After Marcus, Sale, Top Ten Anthology

After Marcus, 2022 Top Ten, and a Black Friday Sale

I have three things to tell you about today, so let’s get right to it, shall we?

After Marcus

I have a new book coming out on December 10. It’s called After Marcus and it’s a short, second chances, very emotional story about a widower and his neighbor/best friend/rock. It’s available for pre-order at JMS Books and if you like the sound of it, I recommend you pre-order it today because it’s 60% off in their Black Friday sale. But more about that later, let’s look at the cover and blurb first, shall we? I love the cover so much 😍

Ossian’s heart shattered when his husband Marcus died unexpectantly. He shut down, put his life on hold, and would’ve wasted away had it not been for his neighbor, Joar.

Joar was there when Ossian needed him, offered a friendly shoulder to cry on, convinced him to eat, and helped coax him back to the living.

Three years after the life altering event, Ossian starts seeing Joar in a different light, awakening feelings he thought was dead forever. But is Ossian ready to take the leap and open his heart to someone new? And does Joar feel the same?

M/M Contemporary / 11370 words

Pre-order at JMS Books

2022 Top Ten Gay Romance

The second thing I want to tell you about is that Secrets on a Train, my very flirty, meet cute, (sort of) epistolary story has made it into the 2022 Top Ten Gay Romance anthology that will be released by JMS Books on December 31.

Let’s pause and throw some confetti πŸŽ‰

I’m so happy that you loved Valentin and Runar’s story so much, even though there’s actually no on-page kiss in the book. I was sure you were all going to hate it, and me for committing the crime of not having a kiss in a romance book, but I guess the excessive flirting helped 😁

The cover of the anthology is lovely, and the lineup of the other featured authors are even better. And as the icing on the cake, it’s also included in the Black Friday sale.

Pre-order at JMS Books

Black Friday (and Saturday) Sale @ JMS Books

And the third thing I’m going to talk about, which I’ve already hinted at twice, is of course the Black Friday sale going on over at JMS Books. All ebooks are 60% off, which means you can pre-order After Marcus for only 80 cents, and 2022 Top Ten for $2.40.

After Marcus :: 2022 Top Ten Gay Romance :: Author Page

So if you’ve planned on buying som discounted books in the Black Friday sale, may I suggest that you check out JMS Books. And if you’re in the mood for paperbacks for your physical library, the paperbacks are only $8 in the sale.


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