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The Perfect Sunday™ 

Happy Sunday, everyone. I’ve decided that today will be The Perfect Sunday™ because wouldn’t it be nice if we didn’t have to do any of the boring adulting stuff and could just indulge in things that make up happy? So in that perfect world, my Perfect Sunday™ would look like this:

(Oh, and a caveat: this is The Perfect Sunday™ for November. If you ask me in July, it’ll look completely different.)

The Perfect Sunday: a Moodboard. I should’ve added a rain cloud because rain will preferably smatter on my roof.

Warm sweaters, fuzzy socks, bowls of soup and cups of tea. Candles and music and books. Of course books, because without books, it wouldn’t be perfect. It would be a perfectly ordinary good day, but we’re striving for perfection today, and books are necessary for perfection. And on days like today, when I just want to wrap myself in warm, cozy things, I’ve decided that re-reading titles from my Goodreads feelgood-shelf is in order. So on this Perfect Sunday, I’ll be reading either of these:

Four titles from my Goodreads re-read feelgod shelf.

Fluff and romance, my two favorite things in books. Fluff and romance make my soul feel good, sort of like tea and a fireplace make my body feel good.

So there you have it. My recipe for a perfect Sunday. Now, if all of you could keep your fingers crossed that my day will actually turn out like this, I’d be grateful. ❤️

Tell me: what would your perfect Sunday look like?