Of New Beginnings

No, this isn’t another post promoting my newly released book. This is a post telling you about a big change in my life that’s going to happen this fall.

After eight years in Malaysia, me and my husband feel it’s time to return to Sweden, to live closer to family. So some time in November, we will pack all our bags, and move back.


We will move to Malmö, Sweden’s third largest city, situated in the south, so we’re not returning to our old home town (Karlskoga). We’re happy about it: it’s not as cold as where we used to live (between Stockholm and Oslo in the above map) since it’s further south and also next to the ocean. We already have friends there, and it’s a 20 minute train ride to Copenhagen, Denmark, which is a nice place (and there’s also a big airport there if we want to travel).


Picture taken at Little Square, Malmö, when we were there for a visit in June but didn’t yet know we were moving there 🙂 

There’s lots to do and plan, and I still have all the writing things I’ve signed up for to do, which means this will be a busy time for me. So if I’m a bit absent from social media (more than usual) starting right about now, you know why 🙂

Also, this is my home right now. Lovely, right?




Cover reveal: In My Arms Again

Want to see something pretty? I’m going to assume the answer is yes and post it here 🙂

The other day, I got the cover for my upcoming release In My Arms Again, and I squealed like a little girl when I saw it, because look how pretty it is!! 😍😍 I love it so, so much!!

in my arms again


Trapped in a growing sense of restlessness, Oxen the hunter is lonely. Feeling like he’s waiting for something—or someone—he’s unable to focus on getting ready for winter. But when a handsome and very ill stranger collapses on his doorstep, everything changes.

The stranger, Vinge, is from a Pegasus family but has never been able to transform. As soon as he awakens, both men feel an instant connection, and it grows deeper as Oxen nurses him back to health. Something profound within each man calls out to the other, but neither of them knows what it is.

The questions surrounding Vinge and their deepening relationship are many. Why is Vinge so familiar to Oxen when they clearly have never met? Why are they both reluctant to take the first step to a real commitment?  And what will it take for the true depth of their connection be revealed?

M/M Historical Paranormal Fantasy / 21 809 words

Release day: October 19, 2019

This story will be sold separately, but also included in a JMS Books Trio collection, but I’ll talk more about that another day. The release day for both the story and the Trio is October 19. I’ll post more information and buy links when I have them.

Reading challenge and Nell online

There’s a lot going on in my life right now (I’ll tell you more about it soon) so I’ve forgotten about something I should tell you about, if you don’t already know. I’ll also give you a couple links to other blogs where you can read about me or my books.

But first:

challenge month 2019

Joyfully Jay has a reading challenge going on in September. From Joyfully Jay’s blog:

“The month of September is going to be Reading Challenge Month. Each week will have a different challenge theme and the folks here at Joyfully Jay will be reviewing a variety of books that fit that challenge. Readers can play along by commenting on our Challenge Month review posts, and/or by reading their own challenge books and writing mini reviews. “

The readers that choose to play along can win prizes, and that’s where I come in. I’m one of the authors that have agreed to donate a book for the giveaway, but I’m not the only one. Several publishers, including my publisher JMS Books, have also generously donated prizes for the huge  Check out the prizes here if you’re curios.

Anyway, this week, the theme for the challenge is Judge a Book By It’s Cover; that sounds like fun! Next week will be Older/Younger Hero Week, which would be a perfect time to read His Steady Heart if you already haven’t!

Check out either of the links above for more information.

In August, I was a guest at the fabulous A.L. Lester‘s blog. She interviewed me a couple days after the release of Team Luker, so if you want to know more about that story or which three books I’d bring to a deserted island, check out the interview here.

Finally: I jumped up and down of joy when I logged in on Twitter earlier today and saw that my friend Addison Albright had recommended one of my stories over on her blog. I’m incredibly honored and happy, especially because Phoenix and Gabriel – Angel and Firebird –  have a very special place in my heart. Check out what Addison wrote here.

aaf w review quotes

More Sweden pics

Last month I showed you some pics from my Midsummer spent in Sweden. I thought you might like to see some more pics from the three weeks I spent there? Yes? Okay, let’s go.


A lot of our time was spent in Norrköping where my daughter lives. We had lovely weather almost our entire visit and went for lots of walks. Norrköping is lovely with the river running through it and an old industrial area that I love walking through.


Since we are Swedes, a lot of our time was spent at cafés. Fika is a Swedish national sport after all! 🙂 Brödernas Kafé is my favorite coffee shop in Norrköping, especially during summer when I can sit outside.


I spent a lot of time looking at the sky, because there isn’t a more beautiful piece of art than the sky.


My family (i.e. husband, daughter, and daughter’s partner) are all craft beer fans (I’m more of a wine gal myself) so we went to craft beer bars where they waxed poetically about the characteristics of the different beers, while I rolled my eyes and ordered a glass of wine instead after that initial beer.


What would life be without food? 🙂 I made my excellent spaghetti Bolognese for the family because that’s their favorite meal. We also made homemade pizza with dairy-free cheese for me who can’t eat dairy. And pineapple, because pineapple belongs on pizza! And finally, on my son-in-law’s birthday, my daughter made a fabulous cheese cake (again dairy free cheese for my sake!) with passion fruit. It was sooooo good!


We also went to Karlskoga, our old hometown, to visit parents and brothers. I lived there for 39 years of my life (before moving to Malaysia) and I really really don’t ever want to move back. When I get there, it’s like a hand reaches into my chest and squeezes my heart and I just want to turn around and leave. The empty streets give me anxiety, and I fear that someone will force me to stay and go back to my old life. It’s an irrational fear, I know, but I can’t help it.

left civilization

My mother-in-law lives in the countryside though, and spending time at her house is always nice. I literally step outside, walk around her house, and leave civilization. But it makes for nice walks through the forests in the warm weather. And you also get lovely company on the walks, of the horsey kind 🙂


And visiting old friends in their summer house by Lake Möckeln is always nice, having fika in the garden, and watching the boats going by.


Another thing I love doing in summer, that I’ve done since I was a kid, is driving the less than 20 miles to Kristinehamn, buy ice cream, and look at the ginormous Picasso sculpture standing on the shore of Lake Vänern. On the way there, you pass through a marina, and when I was a kid, my parents loved taking us on road trips and look at all the boats and stop by the sculpture. I hated it then, but now I love it. It’s such a weird sight and when I was young I didn’t get it, but I do now.


I picked all the ripe strawberries from my brother’s garden (I was allowed!) and ate them because there’s nothing more delicious than sun-ripened Swedish strawberries.

konstiga drycker

I tried some odd alcohol: Mansinthe, i.e. Marilyn Manson absinthe, 66.6% proof of course 😂 (wasn’t a fan) and porn star rum (was a fan)


Then we took a train to Malmö in the south of Sweden, where we hung out with a few friends, drank more of that blasted craft beer everyone loves so much except me, wandered on Lilla Torg, an ancient market square dated back to 1590 (in the picture), and enjoyed ourselves before it was time to go back to Malaysia again.


My midsummer

My midsummer didn’t turn out the way I planned. My husband got sick so we couldn’t go to the party I wrote about in my Happy Midsummer post. Instead, we stayed at my mother-in-law’s house, hung out with them, and my brother-in-law and his family, and had traditional Swedish midsummer foods as my poor husband mostly slept.

Anyway: I thought you might like to see some actual pictures from my Midsummer, not only the funny video clip from my midsummer post 🙂


Yours truly with the maypole. Since I couldn’t dance around it as tradition dictates, I danced with a mini maypole on my MIL’s lawn. The weather was great, which is unusual for Midsummer in Sweden. It always rains!


The most Midsummery of all Midsummer foods: different kinds of pickled herring. Personally, I’m not a fan (yuck!), so I eat the other stuff.


Here’s some of the other foods. From left: filled egg halves. Next to it is sour creme, the herring, and tomatoes. Then baked salmon fillets (I adored those!). To the right is gravlax, tzatziki and more tomatoes. This was only part of what we ate, and later, we threw som meat on the grill, too, and at the end of the day we were stuffed to the gills.


But this is the most important thing (for grownups at least): the snaps! Snaps is spiced alcohol that goes with the food. We drink them in tiny glasses and often sing accompanying songs. This is my favorite snaps: dill flavored. It goes with anything fish if you ask anyone else, but according to me it goes with everything!


After dinner, as we sat talking and enjoying each other’s company, enough raindrops fell to form a partial rainbow. Me and my parents-in-law stayed up late as the Midsummer night never grew entirely dark (this picture is taken at 9PM) and even though I missed the party I’d been looking forward to, I had a lovely time!

Glad Midsommar!

Today is Midsummer, and except for Christmas it’s probably the most traditional Swedish holiday of them all. Most Swedes celebrate it, and since I’m in Sweden, I’m doing it, too. Me and my husband are spending the day with friends we’ve known for almost thirty years, and we’re doing everything shown in the (very serious) information clip below. Except listening to dansband music: we aren’t fans of this terrible traditional Swedish music genre 😂

For me and my husband, Midsummer is a double cause for celebration, because it’s also our anniversary. We got married on Midsummer’s Eve 2005, so this will be our 14th anniversary (we’ve been together for much longer than that (25+ years) but we didn’t get married until 14 years ago.) Technically, Midsummer 2005 was on June 24th, but by telling everyone our anniversary is on Midsummer, I can celebrate twice: on Midsummer and then the actual date. Good plan, don’t you agree? 🙂

So I just wanted to wish you all Glad Midsommar (Happy Midsummer). And check out the film if you want to know what all of Sweden (including yours truly) is doing today 😂