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Recent Release: The Santa Emergency

On Christmas Day, my holiday story The Santa Emergency was released. I know, I know, I’m supposed to promote my books on the actual release day, but because I’ve been sick I haven’t had time to schedule anything, and Christmas is a very busy time. Hence, no release day post.

Am I still allowed to call myself an author if I miss such a vital part of my job? (please say yes!) 😁

But better late than never etc, so I’m telling you about it today. And I have a really cool link for you. Every Friday, author Angel Martinez reads an excerpt from a book on her blog, and earlier this fall, I signed up for the Christmas Eve spot. So click this link if you want to listen to Angel Martinez reading from The Santa Emergency. I highly recommend it; she’s doing a fabulous job, and I listened to it with a wide smile on my face.

And one final thing before I post a promo pic and the buy links: Smashwords are holding their traditional End of Year Sale, and JMS Books is participating as usual. All my solo written books are 50% off, so if you’re hesitating to buy The Santa Emergency on the grounds that Christmas is over, you can currently get it at half price. Sort of like how there’s always a sale on Christmas tree decorations after the holidays are over, right? And this is a very pretty ornament, if I may say so myself 😆

I have a Santa emergency and I desperately need your help.

Sigge isn’t exactly a grinch when it comes to Christmas, but he’s not a fan of the holiday either. So when his new neighbor Kristian shows up in a panic, begging him to help by donning a Santa suit, Sigge’s gut reaction is to say no. But Kristian is cute and funny, rendering Sigge powerless against his heartfelt plea—especially after a promise of spending more time together—so he agrees.

The instant connection deepens as they share mulled wine and conversation as easy as breathing. But is it just holiday magic swirling in the air, or is it something real? Something that will last into the new year and beyond?

A final reminder that all my books are 50% off in the Smashwords’ sale, so if you want to browse, here’s the link to my author page.