Box Sets, Meet Cute Chronicles, Sale

A Box Set and a Sale

Do you remember the three They Met in the…books? Do you also know that my publisher likes box sets? Do you know where I’m going with this? 😊

If you just exclaimed Meet Cute Chronicles Box Set, Nell! you’re absolutely correct! 😊

My publisher JMS Books put all three books together in one fabulous – I mean, look at that cover, isn’t it adorbs? – package and will release it on August 7. And do you know what’s even better? JMS Books holds sale this weekend to celebrate being in business for 11 years, and they offer 40% off all e-books – including pre-orders – thru Sunday.

So if you want to pre-order the Meet Cute Chronicles Box Set, now’s definitely the time, because it’s only $2.99! What? you say. Less than three bucks for three books in one cute package? Yes, my friends, you read that right.

So hurry to clickety-click the button below to pre-order the box.

And if you’re new here and have never heard about the Meet Cute Chronicles, here’s the blurb:

Three accidental meetings. Three cases of instant attraction. Three HEAs.

What do one dyslexic man overwhelmed by too many books, one man walking a dog getting caught in the rain without an umbrella, and one man lost in the woods have in common? Nothing, except unexpectedly meeting the man of their dreams…

Contains the stories:

They Met in the Library: Adrian, librarian at a small community library loves his job and helping people. When a huge man walks in looking terrified, Adrian’s skills are tested. Manne’s dyslexic and past events have made him fear books. With Adrian’s help, the experience turns positive. Their chemistry is instant. But can someone who has trouble reading ever fit into the life of a man whose passion is the written word?

They Met in the Park: Jacke can’t take his eyes off the adorable man walking a spoiled dog in the park every day after work. One day, Jacke takes a chance and speaks to him. David. The attraction is mutual and instant, and a second meeting in the park turns into a date. Jacke starts longing for something he thought he’d never have; a partner. Does David feel the same? Will a chance meeting in the park turn into love?

They Met in the Woods: Måns had a plan to navigate through an unfamiliar forest. But his cell phone battery didn’t get the memo, died unexpectedly, leaving him lost…until he hears someone chopping wood. He follows the sound and finds Viggo, who’s kind, helpful, and smoking hot. Their connection is instant; will the sparks burn fast and fizzle out, or will the attraction grow roots, just like the trees in the forest?

Box Sets, Cinnamon Eyes, His Steady Heart, Nell Iris' Christmas, Promise Me We'll Be Okay

Don’t forget…

…that I have books available in the Kindle Unlimited program, so if you’re a KU subscriber you can read the books below for free!

ku books 200607 v2


Unexpected Christmas is for you if you can’t wait for the holidays. His Steady Heart if you. like me, is a fan of age-gap romance. One More Chance if you want two-for-the-price-of-one books about second chances, because who doesn’t love second chances? 😁


One More Chance is a box set containing my previously published books Cinnamon Eyes and Promise Me We’ll Be Okay, and it’s currently only available in KU, but will be released widely soon if you’re not a KU-user. I’ll post buy links as soon as I have them 🙂

Box Sets, Cinnamon Eyes, His Steady Heart, Promise Me We'll Be Okay

New box set and Kindle Unlimited

I have a surprise for you! My fabulous publisher JMS Books and I have collected two of my previously published stories into a box set, and put it in Kindle Unlimited. It will be KU exclusive for the first three months and after that it will be released wide, so don’t despair if you’re a non-Kindle reader.

Which books am I talking about?


Cinnamon Eyes and Promise Me We’ll Be Okay. The stories are loosely connected but not an actual series, but I thought it would be fun to put them together in a box, because box sets are awesome and it’s a great value for money. Especially if you’re already a KU subscriber!


Two stories about second chances, correcting mistakes, and finding your way back to the one you love by best-selling M/M romance author Nell Iris, collected together in an exclusive box-set for the first time.

Contains the stories:

Cinnamon Eyes: Cory’s struggled with severe depression. Desperate to rebuild his shattered life, he seeks out his best friend Asher who he was in love with at fifteen, but who didn’t know it. Asher’s relationship with his father is difficult and now that Pops has cancer, Asher fights to be allowed to help. When they meet after sixteen years, Cory’s feelings are as strong as ever. But does Asher feel the same?

Promise Me We’ll Be Okay: It’s been sex-hundred and ninety-five days since Jude’s fiancé Vincent ended their engagement and broke Jude’s heart. Two years later, a traumatic event made Vincent realize he’d made a terrible mistake and now he wants Jude back. Their chemistry is as explosive as ever, but will they be able to work through the real issues? Can trust once broken be rebuilt?

Amazon link


But wait. There’s more! My May-December story His Steady Heart is also available in the KU program now. This book isn’t exclusive to KU though, so it’s still available to buy through all the normal book stores, but if you’re a KU subscriber and haven’t read it, now you can for no extra charge! 🙂

HSH blurb KU

Amazon link

ku books 200607 v2

That means I now have three titles available in KU. So if you’re a subscriber and haven’t read them, now’s the time 🙂

Unexpected Christmas | His Steady Heart | One More Chance

Box Sets, Print

Finding The One – now available in print

2019 starts in a grand and splendid way if you ask me – and no, I’m not talking about me drinking bubbly and dancing in the year until 4 AM like I was eighteen again, even though that happened, and it was great 😀

No, I’m talking about that Nell Iris is now available in print. A physical book that you can hold in your hands, hug, dog-ear, highlight, and read and love again and again. I hope you’re as excited as I am.

Happy brand new year, friends ❤️

053-5x8-Paperback-book-iphone-Mockup-COVERVAULT FTO

Four short contemporary gay romances by best-selling M/M author Nell Iris about finding — and holding on to – “The One.” Collected together in an exclusive box set for the first time are the stories: 

Unconditionally: After six years together, Luca and Gus are finally getting married. On their wedding day Luca’s mother sees her flamboyant son wearing a veil and explodes. Her hateful words trigger traumatic memories and instead of walking down the aisle, Luca runs away. When Gus realizes Luca is missing he follows him, intent on convincing him to come back. Will he succeed in time for the wedding ceremony?

Find His Way Home: Elliot is miserable living in the big city. He longs for tranquility but is unwilling to move away from his partner Mick. After a dramatic event, he flees and goes back home to a cabin in the mountains. Slowly he regains his calm, but being away from Mick is hard. When a ghost from Elliot’s past shows up, he’s faced with a hard decision: stay on the mountain alone or go back to the city, and Mick?

Nobody Else’s: Beckett Cooper has been secretly infatuated with his BFF’s younger brother Levi for years. Levi Byrne has liked Beckett for as long as he can remember. When an opportunity presents itself for them to get to know each other better, they both grab it and make the best of it. Will the stars align in their favor and lead Beckett and Levi to a happily ever after?

Unexpected Christmas: Thrown together by family drama, strangers Daniel and Axel end up spending Christmas Day getting to know each other. Axel is nothing like Daniel expected. Behind the scary-looking exterior, he hides the heart of a teddy bear and between Disney princesses and erotic poetry, Daniel no longer fears for his life … but for his heart.

Print buy links:

JMS Books | Amazon

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Box Sets

Release Day: 2018 Top Ten Gay Romance

Today is release day for the 2018 Top Ten Gay Romance released by my publisher JMS Books. Unexpected Christmas is a part of this fabulous anthology, along with nine other awesome stories.

An anthology is a perfect way to take a chance on new authors and see if you like their stories.

I’ve read several of the stories already. You know by now that I’m a huge fan of Addison Albright (Loved The Contingency Plan and can’t wait for the sequel that Addison is currently writing) and Kris T. Bethke (Hero Worship kept me company on a bus trip from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore and I adored it!). Sarah Hadley Brook‘s Motorcycle Man was an amazing story, and I bought J.D. Walker‘s No Snarkasm In Love because of the fabulous title!

When it comes to the stories written by Shawn Lane, K.L. Noone, Deirdre O’Dare, and J.M. Snyder, I look forward to reading them because I’ve read and love a lot of their other books.

The only author I haven’t tried before in this anthology is Laura Bailo, but I’m going to correct that oversight now.

Happy release day to me and all the others! Good job us for making it into the anthology!! 🙂

2018toptengayromance2018 Top Ten Gay Romance brings together the best-selling short stories published by JMS Books that year.

From first love to true love, from submission to sensual, from heat to sweet and everything in between, the couples in these stories are sure to keep you turning the pages as you fall in love with them.

With stories by Addison Albright, Laura Bailo, Kris T. Bethke, Sarah Hadley Brook, Nell Iris, Shawn Lane, K.L. Noone, Deirdre O’Dare, J.M. Snyder, and J.D. Walker, this head-over-heels collection goes beyond bedtime reading. Whether happily ever after or happy for now, there’s an ending for everyone in here!

Contains the stories: The Contingency Plan by Addison AlbrightNo Rulebook for Flirting by Laura BailoHero Worship by Kris T. BethkeMotorcycle Man by Sarah Hadley BrookUnexpected Christmas by Nell IrisHitting It Big by Shawn LaneLeather and Tea by K.L. NooneDoggone Love by Deirdre O’DareCommanding Officer Thomas by J.M. Snyder, and No Snarkasm in Love by J.D. Walker.

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