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New Release Spotlight: 4 Small-Town Romances by Ofelia Gränd

Today, I welcome Ofelia Gränd to the blog, who’s here to talk about all her May releases, that are all small-town romances. I love small-town romances! I’ve never understood the big city romances where the big city is almost like a character in the story; I much prefer a small-town setting. Preferably paired with a lone wolf!

Before I leave give the floor over to Ofelia, can we just take a moment to admire the model on Aiden and Tristan? He’s too cute for words!! 😍

Hi! Thank you, Nell, for letting me drop by today.

I’m in the middle of moving all my books to JMS Books, which means I have a lot of re-releases, and May is the month of small-town romances.

I have a series called Up North. It’s a series of contemporary stand-alone M/M romance stories. They’re all taking place in the same area, in small towns scattered around the north.

This month, I have four releases in the Up North series, all of them re-releases, and all of them taking place in the same little town – Nortown. We have Pet Delivery (was called Once in the Underworld before) that’s a 30k story and was released on the 8th. Then we have The Empty Egg which is a 4.6k freebie about Aiden and Tristan that was released on the 19th. Today, Aiden and Tristan is released. It includes Once in a Snowstorm, The Empty Egg, Happy Endings, and Just Words, which adds up to 46k. And then on the 29th Once in May will be released, and it’s about 48k. It’s a lot of titles to keep track of LOL

Have you lived in a small town? I have, and where I live now you can’t even call a town. We have no shops, no public transportation, nothing. It’s a crossroad with about 150 inhabitants.

I’d say the biggest pro with living in a small place is the community. People are looking out for each other. The biggest con is that everyone knows what you’re up to. And the gossip, my God, the gossip LOL.

In Nortown, they have a grocery shop and a cafe. The cafe is the social hub. It’s where everyone meets up, where the gossip is spreading.

Aiden has lost his job and he only has a few days until he has to leave his apartment in the city. When the walls are closing in on him, he hops into his car and heads north. He’s on his way to his mother’s, in hopes of her taking him in despite not having spoken to him for years. He didn’t think the snowstorm would be as bad as it is.

Tristan lives in a cabin outside of Nortown. He’s your garden variety grumpy lumberjack LOL and he’s not pleased when he finds a guy face down in the snow without proper clothing for the weather. City people, ey? They don’t even know how to dress right. But Tristan can’t let the poor bastard freeze to death, so he takes him to his cabin.

That’s pretty much how Aiden and Tristan’s adventures start, and soon they’ll become part of the small-town everyday life. Once they’re no longer trapped by the snowstorm, Aiden gets many of his preconceptions concerning small towns confirmed, but he’s also welcomed into the community.


“Og!” His call was answered by a bark nearby. “Come on, boy.”

The darn dog didn’t come. Tristan sighed, grabbed the yellow snow shovel standing by the door, and started trudging through the snow. Og had better be stuck, or Tristan would strangle the stupid mongrel with his bare hands.

Snowflakes clung to his beard, and as he touched the knitted cap on his head, he realised it was already covered with snow. A walk outside was not what he’d envisioned after his arduous journey into town. He’d only gone in on his snowmobile to make sure he’d have enough dog food at home—he was pretty sure they would be snowbound for days. He’d had a quick chat with Jennifer, and then he’d headed back home. Maybe he should’ve stayed in town.

Jen always worked too hard. Running the motorway café and taking care of Luke all by herself was tough, and Tristan always worried when he couldn’t be there.

“Og!” The dark and the snowflakes made it hard to see. Nothing but snow-covered tree trunks and not a dog to be found.

Another bark came from close by. Tristan squinted into the woods. Og’s bright eyes glowed in the dark. A white-spotted dog was not easy to locate when everything was white-spotted, but now when Tristan knew what he was looking at, he could see that Og was indeed trapped. A dark figure held on to his collar, not that Og appeared to be bothered, judging by the happy thump of his tail against the snow, creating a white cloud around both him and the person on the ground.

Tristan took a careful step closer. His grip on the shovel tightened. What kind of lunatic came into the woods in weather like this?

“Hello?” Tristan stopped a couple of metres away from the body—a man, he saw now—and waited for a response. Only a muffled groan came. Fuck!

Tristan dropped the shovel and hurried forward to the man and shook him lightly. “Hey. Come on, wake up.” The eyelids fluttered as the man tried to open his eyes. Tristan touched his forehead—icy cold. The man was almost completely covered in snow and his hair was wet—Tristan assumed his clothes were, too. Without thinking, he reached for the man’s hand, shook loose his fingers from Og’s collar, and started to pull him out of the snow.

He sighed as he took in the trendy jeans and sneakers. Why couldn’t people dress according to the weather? If Og hadn’t found him, he’d have frozen to death—he wouldn’t look so pretty in his designer clothes in a casket.

He hefted the man up in a fireman’s carry and started making his way towards the cabin. It was like carrying an ice block. He guessed he should be pleased about the man being short and small framed. His curly dark hair flopped around his face with each step Tristan took.

They weren’t far from the cabin, but ploughing through the snow with the extra weight of the man and Og running around his legs had Tristan sweating and out of breath in no time at all. He grunted as he sank knee-deep into the snow, mentally cursing the stupid man for walking into his forest.

He couldn’t stay angry, though. He worried about the man being injured. It would be impossible to get an ambulance out here, and Tristan only had a basic knowledge of first aid. First, he needed to get him out of his wet clothes, that much he knew. Hypothermia was no joke.


Daring a snowstorm might not be the smartest thing Aiden Evans has ever done, but he can’t stand being in his flat a moment longer. With only three days to Christmas, he doesn’t want to be alone. He wants a place to belong, wants people around him who won’t look down on him. He might not find that at his mother’s place, but it’s better than being alone in the city. If he can make it there, that is.

Tristan Gardner is looking forward to a quiet night in front of the TV, but instead, he has to save an idiot in designer clothes from freezing to death in his forest. Tristan tries not to notice the man’s good looks, just like he has tried not to notice any man’s good looks for the last seven years. He knows where relationships go and is far better off living alone, with his dog, in his cabin.

Aiden is driving Tristan mad with his bratty comments and irresponsible ways, and Aiden is going crazy from Tristan’s judgmental attitude. Luckily, in a few days, the weather will clear up, and the two men won’t have to be together any longer. But will a few steamy nights with the grumpy lumberjack change Aiden’s mind about wanting to leave? And will Tristan still want to go back to his peaceful, predictable life without fear of getting his heart broken?

Contains the stories “Once in a Snowstorm,” “The Empty Egg,” “Happy Endings,” and “Just Words.”

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About Ofelia:

Ofelia Gränd is Swedish, which often shines through in her stories. She likes to write about everyday people ending up in not-so-everyday situations, and hopefully also getting out of them. She writes romance, contemporary, paranormal, Sci-Fi and whatever else catches her fancy.

Her books are written for readers who want to take a break from their everyday life for an hour or two.

When Ofelia manages to tear herself from the screen and sneak away from her husband and children, she likes to take walks in the woods…if she’s lucky she finds her way back home again.

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