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Newsletter, a Deleted Scene, and Flowers Under My Pillow

It’s Monday again, and I hope you all had a good weekend. I did; I had a long weekend because I had Friday off from work. It was lovely and now I feel rested and ready to tackle the work week. All weeks should consist of four days of work and three days off, don’t you think? But in reality, I work seven days a week, because I have my writing mornings on weekends (highlight of my week!). A writer never has days off 😁

Anyway. What I’m here to talk about is my newsletter. More specifically, are you a subscriber? If yes, you have something to look forward to, because in the June 25 newsletter, you’ll get a deleted scene from my upcoming Midsummer romance Flowers Under My Pillow. It’ll only be available for newsletter subscribers, so if you haven’t subscribed yet, what are you waiting for? You don’t wanna miss it!

I rarely have deleted scenes from my stories, but before I had time to actually delete it completely from my manuscript, my friend Ally (A.L. Lester) stopped me. Don’t throw it away, she said. It’s perfect for your newsletter. I admit, I didn’t think of that, but that’s why we have friends, right? 😍

If you haven’t signed up because you’re not a fan of newsletters, I completely understand. But you’ll get a freebie when signing up: Love on the Balcony, a 7k newsletter exclusive, contemporary story about an established couple in their forties. It’s short, sweet, and emotional, like most of my stories. And like I said above: you’ll get the deleted scene from Flowers Under My Pillow in the June 25 newsletter.

That’s worth signing up for, don’t you agree? And cyber kisses to you if you’re already signed up. And since you like my stories (I’m assuming since you’re subscribing 😁), why not tell a friend to sign up, too? Clickety-click the button below.

And if you missed my post about Flowers Under My Pillow, here’s a reminder:

Smiling brown eyes. A dark beard. Dandelions. Sunny, happy dandelions.

For thirty years, Frode’s had the same dream. Every Midsummer’s Eve since he was a kid accompanying his sister to pick flowers to put under his pillow, he’s dreamed of the same man. A dream he never shares with anyone, that makes him wish for impossible things…like true love.

“It’s you.”

Then one Midsummer’s Eve, the man of Frode’s dreams stands before him in the flesh. Both men recognize each other despite never having met in real life. Both men are instantly drawn to each other and want to know more.

“Who are you, Viljar? Are you even real?”

Their questions are many but do the whys and the hows matter? Or should they allow the Midsummer magic that brought them together to lead the way into each other’s arms? Into each other’s hearts?

Traditional Swedish folklore tells you that if you pick seven kinds of flowers in silence and put them under your pillow on Midsummer’s Eve, you’ll dream of the man you’ll marry.

5 thoughts on “Newsletter, a Deleted Scene, and Flowers Under My Pillow”

  1. Yay, I’ll be looking for it! *happy sigh* I love deleted scenes and other types of bonus scenes written after the fact (which I figure could have been deleted scenes except we knew before writing them that they would’ve screwed with the pacing or didn’t really forward the story in any valuable way) because they’re a delight to fans of the story even if they weren’t a good fit for actual inclusion in the book itself.

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    1. Like I said, I rarely have any deleted scenes. And I hadn’t finished this scene when I decided to delete it, but when Ally suggested using it for the newsletter, I decided to finish writing it…even though I knew it wasn’t gonna get included 😀

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