Writing Update

Writing Update

“But I thought it’d be a good thing to bring [writing updates] back to the blog, and my plan is to post about it once a month.” Quote from my last writing update post…in March πŸ™ˆ

That didn’t go as planned.

But the reason isn’t that I’ve been lazy or forgetful, the reason is that I haven’t written anything. Oh, I’ve tried. I have at least five documents with started story ideas that got discarded when nothing felt right. I’ve been too busy to have the peace of mind to write something, some days I’ve been too busy to breathe. So I had to scrap one grand writing plan after the other, I had to pull out of the 12th anniversary celebration over at JMS Books. But the thought of having to pull out of the advent calendar, too, made me mad.

And determined.

So I wrote something. I finished something. I submitted something. And it felt so good to send the story off to my publisher that I wanted to pop open a bottle of champagne to celebrate. But since it wasn’t even 8AM when I sent the email, I had to settle for champagne flavored tea. Not quite the same, but it worked πŸ™‚

The story is called Eight Months Without You and it will be published sometime in December as a part of JMS Books advent calendar. It’s not a holiday story; it takes place in August, but at least it contains an ugly Christmas sweater (I’ll post the inspiration pic for the monstrosity at the end of the post).

There’s no cover, and there’s no pre-order link, but there is a blurb. Wanna see?

Eight Months Without You

Can Sami and Joakim’s relationship survive accusations of cheating, a thrown wineglass, and eight months of silence?

Hurtful words and a thrown wineglass in a fit of jealousy tear Sami and Joakim apart; fiery tempers and stubbornness keep them from making up. But then, after eight months without a single word, just as Sami is about to make the first move, Joakim shows up, eager to make things right.

Can they overcome accusations of cheating and eight months of silence? Are conversations, confessions, and planning for the future enough? Will the love they still share conquer all?

M/M contemporary / 15 207 words

I guess all that’s left to do now is to show you the inspirational sweater. Don’t say I didn’t warn you of its ugliness πŸ˜†

Link to sweater can be found here.

Keep your fingers crossed it doesn’t take me another six months to finish my next story, will ya? πŸ™‚