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Sometimes You Need a Break

Yesterday morning’s writing happened at the kitchen table. My computer was already downstairs from the evening before, and I was in dire need of an ocean of tea, so I decided that it was best if I was close to the kettle. I spent three lovely hours with my best writing buddies; Ally and Ofelia/Holly, and when we closed down the morning office in favor of breakfast, I said I’ll definitely write more today, I have a deadline.

But when I made breakfast, the hubby asked if I wanted him to light a fire, and I almost screamed yes. So we ate in the den, by the fire. And I made a pot of tea (seriously, I had so much tea yesterday that I expected to see Mrs. Potts staring back at me from the bathroom mirror), picked up my e-reader to only read a chapter on the book I started the day before…and never left the couch again for the rest of the day.

That’s obviously not true; I did leave the couch for necessities like going to the bathroom and making something to eat, like yummy gyoza (although, full disclosure, the picture above isn’t from yesterday but from the day I folded them and put them into the freezer. But we ate from this batch yesterday). But I couldn’t make myself do anything else. I opened my computer, even went upstairs to fetch my notebook, but no. No words wanted to come.

Instead, I stayed on the couch, feeding more wood into the fire while wrinkling my nose at the drab gray weather outside my window. It’s been raining and raining and raining, and yesterday was no exception, so I think my soul needed the warmth, the crackle, and the smell of a wood-burning fire.

After dinner, the hubby poured me a glass of red wine and I started another book, a re-read of a favorite, Beautiful Boy by Grace R. Duncan. So I spent the rest of the evening like I spent the day: on the couch, by the fire, with a book on my e-reader. And I couldn’t part from the fire, so I didn’t go to bed until midnight, which made getting up this morning a bit hard. But so, so worth it.

Because yes, I do have a deadline and I did feel a little guilty for not writing, for wasting an entire day, one of the few I have now that I work a day job, and then I thought No! Fuck it! Everyone deserves a break sometimes, a moment to recharge, and I clearly needed that yesterday.

It was a lovely day to spend a gray, rainy Saturday, and I don’t regret it. That being said; back to work. I have a deadline.

Yesterday’s playlist:

Prayers for Rain – The Cure
The Mercy Seat – Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
La Guillotine de Magritte – Einstürzende Neubauten
House of Cards – Radiohead
My Thieving Heart – Sivert Høyem + Marie Munroe