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Kindle Unlimited Refill

If you remember, I told you back in August that a whole bunch of my books had become available in the Kindle Unlimited program. The good thing is that my fabulous publisher JMS Books has an agreement with an aggregator that makes it possible to make our books available through the KU program, while still publishing them wide. Best of both worlds, so to speak.

And now with the new year, I thought a refill was in order, so I asked JMS Books to enroll all my books published in 2020 into the KU program, and they agreed. Hence more Nell Iris books for you KU subscribers. Good, eh?

And if you don’t remember which books I published in 2020, don’t worry about it. Neither did I, so I had to check, and voilΓ , here they are!

Late Night Poetry, Always You, One More Chance, Regaining Trust, and Resolutions for an Arbitrary Holiday are now all available on Kindle Unlimited.

So if you’re in the mood for curling up on the couch with a cup of tea (or glass of wine) and a good book like I am (we have stormy winds here today, so it’s totally indoors weather), check out my Amazon author page above.

Happy reading, and have a lovely weekend!

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