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Instead of #SuperShort – #Haiku

Due to a flu that refused to release its hold of me (until today, after finally giving in on Monday and going to the doctor who gave me antibiotics for my stubborn, and lung-wrenching cough), a planned but unwelcome trip, and a stressful week, there won’t be a #SuperShort on the blog today. I’ll save the four words left to me last week (cupcakes – cherry – poppycock – bloodshed) and write the next part in Alan and Jon’s story for next Friday. (Read part 1 and 2).

But to not leave you hanging completely, I give you a haiku instead. I love writing (and reading ofc!) poetry but don’t like poems that go on for pages and pages, so the short format of the haiku appeals to me. And I have a folder full of them on my computer, just for times like these, when life hasn’t been cooperating with my urge to write.

I hope you like it. Have a great Friday and weekend. (And if you’re really not a fan of poetry, you can always pop over to my friend Addison and read her fabulous Friday #FlashFiction story in the meantime 🙂 )

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Nell Writes Poetry, Nell's WIP

The Locked Room at beta

This morning I sent The Locked Room to the two lovely people who’s volunteered to beta read it for me.

*cue the scary music*

But to be honest I’m pretty happy right now to be rid of the damn thing. I spent a ridiculous amount of time this past week editing it, especially since I received the last part from one of my critique partners on Thursday. I’ve edited, and edited, and edited… and right now I hate every word of it. And after being bent over the computer for ten hours yesterday, I can’t see any of my mistakes any longer.

So I’m happy to take a step back and concentrate on my other projects, and let the betas go over my words with a fine tooth comb.

But for today I’ll just be lazy. Recharge the batteries and rest. Because to be honest, I’m so mentally exhausted I can’t even think straight. I have a hard time even writing this short blog post, or replying to e-mails — and that says a lot.

So I’ll leave you with this. At 4 AM when I was trying to sleep, my brain had other ideas —and this is the result. High quality, middle-of-the-night-poetry. Enjoy 🙂