’s been a month since the last one after all 🙂

First of all:


My new writing space is done! In our new place, I don’t have my own office. Instead, my desk is located in the middle of the kitchen and living room. It’s an open floor plan, with no walls between the aforementioned rooms, so we set up my desk smack dab in the middle as sort of a room divider.

I love it here, more than my office in the previous place. The room I was in didn’t have any windows and was always pretty dark which wasn’t great. Here, I have huge windows in both directions and it’s bright and cheery which always makes me happier. I’m also located about two steps from the kettle, so making tea is much easier than when I was upstairs and the kitchen was downstairs and that’s a big plus in my book (yes, I’m lazy 😀 ).

And this has also increased my productivity. A lot.


I’ve been up early several mornings and written. And I mean, early as f*ck: I’ve set my alarm for 5:40 am and had sprinting dates at 6am. Having company when writing helps so much and it’s difficult to find a time when I’m in a very different time zone from most people I know and sprint with, that’s why I’m willing to sacrifice lazy mornings in bed. But I like getting up early, making myself a cup of tea (or three) and writing with one or more people. I get shit done. Maybe I can make this into a habit, even for those mornings when my sprinting friends have other things to do and can’t join me. At least I’m going to try.

There’s also another thing:


Pictured above: the stack of books I need for my courses (not including the kidlit fiction books) / me studing on the balcony / me studying at the desk with salty licorice to keep me going / me having a glass of wine and reading Swedish poems by poet Karin Boye for fun

I signed up for two online summer writing courses at university; poetry writing, and kidlit writing. So I’m spending lots of time studying and trying to write poetry/kidlit in Swedish…which is harder than you’d think considering my native tongue is Swedish. But I’ve done all my creative writing in English for years; not only my romance stories but my poetry writing, too. So switching gears to write in Swedish is more difficult than I expected, and I bitch about it to my friends and family a lot 😁

I’m enjoying the studying, though. Poetry more than kidlit, and to be honest I thought it would be the other way around. I’ve always wanted to write books for children, but with this course…stuff bugs me. I won’t go into it here, but it sort of takes away my enjoyment from the kidlit, so when I’ve finished this course, I won’t sign up for another.

Poetry though…I love it! I love learning about all the different meters and rules, I love immersing myself in the words, and I take every moment I can reading poetry, even on my free time 🙂


I drink a lot of tea to get me through these busy times. And don’t you just love my new tea cups? I’ve always wanted Jane Austen-style cups. You know, the fancy ones with a saucer type, and my darling daughter found these for me in a second hand shop. I adore them so much.

So I spend my summer days in the new place guzzling down tea by the gallon, nose buried in text books, swearing over writing in Swedish, reading-reading-reading, and getting up early in the morning to write about Frankie and Lawrence. And I’m enjoying myself 🙂

Before I go: JMS Books have a Pride sale this week and offer 30% off all ebooks through June 30, including mine and including pre-orders (like for example A Decade of Gay Romance), so if you want to go wild and make sure you have books to last you through he summer, now’s the time 🙂

Useful links:

My JMS author page

A Decade of Gay Romance | Always You | Late Night Poetry | 9 Willow Street |

jms pride sale 2020

Also, check out my fellow JMS authors while you’re there. Maybe try one of these?

jms books

Another Chance for Love – I already pre-ordered it because I loved the other Ellie Thomas I read
Flesh and Kisses – also already pre-ordered because I love Vivien Dean
Elevator Pitch – I haven’t read it but you gotta love a book where the bear shifter is named Björn (Björn means bear in Swedish, AND it’s a legit name! 😁)
Cultivating Love – because older books need love, too
Of Starlit Balls and Starship Captains – I recently bought it but haven’t had time to read it yet, but I love K.L Noone, and that title? *swoon*
Not and Angel, But a Cupid – I haven’t read it, but would you look at that cover?? 😍
Henry & Jim – because sometimes you need a really good cry
Hero Worship – because Kris deserves everyone’s love

Happy shopping, and take care everyone!

Memorial Day Sale

memorial day sale jms

JMS Books has a Memorial Day Sale and offers 40% off all e-books, including pre-orders. So hurry over there and pre-order my upcoming childhood friends-to-lovers story Always You if you haven’t already. Or if you’re in the mood for a second chance love story told in answering machine messages, Late Night Poetry is the book for you.

But all my books are on sale of course, so check out the links below 🙂

Always You | Late Night Poetry | My author page

Pre-order links and free books

Hi! Today I want to want to share a couple great things with you. First, the pre-order links for my upcoming childhood friends-to-lovers story Always You, and second more free books from JMS Books.

always you promo rjscott

Thom Novak feels like a walking cliché: the gay guy desperately in love with his straight best friend, Lee. But he’s willing to keep his feelings hidden, to do whatever it takes, as long as they stay friends forever.

Lee Conway loves sharing an apartment with Thom, his best friend since birth, and would be happy doing it for the rest of his life…no matter his current girlfriend’s opinion on the matter. But he’s never been known for being in contact with his emotions.

When something happens to upset the status quo, Lee pulls away. Has Lee learned how Thom feels about him? Will it mean the end of their friendship? Or is there another reason Lee needs time to think? A more…hopeful reason?

M/M Contemporary, app 11000 words

Pre-order links:

JMS Books (20% off until June 5) | Amazon | Amazon UK | Kobo

For the third time this year, my publisher JMS Books and my fellow JMS authors offer a whole bunch of books for free to get you through these trying times. This time, I’m giving away TWO books (three if you count All I See that’s permanently free).

imaa fil

I’m giving away my pegasus shifter who can’t shift, fated mates story. And the fabulous Kris T. Bethke and I are giving away the first book in our family found series. Clickety-click the links below if you want the opportunity to read them for free.

In My Arms Again | Falling Into Love | All I See

But there are currently 90 books free at JMS Books, so if you’ve already read all mine (in which case: I LOVE YOU!! 😀 ) and still want free books, here’s the link for you. Why not go wild and download them all??

Sunday book recommendations

Happy Sunday everyone! Today, I thought I’d recommend a few books to you that I’ve read lately (I feel like reading, cooking, and listening to music is all I do these days, how about you?)

So if you, like me, read a lot during these difficult times and are looking for recommendations, here are three books I read and enjoyed this last week.

sunday rec

Beautiful Boy by Grace R. Duncan (buy link) was a re-read, the first time I read it was in 2015, but I love it even more now. It’s a BDSM story with some hardcore scenes, but it’s also loving and sweet and emotional. Just like I love my stories.

Afflicted by J.M. Snyder (download link) is free, super short, and emotional. It’s a glimpse into a relationship and it left me wanting more…in a good way.

His Favorite Color is Blood by K.A. Merikan (buy link) is the antithesis of what I usually read. You know by now that I love short, sweet, fluffy, and the primary focus being on the relationship…everything His Favorite Color is Blood isn’t. It’s long, kinky af, and the non-relationship-related plot takes up a big chunk of the story. The relationship between Grim and Misha is glorious though (kinky kinky kinky…I seriously can’t stress this enough!) and that’s what kept me glued to my e-reader. I had to take a break at 71% because it was getting hella intense and I felt like my heart would give out on me. So I posted this in K.A. Merikan’s reader group on Facebook, and let’s just say that Kat Merikan’s answer didn’t really calm my frayed nerves 😆

favorite color blood

As you’ve noticed by now, I didn’t die of heart failure, but it was close 😀

If any of you have any recs for me, leave them in the comments. I’ve been on a age-gap or BDSM spree these last few weeks, so if you have a book that fits that description and that’s also emotional and focusing on the relationship, I’d be super happy!

Take care and have a great Sunday!

Don’t forget about the Smashwords’ Authors Give Back sale, where my books are at least 30% off, but many is 60%. Here’s the link to my author page where you can browse my books.

And if you, like me, has been craving age-gap lately, may I suggest His Steady Heart?

HSH blurb quote smashwords sale

Book sale @Smashwords pt II

authors give back smashwords 2020 60 percent off

You remember I told you that my books are 30% off at the Smashwords’ Authors Give Back Sale? Well, since then, I’ve spoken to my publisher and asked that they raise the discount on my books, so now it’s 60%!!

Yes, you read that right. 60% off my books with a few exceptions: the really short ones and the co-written ones, they are still 30% off. Also, All I See is of course free!

An example: Finding The One, my collection of four previously published stories, is now only $2.40. That’s only 60 cents per story and if that’s not a good deal, I don’t know what is! Click here if you want to buy it.

Link to my author page @ Smashwords. Go browse 🙂 

World book day sale

Today is world book day. In my opinion, every day is book day, of course, but I’m glad the  rest of world is finally catching up with reality 😂

In celebration of this glorious event, my fabulous publisher JMS Books offers 40% off all ebooks today only! That’s right. Book sale on book day – isn’t that the best idea you’ve ever heard? 🙂


My author page at JMS Books

All my books are 40% off (except All I See that’s FREE!) so clickety-click the link above to do some shopping!

As usual, pre-orders are included in the sale. At this time, I don’t have a pre-order, but that doesn’t mean other authors don’t. After a glance at the Coming Soon tab, I found these five books that interest me and that I’m considering buying. The only authors I’ve read before are Ofelia Gränd and W.S. Long. The other three are new-to-me authors, and what better time to try new authors than on sale day? 🙂


Black Bird | Ethel’s: A Lesbian Bar in NYC | Love Among Strangers | Pizza Delivery | Sleeping on a Bench

Book sale @Smashwords

authors give back smashwords 2020

Isolated and bored? (who isn’t?) In need of something to read? In the mood for something sweet that will take your mind off things for a while?

If you answered yes to all three questions above, why don’t you pop over to Smashwords and do some book shopping? All my ebooks are 30% off in their Authors give back sale that lasts through May 31. I guarantee that all my books are virus-free so if you need to take your mind off the state of things, this is the perfect way to do it.

Link to my author page at Smashwords

And links to specific books, described by tropes if you’re in the mood for something particular:

Second chances and answering machine messages
Super cute rabbit shifter
Pegasus shifter who can’t shift
Best friend’s brother and dirty horoscopes
Neighbors to lovers and a gay party-boy tired of the party
Four stories for the price of one
Bittersweet with an untraditional HEA, don’t forget the Kleenex
Established couple, oh-my-god-what-if-you-die?
Star-crossed lovers and Christmas in April
Queer wedding with a guy in a veil

Here are some of my favorite books written by my fellow JMS Books authors that I warmly recommend:


To Love and To Cherish | Leather and Tea | Hero Worship | Ghost Writer | Searching for Solid Ground | The Naked Remedy


More free books, and a guest post

A couple weeks back, JMS Books and many of their authors offered a lot of books for free for everyone who needed a little pick-me-up during these difficult times. And since things are even worse these days, they’re doing it again.

Almost 100 books are free this time around, mostly different ones than last time. Including my own Nobody Else’s.

promo horoscope review quote free (for corona pandemic)

Mars enters Pisces, giving Beckett Cooper the opportunity to assert himself when it comes to a secret infatuation; his best friend’s younger brother Levi. But can Beckett trust what’s in front of him and be brave enough to take what he wants?

With Venus in Virgo, people usually become more reserved, but Levi Byrne always takes the opposite road of what’s expected of him. So, instead of pulling back, he reaches out for a man he’s been interested in for years; Beckett Cooper.

Is it the celestial bodies aligning to bring together two people destined for each other? Or is it a simple tale of boy meets boy, boy likes boy, and boy wants to kiss boy? Do Beckett and Levi even care, or are they too busy getting to know each other … and falling in love?

M/M Contemporary / 19 794 words

Nobody Else’s | All free books

Take this chance to fill up your e-library. If you’re stuck at home and need something to do, or if you are still going to work but need a way to relax in your downtime, or for whatever other reason, this is the opportunity for you.

I wrote a guest post for Love Bytes Reviews last week, titled “I’m not here, this isn’t happening.” The title is a line from one of my favorite songs in the whole wide world How to Disappear Completely by my favorite band in the whole wide world Radiohead, and in it I talk a little about how I manage during this pandemic and about the projects I’m currently working on (writer- and non-writer related). Check it out.

Guest post @ Love Bytes