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Book sale: 40% off all ebooks!


Book sale alert! My fabulous publisher JMS Books offers 40% off all ebooks October 30-31 so if you want to buy cheap books, now’s the time.

🎶I like cheap books and I cannot lie🎵

The offer is also valid on pre-orders! So you can order Finding The One (the collection of four previously published stories that’s only been available on Kindle Unlimited since it’s first release, but will be released widely on November 17) for only $3.59. Seriously. Not even FOUR BUCKS for four stories (Unconditionally, Finding His Way Home, Unexpected Christmas, and Nobody Else’s) – that’s a steal!

finding the one wide release

All my other releases with JMS Books are on sale too, of course – click here and you’ll be magically transported to my author page where you can buy all my books you don’t own already.

Or you can pre-order Addison Albright’s upcoming short and super cute (I know it’s cute because I’ve beta read it) Of Rats and Cats. Or anything by Kris T. Bethke, Ruby Moone, T.A. Creech, Sarah Hadley Brook, or any of the other fabulous writers published by JMS.

What are you waiting for? Go shop! 🙂

Box Sets, Find His Way Home, Nobody Else's, Unconditionally

Now on Kindle Unlimited

Surprise! My fabulous publisher JMS Books and I have created a box set from four of my previously published stories and made it available on Kindle Unlimited. After the initial time on KU, we’ll also be releasing it wide, through all the usual channels, but for now it’s available to buy on Amazon, or lend through Kindle Unlimited.

Yay for unexpected release weekend!! Where’s my champagne?? 🙂

finding the one

Four short contemporary gay romances by best-selling M/M author Nell Iris about finding — and holding on to – “The One.” Collected together in an exclusive box set for the first time are the stories: 

Unconditionally: After six years together, Luca and Gus are finally getting married. On their wedding day Luca’s mother sees her flamboyant son wearing a veil and explodes. Her hateful words trigger traumatic memories and instead of walking down the aisle, Luca runs away. When Gus realizes Luca is missing he follows him, intent on convincing him to come back. Will he succeed in time for the wedding ceremony?

Find His Way Home: Elliot is miserable living in the big city. He longs for tranquility but is unwilling to move away from his partner Mick. After a dramatic event, he flees and goes back home to a cabin in the mountains. Slowly he regains his calm, but being away from Mick is hard. When a ghost from Elliot’s past shows up, he’s faced with a hard decision: stay on the mountain alone or go back to the city, and Mick?

Nobody Else’s: Beckett Cooper has been secretly infatuated with his BFF’s younger brother Levi for years. Levi Byrne has liked Beckett for as long as he can remember. When an opportunity presents itself for them to get to know each other better, they both grab it and make the best of it. Will the stars align in their favor and lead Beckett and Levi to a happily ever after?

Unexpected Christmas: Thrown together by family drama, strangers Daniel and Axel end up spending Christmas Day getting to know each other. Axel is nothing like Daniel expected. Behind the scary-looking exterior, he hides the heart of a teddy bear and between Disney princesses and erotic poetry, Daniel no longer fears for his life … but for his heart.

Available on Amazon now (link)