All I See

Are You a Newsletter Subscriber?

Are you a subscriber to my newsletter? If you’re not, I understand, because I tend to not subscribe to newsletters since I don’t want my mailbox clogged up with too many emails fighting for my attention. But I’m signed up for a few. For the author I really, really loved. For my writer friends because I like to support them. For my favorite artist so I can see when he’ll go on tour. And for that clothing store from which I buy most of my clothes.

But I have something that might change your mind.

My fabulous publisher JMS Books have created a promo code for the release of All I’ll Ever See, tomorrow. JMS Books always offer 20% off new releases, but this code will give you 20% additional discount (only on JMS Books website). It’s exclusive for my newsletter subscribers, you won’t be able to find it anywhere else. And I’m not one of those who posts a link to my newsletter everywhere on my social media channels so anyone can see it, so when I say it’ll only be for my newsletter subscribers, I mean it.

The reason for the promo code is that All I’ll Ever See is an expanded version of an already released story (All I See) and if you’ve already read that very short story you might wonder why you should pay to read something you’ve already partly read. Hence discount. Also, tomorrow is my birthday, so consider this a gift for you. Isn’t that how birthdays work? πŸ™‚

So if you’re not a newsletter subscriber, make sure you sign up today so you won’t miss it.

All I’ll Ever See is another wonderful addition to [Nell’s] body of work and I loved it.