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Goodbye October

It’s time again. Time to say goodbye to another month. Is it just me, or is this year whirling past without pausing even for a second? Or am I just getting older? I am turning 50 next year after all, so it’s definitely a possibility. 😁 Over all, October has been a good month for me. I’ve been super busy at the Day Job, and the darkness is getting to me, but other than that, October’s been good.

Wanna see?

Sweden lifted the covid restrictions at the end of September, so we started the month by celebrating the birthday of a friend. We started out at a nice restaurant where we ate an 8-course degustation menu with carefully paired wine. After the meal, we went to our favorite beer hang-out. It was so weird to be around people again. Like…I didn’t know how to interact or how to talk to new people. I was never all that good at it, but these last couple years have made me forget any skill I had. That being said, it was a very fun evening, and me and the hubby stayed out waaaaay too late and we were very tired the next day. That’s what happens when you’re out half the night when rapidly approaching 50. I just can’t do it anymore. πŸ˜†

In October, we had our kitchen fireplace inspected and the chimney swept so we could start using it. And it gets super hot really quick, so this is a really nice place to hang out on chilly mornings or after work when I’m tired and need to charge my soul with happiness. I absolutely love that our house has two fireplaces. It’s its best feature!

Fall is soup season, of course, and one Thursday when I worked from home, I made yellow pea soup (Γ€rtsoppa in Swedish) from scratch. It’s a an old Swedish dish traditionally eaten on Thursdays and it’s been eaten in our country since at least the 13th century. There’s even an old story saying that one of our kings, Erik XIV, was poisoned and died in 1577 by eating arsenic laced yellow pea soup, while imprisoned. In the 1950’s, scientists x-rayed his remains and found traces of arsenic, but couldn’t prove whether he’d ingested it via pea soup or not.

No one died when I made it, thankfully πŸ™‚

Another October project has been selling off old CDs. We don’t have a CD-player anymore, haven’t had one since before we moved to Malaysia, and we don’t want one either (we’re vinyl record people!) So we’ve decided to sell them. My husband is a great sales person, so he sold a whole bunch of our CDs, and we made about $1300. Enough to buy new speakers for the stereo, so yay.

My favorite thing to do in October has been having a drink by the fire. In this case it was wine, but tea or hot chocolate or even a plain glass of water is great, too. Come to think of it; my favorite thing to do in October has been hanging by the fire, period. 😁

And speaking of the fire; one weekend the hubby and I decided to grill hot dogs on a stick, because why not? 😁 (sorry about the crappy quality of the picture; my phone camera couldn’t handle the heat)

At work, I’m doing a certification-training-thingy, so I spent two days locked in a conference room, doing the training digitally via Zoom (or maybe it was Teams? Never mind, who cares?). And each day started with an exam on what we learned the previous time, so I snapped this pic moments before the second exam was about to start. Exams are no fun, but I think they both went well. The actual training sessions are tiring, though. Spending 8 hours straight, watching someone on the screen, suffering through technical problems and such is not much fun. And this is coming from someone who loves learning new things, but I think this would be much better in person. But I’m sure I’ll survive the remaining four days. At least, I hope I will 😁

My favorite part of the whole month was when my daughter and her family came to visit. One sunny Saturday, we visited a nearby national park and took a walk around a lake. It was gorgeous and everything took my breath away. Even the grandbaby – who’d decided to wake up earlier than usual and skip her morning nap – enjoyed herself strapped to her mother’s back.

I snapped pictures of everything, and my daughter took a picture of me taking a picture. 😁

And the last picture is the most gorgeous one; my little ray of sunshine, my beloved grandbaby, still in her PJs (with Hedwig the owl on them), standing on her tippy toes, playing the piano. She loves playing the piano, preferably sitting on Grandpa’s lap, but she’ll take it anyway she can get it. When they arrived, we hadn’t seen each other IRL for over a month, and still she smiled her sunniest smile and spread out her little arms at me, wanting to be held.

And that was my October. In November, we’ll have a building crew in the house, building us a bathroom, which is both great (because new, fancy bathroom!) and not great (because strangers making noises in my house). But I look forward to it, of course.

Tell me something you look forward to in November!

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