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Late Night Poetry, excerpt

I’ve actually written since my last writing update, so I thought that you’d like to read an excerpt from my story Late Night Poetry. It’s still unedited, so forgive any mistakes.

The tagline for the story is A love story told in answering machine messages. Enjoy.

Monday October 22, 1990

“Hi Sully. It’s me. Um…Lou. But yeah, you can hear that of course. I…uh…know I shouldn’t call you, but…I just had to hear your voice, even if it’s just your answering machine message. I’m…”—deep sigh—“I’m so fucking sorry, you have no idea. I wish I was brave like you but I’m not. I’m so sorry for letting you down. So, so sorry.”—Sob. Long silence—“I…guess I should hang up. I just… I love you, you know? I guess I’m like that Donne fellow you told me about. Two kinds of fool? But instead of being in love and talking about it in a poem, I’m letting the one I love go. That’s gotta be worse, huh? Take care, Sully. I…uh…

My legs turn to jelly as I listen to the message, and I sink down on the chair and lean my forehead on the kitchen table with a loud groan. When the machine beeps, I rewind the tape and listen to the message again. And again.

I just love you, you know.

I bang my head against the table repeatedly as I listen to it a fourth time, my heart aching more and more for every repeat.

“Ouch,” I yelp after a too hard thump, and rub my sore forehead with fingertips still stiff after the outdoor chill. “And you just had to quote John Donne to me, you dickhead,” I mutter and shove my hands under my thighs so I won’t replay the message a fifth time.

I didn’t even know he paid that much attention to me when I read poetry around him. He’s the kind of person who prefers beer over books and paintball over poetry. He’s constantly in movement even when he’s sitting; legs jiggling or fingers drumming a tattoo on his leg, or he’s tossing and catching with his ever-present baseball.

So to hear that he actually listened to me when I read out loud around him—and poetry no less—prickles my heart. I always thought he was in his own world, not paying much attention to me. He never mentioned it after he caught me doing it the first time.

“You’re reading out loud.” He’d found me with my coffee, a lit candle, and whatever poetry book I’d checked out of the library, the first time he spent the night in my tiny apartment.

He startled me, but I nodded. “Yes. I like to hear the words out loud. Does it bother you?”

“Nah,” he said and kissed me on the mouth, morning breath and all since the sleepover was unplanned and he hadn’t brought a toothbrush.

After that, I continued reading the poems out loud around him, thinking he tuned me out and didn’t pay attention.

Seems I was wrong.

But it wasn’t the only time I was wrong. I also thought that when someone said “I love you,” it meant that they wanted to be with the other person, but that was obviously wrong, too. At least if the person saying the words were named Lou Hillman.

Abruptly, I stand and slam my hand on the delete button, strip out of my running clothes, and jump into the shower.

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Nell Iris' Christmas, Nell's WIP

WIP teaser

Today, I’m sharing the beginning of my WIP, Four Christmases, that I told you about here. It’s unedited and it’s short, but I hope you enjoy it! 🙂

wip teaser banner


The silence that follows after I close the door is wonderful, and I slump against a porch post and let out a long sigh. Shaking my head, I chuckle. I love my granny to pieces, but I’m in desperate need of a break from listening to her repeatedly singing “Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer” at the top of her voice and out of tune. It comes with a routine and everything; she lifts her cup of eggnog, roar out the word “eggnog” in the lyrics, and cackle like a madwoman, especially after having imbibed quite a few cups of the vile drink in question. Then she looks expectantly at the rest of the family, waiting for us to laugh. I admit it was funny at first, but after the hundredth time my chuckle is polite more than anything.

But it’s been a Whipple family Christmas tradition for years and years, so it wouldn’t be the same without it. I just need a moment of peace and quiet before going back inside for round two.

A shiver racks my body and I wind the thick charcoal scarf I grabbed before fleeing the chaos that is my family Christmas around my neck, shove my gloved hands into the pockets of my light gray peacoat, and then jump off the back porch.

The air is full of huge, light snowflakes twirling leisurely from the sky and landing softly on the frost coated trees and shrubbery in my parents’ garden. It’s not enough to actually be considered a snowfall; it’s more like a reminder that today is December twenty-fifth after all, and we shouldn’t think we’re spared the snow even though it barely covers the ground. It’s as though the weather is keeping us on our toes, teaching us not to take anything for granted.

And if you’ve never heard Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer, the song Auden grumbles about, lucky you, because it’s terrible. But here it is, if you want to torture yourself 😀

Coming Soon, Nell's WIP, Writing Update

Writing update

Hi everyone! Time for another writing update; it was a while since my last one (May 27). Usually I try to update you guys once a month, but last month I was in Sweden and was too busy hanging out with my daughter and her partner, the rest of my family, and my friends to update the blog regularly. Heck, I was even too busy to write, which I’ve had to work hard to catch up for since I got back home.

Enough moaning about that, now, on with the update.

I’m in the final stages of writing a story for a JMS Books submission call, about a Pegasus shifter. It’s tentatively named In My Arms Again, but don’t be surprised if I change my  mind (I’ve already done it once). The deadline for this story is August 1, and it will be published some time in October.

The story is a M/M historical fantasy about a hunter named Oxen and a Pegasus shifter, who can’t shift, named Vinge. Vinge shows up at Oxen’s cabin one cold and rainy night, collapses on Oxen’s doorstep, and Oxen nurses him back to health. The connection between them is instant, but is it more to it than it seems? 🙂


Since I got home from Sweden, my ass has more or less been glued to my office chair, and I’ve been writing until my fingers were bleeding and my keyboard was on fire because of two reasons. First, because of my deadline (August 1), and second because I signed up for Camp NaNoWriMo this month and wanted to win it. And I did. On Saturday, I wrote “The End,” and it took me about 12 days to write 20K words. That’s hella fast for me, so I’m giving myself a pat on the back.

Above, I’m presenting you with this proof, cut and paste from the stats page on their website. Unfortunately, there’s something wrong with the winner’s goodies page, so I can’t access the official winner stuff yet (I’m not the only one with the problem according to the forum), so this pic will have to do.

Official pics or not, I’m very proud of this accomplishment!

team luker blurb releaseday

I’ve already told you about my upcoming short story Team Luker, but here’s a reminder if you’ve missed it. It’s available for pre-order at these stores:

PRE-ORDER NOW: JMS BOOKS (20% OFF UNTIL AUGUST 9) | AMAZON | Amazon UK | Kobo | itunes | B&N

Oh, and on my last writing update back in May, I told you about the project I was working on at that time, for the JMS Books Autumn Love submission call, meaning the characters had to be 40+. Since then I’ve named it (which was a huge problem when I last wrote about it) and submitted it, and it will be published some time in September. But until I have more information, I thought you might want the blurb?


Sometimes love finds you even when you’re not looking for it.

At 47, Oren Walker isn’t looking for love. When he knocks on Pete Higgins’ door, all he wants is to thank him for helping his mom after she broke her femur. He never expected that one look at the man would make his knees weak and heart flutter.

Pete is happy—albeit a bit lonely—after divorcing his wife of 20 years and isn’t looking to replace her. But when Oren shows up, all grateful and handsome and in that fancy suit, the longing for the deep connection of a relationship flares up inside him.

As the leaves turn yellow, Oren and Pete spend a lot of time in honest conversations. Their attraction grows. Will the two men recognize the promise of new beginnings, and take the chance to find the happiness they both deserve?

Nell's WIP, Writing Update

Writing update

Hi everyone! Time for another writing update.

In my last update, I told you about my current WIP, the story I’m writing for the JMS Books submission call, Autumn Love. I’m almost done, and by that I mean that yesterday I got the manuscript back from betas, and now I’ve got to do a final edit and then it’s done.

Can we just take a second and consider how freaking awesome my betas are?! I was in a time crunch, trying to finish the story on time for them to be able to read and comment on it before my deadline. I didn’t finish as early as I wanted, but my betas said they’d do it on time anyway, no problem. And they did. And this is the second time recently I’ve come to them in the 11th hour and asked for help. Methinks I’ll have to send them gifts to show my eternal gratitude 🙂

Anyway, it’s currently about 17500 words, and when I say I’m almost done, I mean that I have to come up with a name for the darned thing before I can submit it. The story is reluctant to be named, so don’t be surprised if a book named A Fabulous Short Story That Refused To Be Named by yours truly is released sometime this fall. Just take my word for it that it’s great and you’ll want to buy it, okay? 😀


Another piece of news: regarding the Family Found series I co-write with Kris T. Bethke. After the release of our second book, Diving In, Kris and I had a conversation about things. Writing it was very difficult for me, because I’m a full-blown pantser, and if you’re two people writing a book, you need some kind of outline.

That’s why we agreed that Kris will write the remaining books in the series without me. So if you’re a fan of the boys at V Wilderness Adventures, don’t fear because their stories will be told, just not by me.

And it’s not because me and Kris had a falling out or anything (she’s one of the betas I’m lauding above), it’s just that plotting stories doesn’t work well with my creative process. I’ve also come to realize that I’m not a fan of writing series. When I finish a book, I mentally leave the characters and the place behind, with no intention of returning, so trying to get back into the spirit doesn’t work very well for me.


Nell's WIP

WIP teaser

I told you in my last writing update that I’m currently working on a story for the JMS Books’ Autumn Love submission call. When I write this, the story is still unnamed, but the main characters are Oren and Pete, two lovely men in their late forties.

This is the opening to the story, and it’s unedited. I hope you’ll like it. Have a great week! 🙂

wip teaser banner

“Peter Higgins?” I raise my voice to make myself heard over the rock’n’roll music booming in the garage, but the man crouched by the motorcycle resembling something you’d buy at Ikea before it’s assembled, hears me and snaps his head up.

He shadows his eyes against the bright light with his hand, and then he holds up his index finger in the universal sign for “hang on a minute.” He jumps to his feet and jogs to the bench in the back of the garage, where I’m assuming the stereo is located considering Robert Plant gets cut off in the middle of a magnificent moan.

As the man approaches me, his long legs quickly eating up the distance, I take in his appearance. Dark, tousled hair as though he just ran his fingers through it when he stepped out of the shower this morning. A full beard with strands of silver, albeit still more pepper than salt. Laugh lines brackets his mouth and sprawl out in the corners of his friendly hazel eyes. He’s fit; his thigh muscles play under the faded denim and an oil-stained T-shirt clings to defined abs.

My mouth waters and I have to fight to keep my face neutral. I don’t want to get caught ogling the man before I’ve had the opportunity to thank him.

“I’m Pete Higgins,” he says. “Can I help you?” His tone is as friendly as his face; he shows no sign of irritation over being interrupted in the middle of assembling—or disassembling—the five-thousand piece bike puzzle.

“I’m Oren Walker.” I smile and extend my hand. “Daphne Walker’s son.”

“Oh! Mrs. Walker! How is she?” He moves to take my hand but stops himself with a grimace. “Sorry,” he says and hold out his oil-stained palms for me to see. “I’d better not shake your hand. I don’t want to get your suit all dirty.”

I chuckle and lower my hand, ignoring the pang of disappointment in my stomach that I won’t be allowed to touch him and see for myself if has palms are as callused as I hope they are. “Yeah sorry, I came right from work.” I finger my blue-striped tie and feel out of place in my two-thousand-dollar suit in his garage.

“I figured. The day is too hot for a suit.” He flashes me a smile. “Let’s go inside. I have aircon.” He waggles his eyebrows. “I’m thirsty, and you can tell me all about your mom.”

“All right.” I follow him into the garage, through a utility room, and into a big, cozy kitchen, with pale green cabinets, gleaming appliances, and a round kitchen table standing in a bright bay window.

He nods at the fridge. “Help yourself to whatever’s in there. Grab a longneck for me, will ya? I’ll wash my hands and be right back.” He disappears out into the hallway before I have time to answer.

Feeling rude and nosy for opening a stranger’s fridge, I do my best not to look and take out the first two bottles of beer I find. There’s a bottle opener magnet on the fridge door, and I pop off the caps and return it to where I found it.

The only other thing on the fridge is a photo that must be a family picture: Peter Higgins with his arm around a dark-haired teenaged girl who’s the spitting image of him, minus the beard and the crow’s feet. Next to the girl stands a tall, blond boy, probably a little older than his sister, and last but not least, a beautiful blonde woman, wearing a wide smile and a smart business suit, screaming power-woman.

Mr. Higgins strolls back into the kitchen wearing a fresh shirt. I glance at his hands, now looking reasonably clean. “Great, you found the beer!”

I nod and hand him one. “You have a beautiful family.” I tilt my head to the photo.

He looks at it with a fond smile. “Yeah, they’re a great bunch. It’s a few years old now, though. Both rascals are in college, can you believe it?”

“I don’t have kids, but I can imagine it must be…tough?”

He chuckles and plops down on ta chair around the kitchen table. “Someone should have told me that men suffer from empty-nest syndrome, too. Please sit.”

And if you’re wondering what Robert Plant is moaning in the beginning of the teaser, it’s this song, of course, around 2:10 into the song 🙂