After Marcus

Release Day: After Marcus

Today is the release day of my story After Marcus. It’s written for the JMS Books’ naughty-or-nice submission call and you’ll be completely unsurprised when I tell you I opted for “nice” amirite? 😁

It’s a very emotional story about having the courage to open up yourself for love again after the love of your life passed away, about noticing what’s right in front of you. It’s Christmas light, as in Christmas is mentioned here and there, but I’d call it wintery and not Christmassy, if that makes sense? πŸ™‚

I’m very happy with this story, so I hope you’ll like it.

Ossian’s heart shattered when his husband Marcus died unexpectantly. He shut down, put his life on hold, and would’ve wasted away had it not been for his neighbor, Joar.

Joar was there when Ossian needed him, offered a friendly shoulder to cry on, convinced him to eat, and helped coax him back to the living.

Three years after the life altering event, Ossian starts seeing Joar in a different light, awakening feelings he thought was dead forever. But is Ossian ready to take the leap and open his heart to someone new? And does Joar feel the same?

M/M Contemporary / 11370 words

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second chances :: friends-to-lovers :: grief :: characters over 40 :: Christmas :: gentle giant