New look

I’ve re-organized the blog a little…if you didn’t notice. I realized that I needed a better system for my releases than I had before since in December they went from being three to SIX! (at least after December 16th).

So now there’s a new look and a new drop down menu for my books. What do you think about it?

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And while you’re here, why not preorder my upcoming book? 😀

Unexpected Christmas by Nell IrisAll alone, caught in a blizzard—without a coat—on Christmas Day. Would you accept a ride from a huge guy looking like a serial killer?

Daniel Erickson stormed out of his family celebration after choking on his turkey served with a side of bigotry. Utterly miserable, he reluctantly lets himself be charmed by the hulk of a man and gets into his car…hoping he won’t be ax murdered.

Axel Wilson—Ax for short, unfortunately—is a sweetheart. Really. He may be badass-looking but his heart melts into goo at the mere mention of his four-year-old niece. Surely, he’s not dangerous?

Thrown together by family drama, they spend the evening getting to know each other. Axel is nothing like Daniel expected. But it doesn’t matter that he loves poetry, is gentle and patient—and hot!—Daniel is absolutely not falling in love at first sight. There’s no such thing.


Release date: December 16, 2017


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Sunday reading

Happy Sunday to you my friends, and I hope everyone in Hurricane Irma’s way are safe and sound ❤️

I thought I’d recommend some Sunday reading for you, if you need something to entertain yourself with today:

I’m in the author spotlight over at Gay Book Promotions and answer some interview questions. If you want to get to know me a little better, to find out why I love the M/M genre so much, what I’d do if I had a time machine, or what my favorite animal is, head on over and read the interview.  A big thank you for having me to Gay Book Promotions! ❤️

My dear friend Addison Albright visits Joyfully Jay and talks about her upcoming appearance at GRL. Click here to read about it. And if you’re attending GRL: promise me to find her and give her some love. She’s fabulous and she deserves it. ❤️ (And she’s gonna have awesome swag and give away a cute short Christmas story. That should persuade you 😉 )

My tea-loving, mobster-crazy friend Amy Tasukada is in the author spotlight at Eliza David Writes. It’s an older interview (from April this year) but who cares? 🙂 And if you’ve already read it, you can go one-click her upcoming release over at Amazon instead 🙂

(Beware of shameless self-plugging ahead) If you need something more than a few blog posts to read, why not try Cinnamon Eyes if you haven’t already? Personally I think it’s perfect for a lazy Sunday afternoon, and yes, I’m totally unbiased!! 😁

ce w reviews on releasedate

And the other morning when I woke up, I found an email in my inbox that made me extremely happy. A kind reader had emailed me and told me she’d read my books and that they’d helped her get over a bad afternoon. That was an amazing experience. Thank you, Sue! ❤️

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I want to write his happy ending

Those of you who are regular visitors to my blog probably know by now that I can’t live without music. And the other day when I listened to a song I’ve heard a million times before, it was like I heard it for the first time. I took in the words and every nuance of the singer’s voice and it hit me right in the heart. I could feel his pain and I teared up.

And I thought: I want to write his happy ending. But I want to write it with a man, instead of the woman he’s singing it about. I don’t know how or when, and it will take some serious thought. But I can’t stand living in a world where someone is in that much pain, even if it is a fictional character in a song. I need to fix it.

Music—the most amazing inspiration ever. Don’t you agree?

The song I’m talking about is Cheers Darlin’ by Damien Rice.

Cheers darlin’
Here’s to you and your lover boy
Cheers darlin’
I got years to wait around for you
Cheers darlin’
I’ve got your wedding bells in my ear
Cheers darlin’
You give me three cigarettes to smoke my tears away

And I die when you mention his name
And I lied, I should have kissed you
When we were running in the rain

What am I darlin’?
A whisper in your ear?
A piece of your cake?
What am I, darlin?
The boy you can fear?
Or your biggest mistake?

Cheers darlin’
Here’s to you and your lover man
Cheers darlin’
I just hang around and eat from a can
Cheers darlin’
I got a ribbon of green on my guitar
Cheers darlin’
I got a beauty queen
To sit not very far from me

I die when he comes around
To take you home
I’m too shy
I should have kissed you when we were alone

What am I darlin’?
A whisper in your ear?
A piece of your cake?
What am I, darlin?
The boy you can fear?
Or your biggest mistake?

Oh what am I? What am I darlin’?
I got years to wait…

Pride Sale

pride sale

To celebrate Pride month, JMS Books offers a pride sale through June 30. 30% off all ebooks in their store. A perfect time to buy either of my books, or any of the books by the other fabulous authors.

Maybe Unconditionally, with Luca and Gus getting married, is especially suitable, since yesterday was the two-year celebration of marriage equality in The United States. Or if you’re one of those who believe everyone should have the right to get married, but don’t want  to get married yourself, I guarantee that Find His Way Home is marriage-free 🙂

I can also recommend you check out the new edition of Cultivating Love by Addison Albright, it’s fabulous! Or if you’re like me and love a little holiday spirit all year long, Happy Merry Christmas by Amy Tasukada.

I think I’m going to do some shopping myself. Isn’t Thank you, Ranch Romances (Deidre O’Dare) a fabulous title? And I’m totally judging a book by it’s cover and putting He’s so heavy (JD Walker) into my cart *fans myself*. Pieces of us (Kassandra Lea) seems like it’s going to tug on my heart strings and I’m in the mood for that today. And since I’m terribly allergic and can’t cuddle with cute cats or dogs, I have to read about them. So why not buy a book about a cat café: Wake-up Call (Becky Black)? And I fell in love with this stunning cover: Lavender (Xavier Axelson). Not out yet, but I preordered it.

Ehum. I can hear my credit card screaming. Maybe I’d better stop now? 😀

Happy shopping! #LoveIsLove

Readers & writers for LGBT Chechens


I’m sure that by now you’ve learned about the terrible situation for LGBT Chechens. For more information, here’s a link to Human Rights Watch.

When I learned about Dale Cameron Lowry and Olivia Helling’s project, Readers & Writers for LGBT Chechens, I knew I wanted to be involved somehow. This blog post is part of it, but more about what we can do to help below.


First of all some background to why I feel so strongly about this: I am a Swedish bisexual woman, currently living in Malaysia. Just like Chechnya, Malaysia is a traditional muslim country. And just like Chechnya, it’s dangerous to be LGBTQIA+ in Malaysia.

I moved from a country that’s considered very gay-friendly, to a country where it’s against the law to be homosexual. In Malaysia, people can be imprisoned for being gay. In Malaysia, being transgendered is considered questioning the wisdom of Allah, which is forbidden, and can also lead to imprisonment or murder.

The prime minister of Malaysia compared being LGBT to ISIS, and here they want to start using psycho-spiritual therapy at the hospitals to cure people of being LGBT.

Moving from a LGBT-friendly country to Malaysia was difficult. It made me re-evaluate the acceptance and freedom I’ve always taken for granted. Living in a country where I have to worry about the rainbow pin I’ve attached to my purse, has been an eye-opener.

I fear for my gay friends here. I fear for the cute, young gay couple I saw in the isle of a grocery store who had their pinkies hooked discreetly together. They flew apart when they saw me, but relaxed when I smiled at them and pointed at my rainbow pin.

No one should ever have to worry about holding hands with their partner. No one should ever have to be afraid of being murdered for who they are. No one should ever have to be fear execution by their own government because of who they love.

I can’t believe that we live in a world where this still happens. And I can’t just sit by and do nothing. So when I heard about this initiative, I had to help.

First, I doubled my entire first royalty payment and donated it. Then, I wrote this blog post.

If you are able to help, consider donating some money to any of the organizations listed here. Buy a book from any of the authors so generously contributing their profits to this cause. Or bid on any of the items in the online auction where the proceeds will go to this cause. A lot of fabulous people offer their services and things to be auctioned off, and the auction doesn’t end until Sunday May 13th so there’s still time.

If you don’t have money to spare, sign a petition (AmnestyAll Out or Avaaz). It will only take a second, but any little thing is meaningful.

Here’s a summary of ways you can help.

link to books whose proceeds are going to charity—Twitter

Grumpy writer

After being up late writing, my lazy Saturday morning sleep-in was rudely interrupted by the upstairs neighbors. They were…I really don’t know what they were doing, but it sounded like they were playing basketball…with a bowling ball.

I stumbled out of bed and realized I couldn’t even make myself a conciliatory coffee, because my husband had whisked away the coffee machine for a bachelor party weekend away from the city.

So here I am. Awake with the rooster, yawning and staring grumpily at the ceiling, hoping I will miraculously develop Superman-type laser eyes so I can smash the bowling-basket-ball into pieces. Sipping an unfulfilling cup of green tea, while contemplating if I should start writing murder mysteries, so I can kill off the irritating upstairs people without getting caught. I even have a title: The Mysterious Disappearance of the Noisy Neighbors. (PS: the butler didn’t do it 🙂 )

Whaddaya think? Shall I give it a go? 😀



I wrote words today! Real words on a real work-in-progress!


Words I even kind of like! It’s the story I talked about last week, the one I started before I went to Sweden, but haven’t done anything more than think about since. It’s still untitled, but it’s going to be about finding home.

It’s about two guys called Elliot (a middle school English teacher) and Mick (divorce lawyer), and I thought I’d show you a picture of the guys who inspired my boys.


I really love the cute dimples and kind eyes on “Elliot”, and I like “Mick’s” quirky, cute smile. They are inspiring—just what I need to get going!

Anyway: the writing was slow going today, I’m clearly out of practice. But I found a 30 day writing challenge on Pinterest, and I thought it might be a good way of getting into the habit again. So I’m thinking I might publish the challenges here on the blog, that way you get to know me a little better too.

What do you think? Good or bad idea?