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Goodbye November

…and good riddance. November is my least favorite month and this year has been no exception. All the beauty of the autumn is gone, and all that’s left is bare trees and darkness. When I started going through my phone to see what pictures I could use to illustrate November, 90% of the photos I’ve taken is of our fireplaces, because I’ve been cold and grumpy all month. 😁 But after scrolling through my photo album several times, I found ten pictures from November I thought I’d share with you.

Clearly not everything about November has been gray and dreary: this magnificent sky greeted me when I got off one work one afternoon. It took my breath away and I took so many photos of it I had to run not to miss my train. 😁

Project Build Nell’s Fancy Bathroom has begun. On the first day of the build, I was working from home, and I must admit I didn’t expect them to start the project by drilling holes between the floors (this bathroom is going to be upstairs in the house) to make drains. Do you know how noisy drilling through concrete is? Holy crap, it’s loud and not the best work environment to be honest…especially considering my office is right next to the room they’re building the bathroom. We’ve solved that problem now, by setting up a temporary office for me downstairs (see picture on Instagram here) so now I won’t be disturbed when working from home and they’re here doing their thing.

It’s often foggy in my corner of the world, but foggy mornings can be beautiful. Not if you ask my husband who drives me to the train station, because driving in the fog is no fun. But waiting for the train when the fog is enveloping the station can be quite lovely.

I had another training/certification thingy at the Day Job. It was two days in the middle of the month, and one of the days whirled past at a breakneck speed; the instructor had 144 (yes, that’s one hundred and forty-four) PowerPoint slides to go through between 10am and 5pm, and me and my colleagues felt like we’d been run over by a road roller repeatedly at the end of the day. Two more days to go in December, and then I’m certified.

The days got colder and colder, and one morning I woke up to a frosty wonderland. Frost is beautiful, don’t you agree?

Like I said: the majority of the pictures I’ve taken this month is of our fireplaces. The kitchen one is my favorite: it makes the kitchen so cozy and homey. And a country kitchen needs a fireplace, right?

As December drew closer, I decided to officially declare the the mulled wine season opened. I’m a huge fan of mulled wine, or glögg as it’s called in Swedish, and it’s especially yummy on chilly evenings. Here, I served the glögg with gingerbread cookies, and marshmallow Santas, and it was delicious.

Also, take a close look at the laboratory flask-like pot I’m using to keep the glögg warm; Sigge in my upcoming Christmas story The Santa Emergency has a pot just like that. 😁

The hubby and I have a fancy breakfast weekend tradition; after I’m done with my morning writing session, I make breakfast. We take our time eating it, enjoying ourselves and the company, as opposed to the weekday hurried breakfasts before rushing off to work. I was extra happy about the breakfast this particular morning and wanted to take a picture (because does it even exist if I haven’t photographed it?) The hubby, however, was in a playful mode and photobombed all my pics (you wouldn’t think he turns 50 next year!) so this is as good as it gets. He’s a moron. Cute and lovely, but a moron nonetheless 😆

For the third (or is it fourth?) year in a row, I’ve bought a tea and short story advent calendar. So every advent Sunday, I open an envelope containing a little short story and a sample of tea that somehow pertains to the short story. In this case, the story was The Legend of the Christmas Rose, (written by Selma Lagerlöf, a classic Swedish author and the first woman to ever win the Nobel Prize in literature), so the tea was a black rose tea. And they had added beetroot to it, so the tea was a lovely red color and it tasted great. So on the first Advent Sunday, I read the novella with my teacup in my hand in front of the kitchen fire. It was a lovely.

And on the last day of November, the snow came. Or to be honest, it came (and went) a couple days before, but this day it came and stayed. More snow is predicted as you read this; the weather service says we can expect almost a foot of snow on December 1. A foot. That’s a bit excessive, don’t you agree?

Tell me about something that happened to you in November! 🙂