Eight Months Without You

Release Day: Eight Months Without You

Today is the release day of Eight Months Without You, the story about Sami and Joakim, an estranged established couple who haven’t talked in eight months. How did that happen?

It all started with a spectacular fight that ended with Joakim walking out on Sami in a fit of jealousy. And because they’re both stubborn and hurt, neither of them take the first step to reach out to the other…and suddenly eight months have passed without a single word. But then, one night, Joakim comes back, knocking on Sami’s door in the middle of the night wearing a stupid, ugly Christmas sweater in August, saying “Hey. I missed you. We need to talk.”

Yeah, they need to talk all right. But if you want to find out what happens next, you’ll have to buy the book ๐Ÿ˜

Can Sami and Joakimโ€™s relationship survive accusations of cheating, a thrown wineglass, and eight months of silence?

Hurtful words and a thrown wineglass in a fit of jealousy tear Sami and Joakim apart; fiery tempers and stubbornness keep them from making up. But then, after eight months without a single word, just as Sami is about to make the first move, Joakim shows up, eager to make things right.

Can they overcome accusations of cheating and eight months of silence? Are conversations, confessions, and planning for the future enough? Will the love they still share conquer all?

M/M contemporary / 15 207 words

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