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Goodbye April

Another month is over and April has been a hectic one for me, so hectic, I’ve hardly had time to write. Or even read!! Life is also returning to normal after 2 years of pandemic restrictions, so suddenly there are lots of things planned, people to see, places to go. Parties are being planned, concert tickets are bought. And while I’m sure all that will be super fun, I miss the days of lockdown when me, Ofelia, and Ally had time to write our little hearts out, and could get away with not leaving our houses for weeks without anyone considering us weird.

But I also hated being locked up and not being allowed to do whatever I wanted, so maybe this is better after all? Despite the excessive socializing? πŸ˜† And not all socializing is bad as you’ll see in this month’s pictures.

Shall we start?

If you remember, March ended with moving the Day Job office, which means April opened with moving into the new building. It was pure chaos with furniture and boxes everywhere and people trying to connect their own computers. But I’m happy to report I managed to connect my own on the first try πŸ˜€

The new building is fabulous, and we’re almost properly settled in. The best part of the move is the location: we’re right on the sea, and this is the view from one of the office windows. If you look behind the tiny lighthouse to the left in the picture, you can see Denmark. HelsingΓΈr, to be exact, where Shakespeare’s Hamlet takes place.

I’ve spent lots of time battling weeds in my garden. We inherited them from the previous owner, but after living a year in the house now, we’ve decided to properly evict them. But OMG, it’s hard, back-breaking, never-ending work.

Did I buy a green notebook and pens in five different shades of green to use as my garden journal? Yes, yes I did. 😁

I also planted things. Like these cherry tomatoes that I probably should have started much earlier, but better late than never, right?

My beloved granddaughter, little W, and her parents came to stay for Easter. My husband is a musician, so he’s bought a synthesizer for the grandbaby. It’s a real instrument, not a toy, that he can actually connect to other instruments in his studio, and little W loves it. She pushes the buttons, pull the levers, and bop her head in tune with the music, melting the hearts of the rest of us. Especially her granddad. 😍

Easter also meant inviting my parents over for Easter lunch on Saturday (us Swedes celebrate all major holiday on -Eve instead of -Day) and on Sunday we had a couple friends coming over for fika (if you’re new to the blog and unfamiliar with fika, the most important social event for Swedes, you can read about it here).

The hubby and I decided to test the strength of our marriage by buying and assembling lots if Ikea furniture, because everyone knows that if a relationship survives assembling Ikea furniture, it’ll endure anything.

I’m happy to report that we’re still married πŸ˜€

Spring arrived in full force, so one day I had lunch (Thai red curry and rice) outside at a restaurant located close to the office. It was lovely and I did not want to return to work when I’d finished my meal.

And on the last weekend of the month, my daughter and her family returned for another visit (yay!). We went to a nearby garden center, and I bought a tree, a pussy willow. I wasn’t going to, but I looked at it with hearts in my eyes, so my daughter, who eagerly enables my garden cravings, resolutely picked it up and carried it to the counter where I promptly paid for it without complaining. It barely fit (height-wise) into the car, and when we went back home, I sat in the back seat, holding it gently so it wouldn’t tip over.

My darling daughter, Little W, and I spent another Saturday digging up the flowerbed (which in reality was a patch of weeds) by the pool and finally started planting things. Little W has been very helpful in digging up weeds, but didn’t understand why she wasn’t allowed to dig up the newly planted lavender after spending so much time digging up other stuff. She found us very unfair 😍

And that, my dear friends, was a few snippets from my April. Tell me something fun you did last month!