Strike a Pose

World Naked Gardening Day: Strike a Pose – Release Day

Wohooo, today is release day for our naked gardening shenanigans; the joint project that me, Holly Day, A.L. Lester, K.L. Noone, and Amy Spector have been working on. It’s written for World Naked Gardening Day, which is today, so throw off your clothes and head out to the garden and do some naked gardening. Beware of rose bushes and stinging nettles, though!

Or if you don’t feel like getting naked in the garden yourself, you can at least read about fictional characters who throw off their clothes. For example Didrik and Johan, who admittedly focus more on the nakedness, than the gardening 😁

Didrik would do anything for his best friend, Filip, including taking pictures of Filip’s dad, Johan, for a charity calendar. Naked pictures, of beautiful, irresistible, wonderful Johan, who was single-handedly responsible for Didrik’s gay awakening. He was also happily married and unavailable…until he wasn’t.

After losing his husband five years ago, Johan finally seems ready to move on, and as they start the charity project, everything changes. With every meeting, every conversation, every pose for the camera, the attraction between them swells and grows, until it burns hot and threatens to consume them.

Their interactions, their relationship is surprisingly easy, but it’s not without its challenges. The age difference for one thing. Telling Filip for another. Is their connection enough to last? Can they overcome the hurdles to get the happily ever after they deserve?

M/M contemporary / 17545 words

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Let the naked gardening shenanigans begin!!