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Ode to the Short Story

I love short stories. You all know I love writing them, but I love reading them even more. They’re perfect if you’re impatient like me and don’t want to wait five hundred pages for the HEA 😁 Or for when you don’t have much time, but still want to read something. And this last part, is what I’m going to write about today.


My alarm goes off at 5am on the mornings I need to go into the office to work the Day Job (Tues thru Thurs), and one morning, I simply didn’t want to get out of bed. I knew I had to, I knew I needed to brush my hair, put on a bra, eat breakfast, and leave for the train on time, but this particular morning, I didn’t want to. Kind of like a toddler who refuses to do what their parent wants them to do.

Instead, I picked up Stage Struck by Ellie Thomas, fluffed my pillows and started reading. It’s not even 5000 words so I finished it quickly. And when I was done, I was okay getting out of bed. I had to sacrifice eating breakfast that morning, but it was okay because I’d fed my soul and felt uplifted and ready to face the day.

And when I arrived to Helsingborg where I work, I bought a sandwich on the train station and ate breakfast at my desk. Win-win.


One Sunday, our friends texted us and said they were inviting themselves over for coffee, and since my husband is of the social sort, he was happy about it. But because of reasons, they were delayed, so they texted again and told us they’d be half an hour late. I didn’t want to start something I wouldn’t have time to finish, so I decided to read instead. I’d downloaded a free short story a while back and started it.

Seagulls is also less than 5000 words so I didn’t have trouble finishing it before our friends arrived. I’m also happy to report that I had time cleaning up the sobbing mess that was yours truly after finishing this story (because it was heartbreaking) and when our friends rang the doorbell, I’m pretty sure they couldn’t tell that I’d been crying just a few minutes before.

Another win for the short story!

My husband drives me to the train station every morning, and one day he was extra tired and not very talkative, so I decided to read a little instead of trying to force him into conversation. And I was in the mood for something Christmassy, so I picked Turning Wood that I’d had on my TBR since forever. 

Turning Wood is longer than the other two, close to 14K words, but I read it until it was time to kiss my husband goodbye and get out of the car, I read it on the platform while I waited for the train to arrive, I read it on the ride, and finished it just as we rolled into the station where I had to get off. Almost as though I’d planned it, but no. It was just a happy coincidence. 

runescribeOne day at the office, I was all alone in the break room for lunch. All my colleagues who had their lunch break at the same time I did, had stuff planned. Someone needed to run an errand, someone else hadn’t brought lunch from home so they ran out to buy something, and so on. It’s rare to be all alone in the break room; there are always people there, eating or drinking coffee, and always, always talking. 

So when I found myself alone, I took advantage. I opened the Scribd app, found Runescribe that sounded interesting, so I dove in. I read as I ate, read long after I’d eaten all my food, and finished it right before my lunch was over and I had to return to my desk and my work. And feeding my soul as well as my body, made the afternoon easy and fun, so I hope I’ll be alone in the break room again.

I recommend all these stories if you’re in the mood for something short and only have a few moments to read. And I really recommend snatching moments here and there to read; it’s so great for the soul. Tell me: do you steal reading time in those in-between moments when it’s so easy to scroll the phone, play a mindless game, or stare out into space, doing nothing?