Long Weekend Sale @ JMS Books

BOOK SALE ALERT! 40% off all ebooks over at JMS Books thru Monday. Including all my books, of course. Clickety-click the link below and buy some cheap books!

A few suggestions for you:

Less Gardening – More Nakedness

Strike a Pose: Didrik’d do anything for his BFF Filip, including taking naked pictures for a charity calendar of his dad Johan, the stunning man responsible for Didrik’s gay awakening. Now a widower, Johan is ready to move on. As they start the project, the attraction between them grows with every pose for the camera. Their connection is easy, but not without challenges. Will they get their happily ever after?

Can a chance meeting in the rain change someone’s life?

It Rained All Night: Meeting Mikko is an eye-opener for Henrik. The man is his opposite, but the connection is immediate. The encounter lasts a few minutes, but they exchange phone numbers and soon they text and call daily. But a late-night question on the phone has Henrik re-evaluating his feelings. Is the connection Henrik and Mikko forged long distance enough to sustain them when they meet again?

Two men, a silent train car, and a scribbled conversation

Secrets on a Train: It’s the fountain pens that capture Valentin’s attention on the morning commute, not the attractive man using them. But when they start a written conversation, Valentin must admit it’s not just the pens. It’s him. Runar. They share secrets they’ve never told another soul, their connection is powerful, growing with every encounter. But can secrets shared on a train be enough to build a forever?