Pride Sale @ JMS Books

Apparently, it’s sale season. Last week, my publisher had the Anti Prime Sale, and this week they have a Pride sale. Or rather, it started right on the heels of Anti Prime Sale, but I haven’t gotten around to promoting it until now 😁

Cut to the chase, tell us about the pride sale! you’re probably thinking, and all right, calm down, I’ll tell you! Pride Sale is of course in celebration of pride month, and JMS Books offers 30% off all ebooks thru the end of the month. Yay, cheap books!

These books feature some pride related content. Unconditionally was my first ever released book and I wrote it for JMS Books’ Love Wins submission call which was stories celebrating marriage equality. Marriage equality is a big deal in Late Night Poetry, too, and the boys in Angel and Firebird walk a pride parade (that sadly has a tragic aftermath).

I’ve actually done some shopping myself: I took advantage of the sale to pre-order three coming books. Wanna see?

Anyone who read my gushing post about a book I was looking forward to, won’t be surprised to know I pre-ordered Change of Plans as soon as I saw it was available for pre-order. And a new book by my dear friend Kris T. Bethke? Sign me up! And I’ve read a few books by Ellie Thomas that I’ve liked, so I couldn’t resist A Roll of the Dice.

I’ve beta read both Change of Plans and Snow and Mistletoe, so I can vouch for their greatness if you need assurances. I haven’t read A Roll of the Dice, though.

Go forth and shop! 😁

2 thoughts on “Pride Sale @ JMS Books”

  1. Aww, thanks so much for the shout out! Kris’s book is on my to-buy list, too. I love her stuff! I haven’t tried Ellie’s yet, but I trust your recommendations and will look some up. ❀️

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