Labor Day Sale @ JMS Books

It’s book sale time again! Wohoo, we all love cheap books, right? One thing I love about JMS Books is that they offer sales frequently, so even if you have a tight book budget, there are always lots of opportunities to buy books at a lower price. And Labor Day is no exception. As always, pre-orders are included in the sale, so now’s the perfect time to buy my upcoming All I’ll Ever See, the extended (10k words added) re-write of my previously released short All I See.

The Re-Written Story :: Three-Stories-In-One Box
The Autumn Story :: The Pandemic Story

And as always, all my stories are included in the sale, so check out my JMS Books author page if you really wanna go crazy and splurge. And as always, I’d like to recommend a few books written by my fellow JMS authors that I’ve read and loved.

As you can tell from the identical covers, these are all Hot Flashes, which means they’re really short (under 5k words). And when I said above that I’ve read and loved them all, it wasn’t technically true; Bookwyrm hasn’t been released yet so I haven’t had the opportunity to read it, but I’ve read enough of K.L. Noone’s books to know it’ll be good and to feel comfortable reccing it. And I’m definitely taking advantage of the sale and buying it for myself. Stage Struck is an Elizabethan theatre story, Sea Change is a melancholy tale, The Bake Sale is a lovely story of acceptance, and Chicken Soup is 3348 words that make me sob every time I read them.